Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year by Gems In The Attic Authors

Welcome old acquaintances and new ones too!

We hope you had a great New Year's Eve party--great and safe for you and everyone else.

For some, today is a day to recuperate from last night.

For others, today is a day to get a fresh start and make plans for 2019, maybe set goals, and dream big dreams.

Whatever you think about the first day of the New Year, and however you spend it, we hope the day is the first of many wonderful days ahead for you.

New Year Thoughts

Cheryl Bolen, author of The Portrait of Lady Wycliff, is a NY Times and USA Today Best-Selling Author.

You can find Cheryl online: Blog * Website * Facebook

"My wish for you in the coming year is good health, love, and lots of good books to read."

Jan Scarbrough, the author of My Lord Raven, writes these series: Montana McKennas and Bluegrass Reunion.

You can find Jan online: Website * Twitter * BookBub

"My #1 New Year's Resolution is to finish a new book."

Nancy Fraser (Words are the voice of the heart...) is the author of The Vessel.

You can find Nancy online: Website * Blog * Facebook * Twitter.

"As always, my first resolution is to make time for my family. It’s not always easy.

"Between my writing, my sons and daughters-in-law working, and school for the grandchildren, we often have to sneak an outing or a family meal.

"However, as with everything family related, the effort is worth it. I wish the same time and happiness for everyone during the coming year."

Kathleen Lawless is celebrating the release Redeeming Jenna, Book 1 of her new contemporary series, G Force Five.

You can find Kathleen online: Website * Twitter * Facebook * Blog.

"I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. Instead, since I like a positive spin, I make two lists.

"On the first one I write down all the great things that happened in the past year so I can celebrate my memories of happy times and my accomplishments, large and small.

"The second list contains all the things I am looking forward to in the upcoming year. It’s fun to look back on that one at the end of the year and see what surprises there were. And of course, all this list writing is better with a glass of Champagne."

Bonnie Edwards...Earthy, Irreverent . . . Lovestruck...is the author of Finding Mercy.

You can find Bonnie online: Website * Twitter * Facebook * About Me.

"The old year is behind us and if it was a hard one for you...you made it! Here we are with all the hope for a better, happier, healthier 2019! Cheers to you and yours!"

Joan Reeves, author of Last Chance New Year, is a NY Times and USA Today bestselling author.

"I've always considered a New Year as a blank page on which to write what's in your heart and soul.

"Look within and ask yourself what you want for yourself and for those you love. Then make a plan to be the kind of person who makes that happen.

"Be bold. Dream big. Be brave. Take action. Be happy. Believe in yourself."

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We wish you an amazing New Year!

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