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Touch Me Releases @lcrandallwriter

I'm excited to introduce Touch Me to the world. It's a little different and fits multiple subcategories of romance--fantasy, paranormal, romantic suspense--so I made a deliberate decision to indie publish it and subsequent books in the series. I've self-pubbed several shorts and novellas, but this is my first indie published novel. It's exhilarating!

Here is the book blurb:

Bounty hunter Payson Silver stands on the top of the tallest building in her city and sees proof below in the cries for help, the theft underway, and fighting in progress that darkness is growing. Locating skips, lost people, and objects is only one of her jobs. Born an Aeon, a direct descendant of evolved people of Atlantis, Payson came into the world knowing her purpose in life – to balance dark energies with light and prevent the world from going deeply into darkness, starting with the City of Auralia. Alongside the love of her life, Braden Powers, and other fellow Aeons, she uses her psychometric ability and special skills to defeat the mission of Dark Aspects, or DAs as she calls them, from turning the city into darkness. Her greatest weapon against the darkness is her ability to send the energy of light and love into the world. Her greatest obstacle to saving the world is fellow Aeon turned DA, Diane Butler, and her own resistance to her mission.

Braden too battles a lack of commitment to the Aeons’ mission, and the reminder that he lost control of his mind-control ability once with dire consequences. While he understands the importance of his work, it is only head-deep, not within his heart.

As bounty hunter and police officer, Payson and Braden counter darkness by enforcing justice and protecting residents from those who harm others and commit crimes. But when Diane’s dark jealousy drives her to block Braden’s mind to his real life and create a new one for him, Payson can’t stop her. To lose her love is devastating and she knows she has only ten days to bring him back to the light.

Dark forces are powerful, and Payson and Braden battle to save each other and their precious relationship, while the fate of the world lies in balance. The battle for good goes on under the radar of humanity, but the outcome will mean the difference of a thriving planet or the slow death of all that is. They face difficult choices to save their love, save their souls, and save the world from succumbing to the Dark Side.

Here's an excerpt:

There’s a reason why a female bounty hunter should never bring her boyfriend on a case.

He’s apt to go all knight-in-shining-armor.
Payson shook her head. He wasn’t going to win this one. “No, Braden, you’re not going with me. I need you to stay here in the car.”
Braden frowned. “I’m a cop, a detective. I detect stuff. I can help you find what you’re looking for, and watch your back in case the perps show up.”
She ran her hand over his cheek, and savored the butterflies that leaped to life in her stomach. “No. I’m in charge. This is my case. Me, bounty hunter, you, stay-in-car. I can take care of myself. You know that.”
He slanted her a smile and his gold-specked hazel eyes sparkled. “I do know. But—”
“There are no buts. As a recovery agent, I can do things you can’t. I want you for backup and to drive my car, but do more than that and you’d be putting your job and mine at risk.” He couldn’t argue, really. They had agreed years ago they would keep their work separate from their relationship. It was the professional thing to do.
A warm, late afternoon summer breeze wafted through the open window in her silver Volt, lifting locks of his dark wavy hair. The grove of trees situated just off the country road gave them cover. Shade from the maple and oak tree branches cooled the interior of her car just enough to keep from sweltering. Payson watched Braden consider her argument and waited for the moment he’d see her point.
The clients, Mr. and Mrs. Blaine, who had hired her to find their stolen restored 1941 Willys coupe, had given up hope of ever finding it. The Willys held sentimental value to them because a great-great grandfather had discovered it rusted and littered with dried leaves and brought it back to its shiny glory. Beyond the family heirloom aspect, the car’s value of nearly $100,000 was a college education and part of a retirement fund. Its theft disrupted the family’s hopes and dreams, and was exactly the kind of activity DAs would do just for kicks.
But she’d found it. She’d used her ability to connect with the vehicle when the owners had given her documents and photos. Her research and that connection had led her here.
“You’re right.”
There it was. She knew Braden would come around. “Thanks. I know that, but I’m glad you see it my way.”
“That’s what I love about you. You’re so humble.” He moved closer into a quick kiss. His lips firm against hers pushed her already racing pulse.

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With layers on @Liz Flaherty #GemsinAttic

I love fall, don't you? It's the season of layers, and if your body's thermometer and barometric pressure are as screwed up as mine are, you need layers in a serious way! 😄

There, that first paragraph showed what I intended to write about--fall (or autumn, if you like that better)--but like any other writer, I got led astray by a word.


