Monday, April 16, 2018

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Audio Books in the House!

So, how does one spend a rainy Saturday morning when the urge to write hasn't begun tapping you on the shoulder?

You pour yourself a hot cup of coffee (or tea, if that's you preference), and mull through a handful of auditions from voice actors who've applied to narrate your latest book.

One of my publishers, The Wild Rose Press, has recently entered the world of audio books. All authors were given the opportunity to submit their current book, or books from their back list, for consideration as an audio book. So far, over two dozen author have taken advantage of this new venue, myself included.

Because I'm already published in audio through Decadent Publishing, I knew exactly what to expect in the first phases. I put five of my Wild Rose titles up for audition and, much to my delight, got multiple auditions on all of them. And, even more exciting, the auditions came rolling in all at once. So, there I was, curled up in my reading chair, coffee firmly in hand, and my laptop next to me ... just listening ... one after the other after the other.

My conclusions:

  • It's really weird to listen to a perfect stranger interpreting the words you've written.
  • Nobody knows the characters the way you do and, nine times out of ten, they don't sound anything like you imagined.
  • Male narrators are preferable when the majority (or all) of the book is in the hero's point-of-view. They're also more adept at narrating romantic suspense. The danger to the hero and heroine sounds more ominous with the help of a deeper voice.
  • You receive more auditions on novellas than full-length novels.
  • This was a great way to spend a gloomy morning!
If you'd like to know exactly what an audition sounds like, you can listen to a sampler of Do You Want Me, one of my Decadent Publishing titles, by clicking on the link.

And, though I can't share the audition files on the new books, I can give you a hint of what's coming next. I've chosen a wonderful gentleman narrator for Time and Again, my futuristic/time travel/romantic suspense from The Wild Rose Press.

On the lighter, sexier side, I've also chosen a male narrator for my erotic romance novella, Kilty Pleasures.

My vintage (1960's) sweet romance novellas, BewitchedOnly Yours, and Paging Dr. Cupid will all be narrated by women.

As both authors and readers we owe it to ourselves to expand our experiences. Personally, nothing beats the feel of a book in my hand. However, I also know that audio books (especially short novellas) are a great way to pass a long drive or workplace commute.

I'd love to hear reader/author opinions on audio books? Do you listen? And, if so, when?

Until next month, happy reading, writing and...hopefully...listening!



  1. I've yet to jump into audio books, but I love listening. An audiobook kept the grandkids interested on our recent spring break trip.

  2. I love audio books, but haven't jumped in, either. I even missed the opportunity with Wild Rose Press. I listen to them while walking and occasionally in the car.


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