Tuesday, December 11, 2018

A special Christmas present—the Hallmark Channel by Jan Scarbrough #Gemsinattic

There was my husband sitting on the sofa with a tear in his eye. We were watching a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie.

“I’m a softy,” he said.

Why do we waste time during the holidays watching these movies? They are so predictable! The writer in me analyzed their pre-requisites:

  • A boy friend who’s not right for the heroine
  • A handsome hero who is totally opposite from the heroine
  • A well-meaning friend, angel, or relative who guides the heroine
  • A heroine with a busy career, or she’s seeking a career, or she’s a single mom
  • A visit to the Christmas tree lot and decorating the tree
  • A baking cookies scene
  • A belief that “it’s Christmas!” and that because it’s Christmas anything can happen

But you know the real reason we watch Hallmark Christmas movies? These movies make us feel happy. That’s why!

Janie Emaus explains why the movies make her feel happy in her Huffington Post blog 4 Reasons Hallmark Movies Saved My Holiday Spirit. Read it. She explains it very well.

I like one of her conclusions. Emaus says, “I’d like to think this can happen in real life. That we do give people a second chance.”

Second chances are important to me. I’ve had my second, or third, or fourth chance. I write about second chances. One of my favorite themes is the reunion story where hero and heroine get a second chance at love.

What about you? Do you believe in do-overs? Second chances?

My newest second chance book—Kentucky Groom

Rakuten kobo: http://bit.ly/2R93GyK

For Jay Preston, being a young computer genius working in his family’s business empire isn’t enough. The software he created may have made him a millionaire, but it hasn’t made him happy. Seeking simple honesty in his life, he takes a temporary job in a place that made him happy in his youth, grooming American Saddlebred horses near Louisville, Kentucky. Then a beautiful woman from his past walks back into his life.

Life isn’t easy for the widowed Carrie Mercer. Raising her daughter alone, she’s struggling to make ends meet while paying for her daughter’s horse. She can’t possibly be falling for the handsome new groom at her daughter’s stable. He’s too young for her, isn’t he? Although he may be a true gentleman, there’s something secretive about him.

Then tragedy strikes, endangering Carrie’s daughter. Carrie married once before for her daughter’s sake. Is she willing to risk her heart a second time when Jay offers a tantalizing proposition? Jay’s always wanted to be loved for himself, not his millions, but the shy widow and her little daughter need him. Can a marriage of convenience prove that a California millionaire can be the perfect Kentucky groom?


  1. Jan! I think you've just given me a synopsis for a Christmas story.

  2. Bonnie, don't forget the tree lot scene. Very important!

  3. *LOL* Hey, I can chart your analysis and have a handy dandy plotting device. All kidding aside, you're absolutely right about why they're popular. They make us feel happy, optimistic, and hopeful. Merry Christmas!


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