Tuesday, December 4, 2018

A Christmas Story by @BonnieEdwards - My favourite Christmas movie #GemsinAttic

A theme we're exploring on the Gems in the Attic Blog this month is our favourite Christmas movies. Mine? A Christmas Story written by Jean Shepherd, starring Peter Billingsley, Darren McGavin, and Melinda Dillon.

Brilliant! I love this movie for the sweet taste of childhood.

No other Christmas movie spoke to me the way this one did when it came out.

Aside from being a girl, I was Ralphie. I remember pleading my case for a Barbie doll with the very same fervour Ralphie used for his Red Ryder BB Gun. My mother's objection to Barbie didn't stem from the fear of injury, but rather that Barbie was a teenager and therefore too adult for me. (I lived with four teenage siblings at the time, so, what was that about? Boobs?)

I also saw kids stick their tongues on metal poles in the schoolyard. I wasn't one of them, but only because I'd already experienced my tongue sticking to Popsicles in the summertime.

We wore toques (I'm Canadian so that's what we call the stocking cap) just like the one in the movie.

As a kid, I was wedged into a snowsuit that was so thick I couldn't move.

And here's the last and most nostalgic reason. I grew up in Toronto and some of the movie was filmed there. The streetcars used in the movie were still in service. (Gone now...replaced with sleeker models) And those department store windows! Eaton's and Simpson's were the competing stores when I was a kid. We'd make a trip downtown on a streetcar to see all the window displays. They were amazing!

Santa's Village was on the top floor of Eaton's and it was a wonderland complete with a train that took children through the North Pole on the way to see the Jolly Old Elf.

This movie hit so many highlights of my childhood Christmases I couldn't help but fall in love. This love affair continues.

After writing this blog and remembering all the reasons A Christmas Story is my favourite movie of the season, I have a wish for Christmas: watching this with my grandchildren this year. Excuse me while I make a phone call...

I have a trilogy of Christmas novellas set in the harbour town where I live. If you're curious about how I write about the season (if only I could come up with something as fun as Jean Shepherd did) you can check these books out:

Not-So-Blue Christmas, Invitation to Christmas, and One Crazy Christmas. This series is an Amazon Exclusive and they've kindly given them a series page so it's one-click shopping.

For the whole trilogy...


  1. Great childhood memories. I love thatChristmas was exciting,not stressful.

  2. When you're a kid, it should be fun...stress comes later! LOL

  3. Man, how lucky you were to actually have been able to go to a department store like the one in that movie! It's so magical. You're also lucky to have grandkids. Great movie choice. My family loves that one.

  4. Toronto was a great city to grow up in. Parks were filled with outdoor skating rinks in winter and the sledding was amazing because of river valleys throughout the city...those hills were awesome! Feeing nostalgic today!

  5. Bonnie, that's one of my all time favorites. I can still remember how hard I laughed the first time I saw it. Loved your post too.

  6. A great post. I always feel bad because I DON'T love that movie, but even I like parts--and can identify with them!

  7. This post has taken me back to some fun memories!

  8. Great post. One of my family's favorite movies too. The youngest grandchild loves the scene with the dogs and the turkey.

    1. There are so many funny scenes! Thanks for stopping by, Nancy!


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