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Introducing Kari Lemor by Nancy Fraser #RomanceGems

Welcome back! We're closing in on the end of the month and, with it, the end of the Gems in the Attic blog as we've known it in the past. Beginning February 1st, we'll become Romance Gems. Along with our new name and site, we're also fortunate to have a dozen new-to-us authors. You've already met some of them but we still four more to go.

Today it’s my pleasure to welcome author Kari Lemor to the blog!

Getting to Know Kari

Kari Lemor has always been a voracious reader. One of those kids who had the book under the covers or under the desk at school. Even now she has been known to stay up until the wee hours finishing a good book. Romance has always been her favorite, stories of people fighting through conflict to reach their happily ever after.
Now that her kids are all grown and have moved out, she uses her spare time to create character driven stories of love and hope, often with a splash of danger.  She lives with her husband in a small town in New England dreaming of warmer weather.  But only if it's near the ocean.

Her romantic suspense series, Love on the Line, is about ex-military men who have bonded close as brothers, and the feisty women who love them.

When Did Kari Know She Would Become a Writer?

I’ve read so many author bios that say this author has wanted to become a writer since they were a child. Not so for me. I hated writing in school. If you had said I would become a writer I would have laughed. Only now do I realize it’s because I was always told what to write. No one ever told me I could create my own world and tell the story of two people finding their way to each other.

I’d always had stories in my head though, and each night to fall asleep, I would create scenarios and let them play out. My first attempt at writing was with a group of ladies online doing what is called fan fiction. Writing stories based on already established characters and worlds. I got so many followers and readers, my oldest daughter told me I should try and write something original to earn money.  So with an original story and characters, I began. All the years and words of writing fan fiction had helped me hone my craft. I joined online writer groups and attended conferences and workshops and started subbing my work. I made so many new friends who have been incredibly helpful. And with the help of these wonderful people I have finally succeeded in truly being an author.

A Look at What Kari Writes

An innocent in the crossfire . . .

FBI agent Jack Holland broke every rule in the book falling for the girlfriend of Angelo Cabrini, son of a New Jersey mob boss. But even if Callie Lansing’s relationship to Angelo was actually a cover and her heart was free, her relationship with Jack put both of their lives at risk. Nothing, though, could make Jack regret the liaison that led to the birth of their son, Jonathan.

After Angelo discovered Callie’s pregnancy, he went after Jack and wound up dead. Now Jack is on the run with a target on his back. The only thing keeping Callie and Jonathan safe is the mob boss's belief that the baby is his grandchild. But if Victor Cabrini discovers the truth before Jack can put him behind bars, it could mean death for his sweet covert family. . . .

You can find Running Target on Amazon.

Where to Find Kari in Cyberspace

As always, I’m so glad you stopped by. Be sure to come back daily for more great posts from the Romance GEMs authors!



  1. Kari, what a real premise for a story! And welcome to Romance Gems!

    1. Thanks! It's great being here! Looking forward to all the new friends!

  2. Nice to have you here. Great storyline.

  3. Hi Kari! Nice to be in the group with you.

  4. Hey Satin, Hope you're staying warm back in New England!

  5. Sososososos happy we are int his together, dear friend.

  6. I've read Running Target and loved it! You truly are a Gem, Kari Lemor!

  7. Welcome, Kari. Great to have you join us.


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