It was a word that became important to me when the Disney movie of Pollyanna came out when I was a kid. I can't begin to explain it, but I wanted a cake like Pollyanna's for my birthday, with three big layers. It wasn't something I expected to happen, but my mom's friend Marjorie made me one. I don't remember anything else about that birthday--the fact that someone cared enough about me to give me what I wanted instead of what she thought I needed is memory enough.

Also when I was a kid, sweater sets were popular. You know, the ones with the cardigan layered over the shell or the short-sleeved pullover. I wanted a set so bad and never got one. Which explains why every time they come back into style--or even if they don't--I always have a few matching sweater sets. I'm pretty sure I look like a stereotypical librarian every time I put them on, but that's okay--I like librarians.

Growing up is all about layering. You are changed and made bigger and more mature by everything you experience. By physical growth, education, hurt, happiness. Everything adds to the person you started out to be. You're not a first-grader anymore, but she's still in there. She still remembers who made her that cake and how much she wanted that sweater set. As an adult, you're a product of all those layers. If even one is taken away, you are a different person. Woody Harrelson said, "A grownup is a child with layers on."

That's how we build characters in books, isn't it? Not that we ever call them characters. To us, they are people, well developed and well loved. They become that when we add up how they look, how they think, how they act, and things that made them the way they are. When the experiences within the book are added, we have to remember to keep the essential person the same--the little girl (or boy) who was the first layer.

This is what makes characterization fun--both to write and to read. And just as layers make fall into a comfortable and cozy season, they make books into things that may not necessarily change lives for the better, but will give readers cozy and comfortable afternoons.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

I Love My Gramps An #ALS Fundraiser @BonnieEdwards #GemsinAttic

My lovely cousin married a wonderful man many years ago. I first met Neil when I was only eighteen and visiting the newlyweds. They’d moved all the way from Ontario Canada to a large, beautiful island on the West Coast. We had a fun-filled family time and I’ll never forget his happy grin and warm welcome.

Years past and eventually, I too moved to the same island off the coast.  We brought our children and at our “Welcome to the Island” dinner, Neil quipped that I didn’t need to take photos, ( I was snapping them like a crazed tourist) because “you live here now.” I wasn’t just visiting like the previous time. Neil was slyly funny and you had to pay attention to get his humour.

Fast forward to our daughter’s wedding. All the cousins attended, along with their mother, (my favourite Auntie). Neil’s PLS (Primary Lateral Sclerosis) had been slowly changing his speech; he was less steady when he walked, but his humour still shone and we had a wonderful family time. Shortly after, Neil learned that his condition had changed to ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

It’s a devastating diagnosis and for the record, his is the second death from ALS of a person I know. I believe it’s far more common than we think. Maybe it isn’t one of the Big Three: Cancer, Heart or Diabetes…but it’s common enough that I’m willing to bet most people know someone or a relative of someone with ALS.

Neil’s daughter, one of the many I call “My Young Cousins” wrote this book to help her children and others understand what was happening to their Gramps. The picture that made me tear up was the one that shows Neil’s guitar on its stand, cobwebs clinging like reminders of what had once been.

Profits from this book are going to The ALS Society of BC.

Maybe you have someone with children who need help to understand this dreadful thief, this disease that steals loved ones away.  I hope that this book will help.

And Neil, thanks for the memories, the love, the laughter, and the music.

About the Author: Deana is a wife, mother of two beautiful girls, and teacher to a room full of active kindergarten students. She has always enjoyed reading and writing, and wanted to find a way to help her children – and others – who are living with the challenges of ALS, find a way to make sense of what’s going on. The creation of this book has been a long journey, but good things are worth waiting for, right Dad?

About the Illustrator: Shannon Budau is an artist by hobby. She met Deana at their church three years ago. Shannon teaches piano professionally and both of Deana’s girls are students of hers. So grateful for his opportunity, Shannon wishes the very best for Deana and her family. She knows this book will do a wonderful job of teaching kids about ALS.

For more information about ALS please go to or in the US:

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Cover Reveal for Diamond at Heart @BonnieEdwards #gemsinattic

To Pre-Order for your Kindle
Coming October 2: Diamond at Heart Book 2 in my Diamond Series.

