Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Love Letters by @lyncrandallwriter

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The most written and spoken love letters are those in the phrase I love you. They contain a lot of power, especially when they are spoken with clarity, sincerity, and truth.

The sentiment is expressed in so many ways, from baking a blueberry pie for a loved one to sitting quietly on the side of hill and holding hands. Creatives seek to express concepts of love in sculpture, painting, photography, music, dance, and all types of media. Writers write books defining and exploring the variety of love. Poets write poetry about love. All of these expressions are gifts to the world in the name of love.

So today I decided to bring expressions of love to this blog post. We all have reasons on a regular basis to feel discouraged, angry, bitter, hurt, bored, confused, jealous, etc. But if love is the best of things, it can be the ground we walk on every day.

Here is a selection of my favorite expressions of love. Some are from my Pinterest boards. You'll find these and other beautiful things in my boards. I update them regularly. If you like what you see, please follow me and I'll follow you back.

All but three of these are the creation of another writer or artist, not me. Some of these are to my husband. One is a note he wrote to me for Valentine's Day.

 MC and I have been together a long time. He is beautiful to me.

My favorite.

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Please share images or thoughts that are meaningful to you about love. I'd be so happy for you share.


  1. Mike is a keeper! Off to look at your Pinterest!

  2. What a lovely post! And good job, Mike!

  3. Lovely post. I have scraps of paper and napkins on which Larry has written notes over the years. I love his impromptu messages of love.

  4. Those hand written notes are special, aren't they? MC doesn't believe he can write, so his are all the more appreciated.


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