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Audiobook Popularity Surging by @JoanReeves #GemsInAttic

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Audio books. Is it one word as in audiobooks? Or is it two words, i.e. audio books. Either is used in today's world so I'll do the same here.

Recently, I read a statistic that said the audiobook market grew more than 20% over the previous year. That's a lot.

A few years ago, I interviewed a librarian who purchases for a large library system. He provided stats for ebook and audiobook purchases by libraries. It was staggering at that time.

Authors and Audio Rights

Sometimes, I interview authors and one of the questions I ask is: Do you listen to audio books, and do you have any of your books in audio? I've always been surprised that nearly all of the authors do not listen to audio books nor do they have their books in audio. If you're an author, you're missing a golden opportunity.

As an Audible author, let me just say that ACX/Audible has always been very helpful and supportive in my audiobook endeavors. Recently, Audible set up author pages for those of us who produce through ACX. Here's my Audible Author Page.

Audiobook Popularity Growing

Audiobook popularity keeps growing because readers don't have enough time to read! After all, book no longer means a printed copy. With an audiobook, you can get your work-out in and "read" a book you've been dying to dive into.

You can commute to work and enjoy a novel. Take a trip and listen to the latest hot romance or mind-boggling science fiction.

I put my ebooks into audio with ACX as soon as I could get them up and produced. The first year they were out, they each hit the bestseller lists on audio and garnered me more in royalties than my ebook sales.


I've always listened to audio books. Had them on cassettes, then CD, then iPod, now my cell phone. (I buy through Audible so I can listen any number of ways.) I was absolutely thrilled to have audio editions of my books produced. I worked with actors who were amazing. Most of them aren't just voice actors. They're on Broadway, off-Broadway, television, video games, and movies.

Felicia Greenfield the narrator of Just One Look, may be better known for her roles in House of Cards, Homeland, or her other TV and movie roles. I was very lucky to land her as a narrator. She brought my romantic comedy to life! She is amazing.

Holly Adams voiced The Trouble With Love, Old Enough To Know Better, and Scents and Sensuality. Holly is multi-talented and works in movies, TV, Broadway, and video games. She's simply incredible and even went to Afghanistan to bring theater art to children there.

Award-winner Christine Padovan who narrated Romeo and Judy Anne is another multi-talented actor.

The talented Nicole Colburn brought Nobody's Cinderella to life with all of its sparkling repartee.

Robin Kohn Glazer, who narrated my romantic comedy Still The One, was the voice of Lucy in the 1970's Peanuts animation film.

Leah Frederick turned in an incredible performance for Jane (I'm Still Single) Jones.

Audio Today

I'm in the process of updating the covers of my existing audio books. I've tweaked the ebook covers through the year and changed a couple of them so now I need to do it for the audio covers too.

Stay Up To Date With The Latest Books
I plan to list my newer books on ACX this year. It takes a bit of time to get a listing up.

You must create an audition script, write marketing copy for your book and yourself, audition narrators who are interested, and a bunch of other details.

When the recording is finished, I listen to every chapter, comparing it to the actual manuscript to make sure there are no "voice typos" or mispronounced words like the name of a Texas town.

If "real life" will just be calm for a few more months, I can cross this task off my to-do list!

Audible Offer

If you're not currently a member of Audible, click here for an Audible Membership Free Trial.

Click for more information about Audible Membership Benefits.

I hope you'll try one of my audio books that's already been produced. Just visit my Audible Author Page to see a list and click to listen to a Sample before you buy. Enjoy!

Joan Reeves lives her Happily Ever After with her Hero, her husband, in a book-cluttered home in Texas. Visit her Amazon Author Page for a list of her books. While you're there, click to Follow her.

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  1. I listen to talk radio in the car but I just can't get into audio books. I don't know why! I know a lot of people love them.

  2. On spring break trip, we listened to an audiobook mystery with magical cats. Kept the elementary school boys entertained.

  3. I released my first audio "book" last year (mine is a short story). I whole-heartedly agree that audio books are an important aspect of publishing these days. I learned a lot from that first book, like the importance of a good narrator and letting the narrator know how to pronounce names, etc. Thanks for sharing your insights.


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