Okay, before I say one more thing: isn't this cover gorgeous?
Someone’s watching her…

…and Tawny James is sick of it.  The only person who’ll believe and help her is her ex-boss, the last man on earth she wants to see again. She’d walked out on the most fun job she’d ever had because in a fit of jealousy she’d revealed her embarrassing, secret, crush.

Private security consultant Stack Hamilton gets the call he’s wanted for months from ex-employee Tawny James. But it isn’t the “sorry I ran out on you” call he’s hoped for. Instead, the beauty who hides her assets under the ugliest clothes he’s ever seen is scared and needs his help. There’s nothing Stack won’t do for the woman he misses. Every. Single. Day.

They soon discover that Tawny’s current problem is connected to a mob murder from the past. Obsession and possessive violence can ruin generations of women and the James family has had more than its share.

Tawny is determined not to make the same mistakes her mother and grandmother made.

If she can keep her hands off Stack Hamilton she might get through this stalking episode with her heart intact.

Stack will do anything to keep Tawny safe. Everything but let her go again.

A much shorter version of this book was previously released as To Die For in the Breathless collection. 

Diamond at Heart has a little suspense, a lot of steam and one sexy hero! Stack got his name when he played college football because he "stacked 'em up." I have never explained his name before...but I knew it was right the moment I thought of it.

And Tawny...Tawny's spent her life hiding herself. With her family's history with men, it's no wonder she wants to be wanted for more than what's under her ugly clothes.

But there are secrets to be exposed...and she and Stack must learn them all...

I had real fun writing and then rewriting this book. It's about 12,000 words longer than the original and it felt great to stretch and roll and play with the emotions in the story.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Finding Your Writing Groove

With the end of summer and everyone returning to a more normal schedule, you’d think there would be more time to write. Not necessarily so when you consider school prep, after-school activities, errands that still require running. And, for the writer who works outside the home office, it can be even more hectic. As pesky as those family members were to have around all summer, fitting writing into a busy fall schedule can be just as daunting.

Here are few simple suggestions that can apply both to the writer and to the busy, working mom.

Make Lists. Whether it’s first thing in the morning before anyone else is out of bed or last thing the night before, prepare a list of the things you need to do the next day. Whether work related or writing related, a list of tasks gives you a starting point for everything you need to accomplish within a given time period. Keeping yourself organized is key to finding the time to write. As well, there’s an added benefit in the satisfaction of ticking something off the list once it’s completed. Accomplishing even a few small tasks can keep you motivated to move onto the next.

Celebrate those Small Achievements. Set smaller, more easily attainable goals that can be completed throughout the day. Then, once that goal is attained, reward yourself. Maybe with nothing more than an extra cup of coffee, a short walk, a few minutes to read. Just be careful to balance the celebrating with the actual work.

Stick to the Easy Stuff. A long list of tasks can be overwhelming. Unless there are specific time requirements, begin with the smaller tasks first. Clearing off half the list will not only encourage further completion, but also will help prepare you for the bigger tasks that still lie ahead.

Mix Things Up. Don’t follow the same routine every day. Boredom is a killer of accomplishment. If your usual routine calls for writing in the morning and errands in the afternoon, change it up. Reverse the order. Run those errands and then return to your computer with yet another task removed from the dreaded list. Mix up your writing habits as well. If there’s a task you ordinarily put off, e.g., the dreaded blurb, do that first. The rest will seem easy.

Group Work. Whether it’s a writing critique group, or the assistance of your family, don’t get stuck in the rut of thinking you have to do everything yourself. Ask for help if necessary. When the task of making the evening meal comes up, don’t assume you have to do all the cooking. One of the things I enjoy most is cooking and yet I welcome the help of others even if it’s something as simple as prepping a salad. It’s the same with writing. Brainstorming with others can lift the burden of a difficult scene and cut your writing time in half.

Evening Recap. It’s always nice to sit back with an evening cup of tea, put your feet up and review those lists. Rejoice in what you accomplished, reconfigure what didn’t work out so well. Gear down. Don’t go to bed thinking about the chapter you didn’t finish or the blurb you didn’t write. Or the load of laundry that’s still sitting in the hamper. Instead, occupy your mind with something that will relax you. Play a word game, read a few chapters of someone else’s book, watch something totally frivolous on television.

