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Christmas Eve Traditions by Authors of Gems in the Attic

Merry Christmas Eve!

All little children are watching for Santa! In our home, we start the day with Merry Christmas Eve, and we say it from morning to evening when friends drop by.

We're glad you dropped by so have a cup of cocoa and a Christmas cookie or two. After all, there are no calories in Christmas cookies, right?

Let's talk about Christmas Eve Traditions. We'll share ours and hope you will share your own traditions in Comments.

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Bonnie Edwards

For most of my life, we've gone for a drive on Christmas Eve to see the light displays. This started with my parents when I was a child, then with my boyfriend, (now husband). Naturally, we took our children out, too.

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Cheryl Bolen

Since our sons have grown up, we’ve been fortunate that they are able to come and spend the night with us on Christmas Eve. We play games and drink Irish coffee (decaf).

As they sleep in the next morning, I stuff stockings and make Scotch eggs and bake cinnamon rolls, our traditional Christmas breakfast.

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Jan Scarbrough

Our Christmas traditions have changed over the years as our children have grown and grandchildren have arrived.

However, my most endearing tradition is to decorate the tree with ornaments collected over these years. Each one has a special meaning or was purchased on a trip or to celebrate the arrival of another grandchild.

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Joan Reeves

Christmas Eve seems to be focused on the fun aspects of this holiday--Santa, the elves, reindeer, cookies, and a whole bunch of other things. Kids are excited and anxious for the big day when they run to the Christmas tree and see what Santa brought.

That's all a lot of fun, but the religious aspect of Christmas Eve became more important as I grew up. As a family, my favorite Christmas Eve Tradition is attending Candlelight services at church on Christmas Eve. There's something about it that soothes my soul and makes me feel at peace.

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Karen Kelley

We have several traditions leading up to Christmas Eve. One day is set aside for movies.

We put on our comfy clothes, and we all gather around the television. There's always popcorn and other snacks. Lots of laughter and fun.

We all have a list of our favorite movies. Most of all, it's just being with family.

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Kathleen Lawless

My three adult children gather at my house on Christmas Eve, and we spend a hilarious evening playing Cards Against Humanity.

This game fuels crazy long-ago memories, and we end up laughing till we cry. Once we have laughed so much we can’t concentrate on the game any more, we stuff each other’s stockings, trying not to peek. The gifts never all fit, but we try.

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Nancy Fraser

My family's Christmas Eve tradition includes bringing my two sons and their families (5 grandchildren) together for a light meal of appetizers and my son's homemade squash soup.

Then we watch A Christmas Story while enjoying cookies and hot chocolate.

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Happy Holidays

Thank you for visiting us on Christmas Eve.

We appreciate your sharing your day or evening with us.

Whatever your traditions, and however you celebrate Christmas Eve, we, the Authors of Gems in the Attic, wish you peace, happiness, and love.


  1. A great post. Great memories and exciting reading possibilities! Merry Christmas, Gems!

  2. Fun post. Merry Christmas to our readers and to all my fellow Gems. Have a safe and joyous holiday!

    1. Merry Christmas, Nancy. Thanks for sharing your tradition.

  3. Hello, everyone and Merry Christmas, Gems! One of our traditions was homemade eggnog on Christmas eve. I think Mother and Daddy hoped the warm milk would put me and my five siblings to sleep faster. LOL! Wishing you a happy, prosperous 2019.

    1. Becky, hello. Long time, no see! Thanks for sharing your tradition. Merry Christmas.

  4. So nice to read everyone else's traditions and to keep our own. Happiness to all my Gems sisters this season and to all a Good Night.

  5. Thanks for sharing your tradition, Bonnie. Merry Christmas to you and all the Authors who give so much of their time to make this blog dynamic with entertaining and informative posts.

  6. Christmas traditions are truly what makes the season bright.

    the link to Redeeming Jenna.


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