Friday, July 13, 2018

Gems of wisdom from my books by Jan Scarbrough

When I write, I put my heart into each book, and with that, I add a bit of knowledge from my hard-won experiences. So, you might say, the characters reach their happily-ever-after ending by learning from their mistakes, just as I have done over the years.

The following are some “gems” of wisdom buried in the stories I create.

Loving in isolation was pointless. True love was mutual. Quid pro quo. Something for something. She wanted that something.

But hope was an undying thing. It might come and go, but it was always available. It existed with the birth of a foal. It existed with every chance taken.

“So many times, we lose sight of who we really are,” Ashleigh continued. “At least I did. I’ve been hiding behind a mask of makeup since I was twelve. We become comfortable showing only the face we believe society thinks is acceptable or says is beautiful, and we forget to be our own person.”

“As Hank tells me, sometimes we have to learn our lessons the hard way.”

She said this prayer often, requesting the strength she could not find within herself. Ms. Addie always said God worked in mysterious ways. A person had to seek help. “Ask, and it shall be given you.”

Maybe she was uptight, but somebody had to be. Life couldn’t be run on a whim or a lark. Not without consequences.


  1. I love this cover and the series! Congrats on all of your hard work with the rereleases!

  2. Beautiful cover! The stories sound great!!!

  3. Just wait until you see all the covers! Great brands for the series.

  4. Love the covers and the wisdom in your post.


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