Sometimes the best way to improve productivity is to think less about being productive.
~ ~ ~
It’s time for me to check “blog column” off my list and get back to my current work-in-progress. For those of you who might be looking for a quick read for that gear-down time, may I recommend...

Cold Creek, Colorado Territory
July, 1856

Katy Anderson has experienced more heartache than most know in a lifetime. Given to a man old enough to be her father, she has spent the past six years secluded from everyone except for her three young children. Her husband's untimely death brings relief that ... finally ... she and her children are free.

When Sheriff Mitch Logan arrives at the Anderson homestead, he is moved by her sad circumstances and vows to right the wrongs done to Katy. Mitch has always shied away from marriage due to his dangerous profession, yet he quickly changes his mind when Katy comes into his life, and into his heart.

Despite her best intentions to keep the handsome sheriff at arm's length, Katy can't help but admire his honesty, and his kindness. All too quickly, she finds her resolve weakening as Mitch convinces her to trust again.

Just 99¢ on Amazon!

~ ~ ~
Until next month, stay happy, stay healthy, stay well read! Oh...and stay organized!

Friday, September 14, 2018

Two stories in one book for more reading fun by Jan Scarbrough

When you are your own self-publisher, you can do marvelous things that a bigger organization wouldn’t do—like combining two short novels into one book.

That’s what I did with two books in my Bluegrass Reunion Series. You can purchase Kentucky Bride and Kentucky Heat now in one file. Here’s the universal buy link.

In the book, two brothers find the girls of their dreams and along the way learn a little about themselves.

Champion equestrienne Aimee Elliott is tired of being Daddy’s pampered only child. Working as a horse trainer at an American Saddlebred farm in Kentucky feeds her need for independence, even if it’s scary to see if she can make it on her own without her father’s millions. But Aimee never expected a past sweetheart to turn up again, especially after she’d rejected him all those years ago.

CEO of a heavy equipment company, Camden Brennan is out to prove his worth to his adopted father. He just needs to get the contract with construction company owner Ray Elliott, but the man is too preoccupied with his wayward daughter to think about business. If Cam can capture the heart of Ray’s daughter, he’ll not only land the biggest deal of his life, and he might be able to exact revenge on the only woman who ever dumped him. Aimee Elliott holds the key to everything. Does she also still hold the key to his heart?

Aimee’s determined to marry for love, but how will she ever know which a man loves more: her or her daddy’s money? And how far is Cam willing to go for his business? Can he turn a skittish Kentucky horse trainer into his Kentucky bride?

Playboy Hank Brennan has lived too long in the shadow of his superhero stepbrother. Why keep trying to please his critical father when his stepbrother’s running the family business so well? Hank may be a talented painter, but even his mother’s small trust fund isn’t enough to keep him from being a starving artist, living in his father’s pool house in Louisville, Kentucky. Where better to drown his self-pity than a country bar? And who better to understand his pain than a woman with an angelic voice, crooning the sorrowful, blue tunes of another time?

By day, Raylynn Walker trains horses. By night, she sings in a country bar, channeling her inner Patsy Cline, finding healing for her own wounded spirit. The last thing she needs is to try to fix some poor lost soul, acting like a jerk and wallowing in his sorrows. But there’s no denying the man is a talented artist. And tempting. Is she crazy to think she can convince Hank he’s more than just his daddy’s name and fortune, without getting tangled up in his alluring Kentucky heat?

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Judging A Book by its Cover @kathleenlawless

I started doing some preliminary research for book covers for a new series I’m working on.  Researching designers, that is.  I’m certain I’m not the only author who has had a disappointing cover experience – HATED IT- back in the old days when the publisher created the cover and the author was stuck with it. 

In the brave new Indie world we are publishers as well as writers, so we have the control.  And the responsibility.  While it’s a well-known fact that a bad cover can absolutely kill a perfectly good book, an intriguing cover can catch the eye of many a new (to us) reader, something we all aim for.

I was at a workshop recently with the wonderful Shannon Mayer where she showed us a series of covers for the same book, telling us what worked, what didn’t, and why.  It was both fascinating and overwhelming.  Apparently the cover scene need not reflect a particular scene from the book, but must reflect the experience the reader is in store for when she opens the book.  Plus the cover must look good when shrunk down to a thumbnail.  Many do not.  Yikes! 

