Monday, November 5, 2018

Is It Too Soon for Eggnog Latte? By Connie Vines #gemsintheattic, #charmendwriters

Is it too soon for Eggnog Latte? I asked myself while driving to the gym, the Hallmark station jingling joyful Christmas songs via Sirius Radio.

I recalled a tweet and chuckled.  “The eggnog latte was the only thing keeping me from beating people during the holidays. Please bring it back!” tweeted GeekyLady. In 2014.

While I am not now, nor have I ever been so inclined—even when I was a fragrance consultant (think: test PH levels and find perfect signature fragrances; not the spray unsuspecting clients upon entrance to the shop). Not when the shop stayed open until 12:30 am and staff custom wrapped each gift with hand-fashioned bows and designer gift paper in a back room about the size of a side-by-side refrigerator.

However, I love my eggnog latte and gingerbread latte (no whip on both) from Starbucks and Christmas music.

So, when do our readers like to snuggle under a quilt, or here in SoCal, or under a light-weight throw and read a holiday romance?

Is November too soon? 

Is January too late?

Writers, when plotting your holiday romance novel, to you begin in the middle of summer with the a/c blasting or do you wait until Fall?

I write my holiday novels during the season.  Yep, Christmas novels now.

I bake. I shop. I indulge in assorted crafts.  And yes, I drive to Starbucks—but not daily, for heaven sake.  I am thrifty-- I’m saving for Christmas gifts after all; and must watch the calories too.

Confession:  I have been known to fake my Eggnog latte.  I purchase the low-fat eggnog and add it warmed up a bit into my home brewed coffee.  My copy-cat gingerbread latte includes gingerbread seasoning and a trickle or two of molasses and creamer into my coffee.

Obviously, I have a great deal of distractions 😊. 

To get me started I will often journal with a few writing prompts (yes, pen to paper because it activates a part of the brain where creativity resides).

Pretend you have been given a baby reindeer to raise. Write about what you will do to take care  of it. What challenges will you have to overcome?
Write about the perfect Christmas Day. Include plenty of details.
Character A vows to do something nice for a stranger during the Christmas time. Character B is that stranger.

Since I write n multiple genres and cross-genres, my stories will often include a holiday without the holiday being the primary theme of the story.

Both “Brede” and “Here Today, Zombie Tomorrow” include the Christmas season without holiday being the theme of the entire storyline.

What is your favorite holiday setting?  What is there about a holiday romance that makes it special for you?

Share your favorite holiday memory with me. 

If you are ready to plan the holidays, you may wish to visit my Pinterest account:  novelsbyconniev . I have a wonderful recipe for eggnog Bundt cake and gingerbread recipes galore!

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  1. I love most everything about the holidays. I haven't tried eggnog latte, but pouring some of the lowfat into my coffee sounds really good.

  2. Wonderful post! Makes me all warm and cuddly. Your concoctions sound yummy!

  3. second test to see if I can post a comment

  4. Clearly Google Chrome won't play nicely with our blog. So here's my comment (finally) we have a new tradition I'd like to share: A few days after Christmas the women in the extended family (we are now 6) gather at a nice hotel for High Tea. The men take care of the children so we can talk like grown ups, drink tea, and eat fancy little cakes and sandwiches. It's heavenly! And we all enjoy the time "off".

    1. That sounds so nice, Bonnie. Unfortunately, I only have sons, not even any daughters-in-law--yet!

  5. Connie, I love everything you wrote in this post!


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