Wednesday, June 13, 2018

One Favorite Book? by @lcrandallwriter

I like to play games with my husband. I don't mean things like manipulation or power plays, I mean simple things like "ever have you ever?" My games often don't make sense and they certainly don't matter a lot. It's just fun.

One game is, what movie have we seen that actor in? Another has been what three things do you hate doing? And what three things are most fun doing? It's not unusual to learn new things about him while playing games, which fascinates me because we've been married many years. For this particular game, I learned he doesn't like to negotiate for lower prices, say on a new car. That blew me out of the water. He is very good at it. When I told our kids that he doesn't like it, they were shocked. "What! No way!"

My games typically are impromptu. Last night I asked him, "What is your all time most favorite book?" That stumped him. He is a voracious reader and has enjoyed many, many books. That was his answer -- "I've liked a lot of books." I persisted. "What one book is your favorite?" Then I asked myself and I was stumped. Geez, I've been reading and loving books since I was a young child. I still remember reading The Poky Little Puppy over and over and over.

This morning my husband had two answers, one nonfiction book and one fiction, but both were books about characters expanding and becoming more than they'd been before. The Great Bridge, by David McCullough, chronicled the building of the Brooklyn Bridge, which took enormous perseverance, intelligence, and devotion. The second book, Take Me With You by Kathryn Ryan Hyde, really touched my husband's heart. It featured a main character showing two children the world and forging life-long friendships and heartfelt admiration.

Me? I'm still trying to narrow down my list of favorite books to one.

So what about you? Can you name one favorite book and share why you love it?


  1. Reading is one of life's pleasures, but it IS awfully hard to pin down a favorite. Looking forward to seeing your LIST of favorites, Lynn.

  2. I can't pin myself to a favorite book, but I know when I need comfort, there are scenes I go to. In Understood Betsy, Little Women, a couple of Kristan Higgins and Mary Balogh books. When I need England, I read Rosamund Pilcher. Nora's "Born In..." series for Ireland. You didn't REALLY mean one, did you? :-)

  3. I can never name favorites of anything! There are too many things (books, ice cream flavors, colors, etc. ) to like!

  4. Not just one book. Books that influenced me are mostly books that made me want to be a writer or opened my eyes to writing what I wanted to write. Call of the Wild by Jack London when I was a kid was one such book. Later, when I yearned to write romance, I read Midnight Rainbow by Linda Howard and saw for the first time that I could write heroines who were outside the box. I continue to do that now. (And my dh hates taking me car shopping...I'm a car buff and like a kid in a candy store, which makes negotiating tough for him but he does a great job nonetheless)


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