Precious Gems Books

Precious Gems romance novels were published in the late 1990s by Kensington Books. provides some background information on Precious Gems books and authors here.

The list of our blog authors and their original Precious Gems, or PG, book titles follows.

(The list is not complete, but is in progress and will be frequently updated.)

Many of these books have been published by their authors as ebooks. If you are interested in a particular book or author, use the Contact Form on the left sidebar to send a message.


#9   All About Eve by Patty Copeland
#20  Born To Fly by Becky Barker
#26  Logan's Lady by Becky Barker
#33  Act of Surrender by Kathi Webb (Kathleen Lawless)
#38  To Trust Again by Becky Barker
#42  No Holding Back  by Kathi Webb (Kathleen Lawless)
#53 Courting Trouble by Nancy Fraser
 #84  First Mate by Dale Ketcham
#101 The Wild West by Kim Whalen (Maddie James)
#106 Dangerous by Becky Barker
#118 The Heartbreaker by Kim Whalen (Maddie James)
#137 Reunited by Jan Scarbrough
#144 Rachel and the Texan by Addison Murray (Connie Vines)
#147 Silver Wings by Lynn Crandall
#160 Just One Look by Joan Reeves
#169 New In Town by Kim Whalen (Maddie James)
#172 Western Dreams by Becky Barker
#180 To The Rescue by Caragh O'Brien
#205 Always Annie by Liz Flaherty
#209 Together by Kim Whalen (Maddie James)
#216 Wild About You by Lynn McKay (Gerry Bartlett)
#219 Still The One by Joan Reeves
#228 You're The One by Lynn McKay (Gerry Bartlett)
#235 Love Will Find A Way by Joan Reeves
#242 Best Intentions by Jan Scarbrough
#250 Man Wanted by Hannah Rowan
#258 The Cowboy and the Cradle by Becky Barker
#269 Say Yes by Joan Reeves
#281 He Said, She Said by Grace Kone/Blair Bancroft
#284 Bachelor Party by Karen Kelly
#285 The Great Husband Hunt by Pamela Kaye (Pamela Tracy/Pamela Kaye Tracy)
#299 Jane (I'm Still Single) Jones by Joan Reeves
#302 Kissing Lessons by Caragh O'Brien
#324 This Heart of Mine by Bonnie Adams (Bonnie Edwards)
#325 Make a Wish by Kathleen Webb (KathleenLawless)
#326 Most Wanted by Joan Reeves


#1   Deliver Me by Kathleen Webb  (Kathleen Lawless)
#2   Raven Quest by Jo Ann Ferguson (Jo Ann Brown)
#5   Until Dawn by Kathleen Webb (KathleenLawless)
#8   Destiny's Kiss by Jo Ann Ferguson (Jo Ann Brown)
#9   Just Her Type by Jo Ann Ferguson (Jo Ann Brown)
#17 O'Neal's Daughter by Jo AnnFerguson (Jo Ann Brown)
#21 The Jewel Palace by Jo AnnFerguson (Jo Ann Brown)
#25  No Price Too High by Jo Ann Ferguson (Jo Ann Brown)
#32  An Offer of Marriage by Jo Ann Ferguson (Jo Ann Brown)
#45  Grace Under Fire by Kathleen Webb (KathleenLawless)
#54  Mountain Jewel by Tracey Lyons
#57 The Captain's Pearl by Jo AnnFerguson (Jo Ann Brown)
#63 A Lady by Chance by Cheryl Bolen
#68  Lady Captain by Jo Ann Ferguson (Jo Ann Brown)
#83  Faithfully Yours by Jo Ann Ferguson (Jo Ann Brown)

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