Further complicating things, design work and pricing is as variable as the weather.  So what lies ahead?  Lots more research.  And here I thought writing a book was hard!

Below are two entirely different cover styles for two different western historical romances.  Both have about the same number and ratings of reviews.  I can’t say one has sold significant numbers over the other.   So much for that experiment.

As a reader, what do you look for in a cover?  Any cover content that puts you off?  Does color count or is sepia okay?  How much does font size and style matter?  These are only a few questions that every writer wrestles with besides, of course, how to write the absolutely best book he/she can.

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New Words, Old Words by @lcrandallwriter #GemsinAttic

New Words, Old Words

Have you messaged TL;DR lately? If you don't know the meaning of that word, you can look it up in the newest version of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. The same with “Hella,” which means “a lot of” and “very.” You also can now look up "haptics," "force quit," and "bingeable."

While some of us wordsmiths may not agree, the dictionary is not the Bible. It does not remain unchanged over time. Merriam-Webster’s website assures us that editors are hard at work watching new words coming into our world and assessing whether or not they’ll make the jump from newly common words to accepted words listed in the dictionary.

According to dictionary’s website, “Each day most Merriam-Webster editors devote an hour or two to reading a cross section of published material, including books, newspapers, magazines, and electronic publications; in our office this activity is called "reading and marking." The editors scour the texts in search of new words, new usages of existing words, variant spellings, and inflected forms–in short, anything that might help in deciding if a word belongs in the dictionary, understanding what it means, and determining typical usage. Any word of interest is marked, along with surrounding context that offers insight into its form and use.”

After words are noted, they move to the Citations file, where they are assessed for usage frequency. A word must be found in a wide range of publications, giving it a large number of citations. From there, the word becomes a new entry when the editors decide evidence proves it is firmly established in society’s vocabulary.

This process allows dictionaries to remain as fluid as our language and reflect our real speech. For example, in a Words We’re Watching blog post, Merriam-Webster writes that the word “athleisure” has been considered. It is a word used to describe casual clothing worn as both every day and fitness apparel. It’s a big word in fashion these days. With its entry in the dictionary, we may no longer purchase “sweats,” “gym shorts,” or “workout cloths.” I imagine the term “gym suit,” is already long gone from our vocabulary and I hope the garment from anyone’s physical education locker. Other words that may soon become dictionary worthy include "deep dive," and "low-key."

As words reflect what's going on around the world, words trending right now include hirsute, op-ed, probity, and mistrial. These are some of the words people are performing searches for in the dictionary because Burt Reynolds is hairy, and former White House officials are well-spoken. Want to know how and by whom some of the recently searched words have been used? Check out the dictionary website.

It’s important that our word authorities keep sources up-to-date. I know this. But sometimes I find myself using a word that I rarely have used. It just pops up. Maybe my mother used it. It’s become outdated, but the sound and the feel of it when spoken triggers memories. Some of the memories are not mine, but of an era I’ve only learned about. Those old words can harken images of men sitting on benches outside of small town retailers, passing the evening in conversation. Or of women in aprons setting up a church potluck on the lawn while children run around in bermudas (the first time they were in style) and striped pullover T-shirts.

It’s probably not important to keep up the usage of “shucks,” or “fiddle-faddle,” “piffle,” and “neato.” Why exclaim “that’s the cat’s pajamas” or “far out” when we can say, “Awesome” or “Way Cool?” Or why use a whole sentence, “He’s ignoring my phone calls and messages,” when we can say, “He’s ghosting?”

Sometimes I get agitated at some of the ways our speech is changing. I’m not fond of “va cay,” or “kray kray.” Is it really so hard to say, “Vacation,” or “Crazy?”

What new words do you find pleasurable to use? What words do you miss?

Friday, September 7, 2018

Looking Like Christmas by @JoanReeves #GemsInAttic

Great news about my next book which will be in 
Love, Christmas 2: Movies You Love which is up for pre-order now.

Only 99cents for 25  holiday romances. No, wait! We just added another author so we're giving you 26 all new, never before published, romances.

To sweeten the deal, we're running a fabulous a Rafflecopter giveaway from now through Oct. 18 with a $50.00 Amazon Gift Card as the top prize.

