Sunday, January 6, 2019

Free Book by Karen Kelley

I love fish out of water stories. Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind is that kind of book. It was written with the pure joy of writing a book just for the fun of doing something I love--and that made me laugh, hopefully as much as the reader.

For a very limited time--this is actually the last day, you can grab your copy of Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind ebook Free. No strings attached. If you like it, I hope you'll want to read the other three books in the series.


Check out the snippet:

     “I’m going crazy,” Mala murmured.  Jumping to her feet, she strode to the plate glass window overlooking the pristine city surrounding her townhouse.
     The planet Nerak, where the light never faded and everything was white.  So horribly white—colorless, stark and cold.  Just like everything on her planet.
     “Would you like a hormone smoothie?” Barton asked over the monitoring system.
     She stuck her tongue out.  “No, I wouldn’t like a smoothie.”
     A small aero unit whizzed past, rattling her window.  Everything moved too fast.  Instant gratification.  Sad?  Drink a happy smoothie.  Tired?  Drink an energy smoothie.  Horny?  Drink a hormone smoothie.  Everything was a quick fix.
     “You get this way every year.  I’m only suggesting a smoothie because it usually calms you.”
     She cocked an eyebrow.  “Maybe because it has a sedative in it?”
     “We could copulate.”  A door that blended with the wall whisked silently open.
     She turned as Barton stepped inside the room.  He was like no other.  Six feet three inches of rugged, sexy male.  Blond hair, blue eyes...she should be happy.  She should.  Shouldn’t she?
     Then why was she so frustrated!
     “It’s been three years, twenty-one days, fourteen hours, twenty-two minutes and nine seconds since you’ve had an orgasm,” he informed her.
     And he was driving her crazy.  She didn’t want perfection, but Barton was exactly the way she’d ordered him.  A gift from her cousin on Mala’s twenty-first birthday.  Together they had chosen everything about him.  He was their creation.
     At the time, her older cousin, Kia, had been going through a rebellious period and had smuggled a catalog of male specimens into Mala’s apartment.  Barton was born from a sketch they’d compiled.
     But they had taken their creation a step further.  They’d practically breathed life into him.  At least, as much life as could be breathed into a companion unit.  Barton had all the emotions of any Nerakian.
     He was the perfect male.
     He was still perfect five years later.
     Everything about her life was perfect.
     She hated it.
     “You’re grinding your teeth again.  I take it sex is not an option.”
     “No, sex is not an option.”  She turned back to the window.
     “Ahh, what?” she asked without turning around.
     “You’ve been looking at that book again.”
     She stiffened, then quickly relaxed her shoulders.  “What book?”  That was the most un-innocent sounding question she’d ever asked.
     “You’re being evasive, aren’t you?  You know perfectly well what book I mean.  The one from your grandmother’s travels.  The one about that other place...Earth.”
     Why had she even thought she could fool him?  He’d been around her too long.  There was nothing she could hide.
     So why did she even try?  She might as well confess.  But first things first.
     Her eyes narrowed as she faced him.  “You swear on the promise stones that you won’t say a word?  Even if they threaten to remove your microchip?”
     His chin jutted forward.  “Have I ever betrayed you?”
     “Sorry.”  Damn, she had to remember that Barton was special.  Although very analytical, he still had feelings.  She’d made sure of that even though her cousin had warned against adding the sensitivity chip...among others.  But she didn’t want just a companion unit.  She had to have more than a machine.  Well, she’d certainly gotten more than she bargained for with Barton.
     She went to the bookcase and pulled three reference books from the shelf, then reached to the back of the case, pushing a hidden button.  Her fingers tingled when they brushed over the book—her grandmother’s diary, and even more precious...the film.
     She glanced behind her before bringing them out.  “Hide the window.”
     Barton waved a hand and the window disappeared, soft lights automatically came on, only then did she bring the materials out.
     “Do you realize how much trouble you can get into by just having these documents?”
     “Of course I do,” she told him as she carried everything to the lounging sofa.  “They barred distant travel after my grandmother’s last voyage—the year I was born.  They said our society was being tarnished by the ideas that were brought back.”
     “You do realize the Coalition is looking out for your best interests.  From the small amount of information on space travel that I have programmed into my system, Earth is by far the most untamable.”
     “But don’t you see, that’s what makes it so exciting.  People can actually think for themselves.  They don’t have a Coalition of Elders telling them what’s in their best interest.  They’re allowed to make their own mistakes.  They can grow and learn from them.”
     She placed the film in the change port.  A hologram filled the room with sound and color.  She could almost reach out and touch the trees, could almost feel the spray from the waterfall as it cascaded over the mountain and splashed down into the pond.
     She inhaled.  “I wonder what it smells like on Earth?”
     She frowned at Barton before letting the unfolding scenes capture her attention once more.
     The hologram wasn’t much different from the ones she inserted into the port when she wanted to go to a park or just get away from the noise inside the town bubble.  This hologram depicted a place that really existed.  That was the difference.
     Her grandmother had labeled the documentary an XXX rated western movie.  Whatever that meant.
     Not that it mattered that much.  This was her proof there was more in the universe than Nerak.
     There was even a title on the box: Callie Does the Sheriff.  She wished her grandmother had explained more instead of leaving so many unanswered questions.

 You can grab your kindle e-book free, but today only.



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