Wednesday, January 9, 2019

New Year, New You?

Once a new year arrives, many people use the occasion to make resolutions or plan ways they want to change their life.  I love both changes and hate them.  I'm a very routine kind of person and shaking things up can be difficult sometimes for me.

That said, in 2018 I made changes to my health.  I started drinking less, eating right, and working out.  Over the Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year holidays I didn't gain a pound, which is great for me.  And I cheated.  Sure, I kept working out, but I hate a Chili's hamburger on Christmas Eve, Ham and all the fixin's on Christmas Day, and Mexican food (enchiladas) on New Years Eve.  In between, there were Christmas cookies and candy and brownies and red velvet cupcakes... you get the picture.  But mostly, I tried for balance.  I didn't want to feel deprived, so I tried to keep my protein up and my carbs lower, though I didn't always succeed.  And through it all, I kept working out.  3-4 days a week (optimally 4, but I gave myself leeway for the holidays.)

Lest you think working out is easy for me, I'm 57 with arthritic knees, hip, and a messed up disc in my lower back.  I do have to modify some of the exercises, but I do them.  I make sure not to injure myself, and keep moving.  It's like writing - I take it one day at a time. (Hah!  See how I did that?  Brought it back to writing!)

When I sit down to begin a new book, if I think oh my gosh, I have to write 350 pages or more, I would panic.  I'd freeze.  But I try to focus on 5 pages or 10.  If I can write those, I'm ok.  It's the same with working out.  If I can do 20 or 30 minutes, I'm good.  Some of the workouts are in timed intervals of 30 seconds each with 20 seconds off.  Anyone can do 30 seconds.  Anyone. 

Working out used to intimidate me.  So did writing.  Back in the past.  Both seem like huge undertakings.  But if you break them up, they aren't so huge after all.  And since writing is such a sedentary profession, I need to keep my body moving.  It's not a punishment, it's a privilege.  I am thankful that I'm able to move.  Thankful that I'm able to write.

For 2019, I plan to continue to do much of the  same.  Write and get my books out to readers.  Eat healthy.  Cheat occasionally.  Work out and walk.  Save dogs (I volunteer for a Boxer rescue.)  Help people when I can. Read both inside my genre and out.  Listen to all different kinds of music.  Watch some good television shows.

I have high hopes for 2019.  I hope you do too. 


  1. Karen, this is a great post! Small increments in both exercise and writing are the way to go. I tell myself I can write 500 words in a day...then, when I'm rolling along I can do more and faster. And I use my FitBit to keep me moving. I, too feel privileged that I have the option to move. And that keeps me moving!

  2. Karen, you're a girl after my own heart. I'm a good bit older than 57 and really thank God I got super serious about exercising when I was 54. I think it's helped me in so many important ways. As we age, must ensure that taking care of the body is number one. Keep it up!

  3. Wow, Karen, good for you. Working out is sometimes fun, sometimes tedious, but always beneficial. I hope readers will be inspired to become more active. Do something. Anything is better than nothing. The more I see doctors and hospitals due to my extended family's health problems, the more convinced I am that diet and exercise contain the fountain of good health if not of youth.


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