Friday, December 21, 2018

Winter Solstice (Midwinter) (Yule) by @BonnieEdwards #gemsinattic

You can call this date whatever you like, but to me it means that tomorrow there will be more daylight than today. Probably only a few seconds more…but still…today looks like this:

The people in the northern half of the Northern Hemisphere know what I’m talking about. In early October it starts…the moaning and groaning and the dreading of darkness. And in cloudy, rainy places it’s worse. Today, the sun’s elevation is at its lowest. Meaning longer shadows. No "high noon."

Stick a mountain or two in the way of the weak sun’s rays and you have twilight all day long. And we live nowhere near the Land of the Midnight Sun.
But tomorrow… ah! tomorrow ... will seem like this:

It's no wonder people hold festivals and celebrations for this solstice. We yearn for this day. It's an endurance race to get here. "If I can make it through the longest night, then the next day, things will turn around. So eat your Yule Log and enjoy the company of friends, for tomorrow will turn us all toward more daylight hours.

This year has been one of change (when aren't they?) and one of my goals was to get some of my books into print. 

I have! I have! And I'm so very pleased to say that my three Christmas books are now in print. You can find them here on Amazon

May the spirit of the season warm you and light your way.

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  1. I’ll take more daylight! Even if it is only a few seconds! Lol Merry Christmas!

  2. Well done with the books in print. That's 2019 for me.

  3. I'm with Karen--want me some more daylight! Merry Christmas, Bonnie!

  4. As some of you know we had a power outage for 3 1/2 days so it’s been “blacker” than usual around here! But all’s well now.

  5. Congrats on the books in print, Bonnie. I don't think I could survive in an environment with so little sunshine. *g*


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