About Love, Christmas 2: Movies You Love

Each title - exclusive to this set - is inspired by a favorite holiday movie, spun into a fantastic love story by a NY Times, USA Today, and/or award-winning, bestselling author. The result is a wonderful romance collection full of good cheer for the upcoming holiday season.

This romance collection is a sequel to our first book in The Holiday Series: Love, Christmas 1: Songs of the Heart which was published in 2016 and continues to sell every single month since it was first published.

That collection used the title of an author's favorite holiday song for the title of the novella she wrote for the box set.

Love, Christmas 2: Movies You Love

This holiday romance collection pays homage to the author's favorite holiday movie. 

Mimi Barbour – A Wonderful Life - Though Rylee works with troubled teens, can she and an angel help a man living a nightmare?

Leanne Banks – A Royal White Christmas - Can a secret prince be a Christmas wish-come-true for a small-town girl?

Joan Reeves – Brianna’s Season For Miracles - Her seductive persona hides what she's ashamed of... What will happen if the man she's fallen for discovers her secret?

Mona Risk – Jingle With My Princess - The doc and the princess... He saves lives, but she may save his heart.

Rebecca York – Can She Get Home for Christmas? - Will a killer stop her from getting home for Christmas?

Jacquie Biggar – Mistletoe Inn - A grieving man finds the greatest gift is love.

Alicia Street – Miracle on Christmas Tree Street - A single mom discovers her business partner is more than he seems.

Nancy Radke – The Holiday (Christmas) - Jodi's house-swap to Maui came with a small dog and a shipwrecked sailor.

Katy Walters –Letters from the Snowman – The snow revealed a precious love.

Stephanie Queen – Holiday Affair - Melissa goes from riches to rags but will she find gold in a holiday affair?

Aileen Fish – Christmas in Connecticut - Can a wounded warrior learn to trust her celebrity chef crush after discovering his secret?

Rachelle Ayala – A Christmas Creek Carol - A reclusive writer is given a one-star review on her life by characters from her past, present, and future.

Dani Haviland – The Polar Xpress - She prefers dogs to men…until she rescues the doctor.

Traci Hall – Love, Actually (By the Sea) - Two strangers. One intimate night. Reunited a year later, can it actually be love?

Taylor Lee – The Ref-er-ee - With a family this discombobulated, it will take a referee to save their Christmas.

Donna Fasano – Her Mr. Miracle - It’s Christmas Eve and Veronica is stuck in a nearly deserted seaside town... She needs a miracle.

Cynthia Cooke – A Christmas to Remember - A Christmas storm. Wedding plans in peril. Has a lost love been found?

Susan Jean Ricci – A Joyous Holiday Inn - Can Twigg restore the joy of Christmas to Chloe’s indifferent heart?

Tamara Ferguson – Two Hearts Home for Christmas - Can a long ago promise of love bring two lonely wounded warriors home for Christmas?

Suzanne Jenkins – Christmas with the Clouds - Tracy isn’t interested in love until an unexpected Christmas visitor changes her heart.

Natalie Ann – How Gavin Stole Christmas - Can Jolene help Gavin find the Christmas spirit when he’s the epitome of Mr. Bah Humbug?

Ev Bishop – A Sharla Brown Christmas - For single parents Sharla and Jake, Christmas is the loneliest time of the year…until it’s not.

Alyssa Bailey – In the Spirit of Christmas - Chase can protect Tara from danger, but can he protect his heart?

Stacy Eaton – Finding Love on Christmas Vacation - Christmas isn't the same for Lucy without her father...until she meets his friend Maverick.

Jen Talty – The Christmas Getaway - A mix-up in reservations leaves a mother and her son to share a cabin with a broken-hearted stranger.

Melinda De Ross - Boyfriend Wanted for Christmas - A thirty-something singleton’s desperate yet humorous quest to find a boyfriend in the seven days before Christmas.

Pre-Order Love, Christmas 2: Movies You Love

Love, Christmas 2: Movies You Love is available at these ebook sellers:

Amazon US:
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B&N Nook:

Joan Reeves lives her Happily Ever After with her Hero, her husband, in a book-cluttered home in Texas. Visit Joan online at any of these locations: Amazon Author Page * BookBub Author Page * Facebook Fan Page * Twitter * YouTube * Joan's Website.

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