Thursday, January 31, 2019

Introducing Judith Hudson by Nancy Fraser #RomanceGems

Tomorrow we move to the wonderful new Romance Gems site! Be sure and visit there Friday, February 1, for the Grand Opening. Throughout January I was fortunate enough to be able to introduce you to a number of new-to-the-GEMS authors. Today is no exception.

Today it’s my pleasure to welcome our final new author, Judith Hudson, to the blog!

Getting to Know Judy

Judy writes small town romance novels with more heart than heat.  "Pretty well any combination of people can make a strong family unit these days," she says, "as long as there is love."

Born in Toronto, she went to high school in St. Louis and raised her family on Vancouver Island in Pacific Northwest, in a community much like Fortune Bay, the setting of her novels. Her background as a landscape painter makes the lakes, forest and mountains come alive in her books, and her love of gardening, cooking and photography also inspires her work.

You can find opening chapters of her books on her website, as well as links to her reader’s group and a free e-copy of the series prequel novella, Lake of Dreams. 

Judy’s Path to Becoming an Author?

My father was a writer so I knew it could be done. I knew that what it took to be a writer was to write. It’s a combination of imagination and hard work—or “butt in the chair”, as writers like to say. He wrote for TV and before that radio, but unfortunately, died before he got a chance to write his great novel. But his legacy to me was knowing that it could be done.

But first I had to run a gauntlet of fine arts first. I was a painter for more years than I can count while my children were in school, painting in oils en plein aire, outside, near my home on oh-so-beautiful Vancouver Island. Then I started taking university classes in photography, including darkroom photography, (that comes into the story later,) eventually getting my degree in Fine Art in 2000, specializing in painting, photography and printmaking.

I sold a lot of paintings, but I painted more, and eventually was crushed under the burden of all those paintings. One day I walked out of my studio and didn’t go back for two years. It was a time we were travelling a lot and I started to write travel articles—writing a lot, putting them together with my photographs, and selling a few. If I’d been savvier then, I would have started a blog, but that was the early 2000s and I wasn’t that smart.

Then one day I was chained to the couch after a foot operation, had a new laptop and my husband was called away on a family emergency for two weeks, and I thought I’d just write up the story that had been swirling in my head for years, ever since we’d lived in Honeymoon Bay on Vancouver Island, a village that bears an uncanny resemblance to Fortune Bay, the location of my romance series. That turned into Summer of Fortune, the first full length book in the series, about Maddie, a single mother who finds herself with a summer of freedom and decides to finally launch her career as—wait for it—a dark room photographer.

Since then, I’ve been writing non-stop, and there are now seven books in the Fortune Bay series. I say they’re about friendship, family and happily-ever-after. In other words, life.

A Look at What Judy Writes

Colleen Murphy’s back on Majestic Lake for the summer, living in the cabin, helping out at the marina and looking for romance with Mr. Right. Her maternal time bomb isn’t just ticking, it’s ready to explode. When her live-in artist partner tells her his plans don’t include a family, Colleen heads home to Fortune Bay. Working in Seattle didn’t suit her anyway, away from the lake and forest she loves, so she’s back on Majestic Lake for the summer, living in the cabin, helping out at the marina and looking for Mr. Right.

Since his wife’s death two years ago, Alex Potter has struggled to stay afloat. Now, losing his grandfather, always his rock in the tough times, is the last straw. The day after the funeral, Alex goes AWOL from the family firm and retreats to his grandfather’s island lake house in Fortune Bay, the only place he’s ever really felt at home.

Alex seems to be a secretive drifter, not the solid family guy Colleen is looking for. But as together they spearhead a local environmental battle, they both wonder if they might have found something worth fighting for.

You can read the first Chapter of Lake of Dreams HERE.

Get a free e-copy of Lake of Dreams when you sign up for Judy’s readers' group, or you can buy a print copy on Amazon or B&N.

Where to Find Judy in Cyberspace

As always, I’m so glad you stopped by. Be sure to come back tomorrow for the Grand Opening of Romance GEMS with posts by 23 bestselling authors!



  1. Hello, Judith! I'm so impressed with the fact that you have two amazing, creative outlets. We're lucky to have you joining us.

  2. Welcome, Judith! I'm so pleased you joined us. I apologize for the mistakes at the beginning of the post. As you well know, we've been a bit overwhelmed in getting everything ready for the move over to ROMANCE GEMS ( which takes place shortly after midnight tonight. Hurrah!


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