Friday, March 30, 2018

Traveling in England: It's a Business Expense!

The Bolens enjoying afternoon tea at Yorkshire's Harewood House terrace.

Because most of my novels are set in Regency England, I'm often asked if I travel to England. The answer is a resounding yes. I started going there in the 1980s on spring breaks. Air fares are typically reduced from October to April; so, we used to get really great value by traveling to England in March.

It wasn't until about our eighth trip there that we went at another time. In 2005, we traveled to England in May. And England is far more spectacular in May than it is in dreary March. The next two trips we were able to spend a whole three weeks in the British Isles. Those trips straddled the months of May and June, and they were magnificent!

Shortly after we started going to England, I sold my first book--a historical set in Regency England. Since then I've been consumed with studying all things English to make my books as authentic as possible. 

We have toured more than 30 stately homes, we've been to several royal residences, we've been to every attraction the wonderful city of London has to offer, and we've spent time in the city's great museums and at the British Library.

We've zigzagged across the country using our unlimited travel on BritRail. We've cliff walked in Cornwall. We've taken walking tours of Jack the Ripper's London, of Jewish London, of Mayfair. Other walking tours have included the university town of Cambridge and the cathedral town of Salisbury.

The Scottish Highlands and the English Lake District provided us with scenic memories that will never fade. And the city of Bath alongside the River Avon is one which keeps beckoning us to return.

We're crazy for scones with clotted cream, and what better way to end a long day of British travel than a pint in a local pub?--Cheryl Bolen is working on a new English-set historical series, Lords of Eton, the first two to (hopefully) published in May.


  1. Jealousy here. We've been "across the pond" just once--to Ireland--and I would so love to go again.

  2. I'm going to Ireland soon, Liz. We both adore traveling and have been to 11 European countries and plan to add four more this year.

  3. That's a wonderful photo of you and John. Didn't you two put together a travel guide a few years ago?

  4. We discovered Europe in 2012 for the first time! We've been back 3 times since and the trips keep getting longer.


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