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Author Confessions: Guilty Pleasures by @JoanReeves #GemsInAttic

Welcome back for another round of Author Confessions.

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Today, we have quite a few of the Gems In The Attic authors here with us. Read on and get acquainted with them. They're all rather awesome and fun to be around!

I asked the authors to share one of their innermost secrets. I mean, we all have this kind of secret. We indulge in it, but we feel a little embarrassed that we do so. Time to confess, Authors. Readers have inquiring minds, and they want to know!

What is one of your Guilty Pleasures, and why do you enjoy it so much?

Nancy Fraser

Nancy is the author of Time and Again, a romantic suspense with a time travel twist.

Can tenacious reporter Kate Brogan and vice cop Matt Kelly set aside their volatile past in order to save their own lives? Or, will an unexpected trip to the future end in disaster and tear them apart forever?

"Probably my most guilty pleasure is making time for 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. However, when I can't get that, a double Bailey's over ice and a good time travel romance works wonders for the soul."

Kathleen Lawless

Kathleen is the author of Deliver Me, a western romance.

Imagine a Western Historical twist on The Fugitive! That's Deliver Me. A wounded hero on the run pairs up with an adventure-seeking heroine in order to clear his name of a crime he did not commit.

Action, adventure, twists, and betrayal beset the duo at every turn until the real killer is unmasked.

"My guilty pleasure is a glass of sparkling wine in the hot tub on Sunday morning. Very good for the creativity!"

Karen Kelley

Karen is the author of Thief of Hearts (Bachelors Series, Book 3), a Contemporary Romance.

One last job and she’s out of the family business…Get in, grab the jewelry, and get the hell out. Technically Piper Lewis is not a thief. She’s a retrieval expert, except the law probably won’t see it like that.

One small glitch: Piper didn’t plan on sexy Cason Wilde catching her in the middle of the job.

"My guilty pleasure is spending a whole day watching sappy movies with a tub of Blue Bell Banana Pudding Ice Cream and a big spoon."

Lynn Crandall

Lynn is the author of Probabilities (Fierce Hearts, Book 4), a shifter romance.

Bubbly were-lynx Tizzy Sands gave up on any possibility of a love relationship at her cancer diagnosis. But fellow were-lynx Quinn Arons isn’t having any of that. With his genius IQ, Quinn isn’t the most socially skilled were-lynx in the colony, but he cares deeply for Tizzy and can’t accept her attitude that cancer will return soon and claim her life. Instead of persuading her she’s wrong, he patiently shows her life is what you make it, as they work as partners to prevent The Nexus Group from destroying the world.

"My guilty pleasure? I can't even apologize for my guilty pleasure, it's so delicious. I love lying in bed, especially between flannel sheets. I'm as active and busy as the next person, but bed is my heaven. I pull the covers up to my chin, close my eyes, and feel every inch of my body relax in the sensuous delight of cozy. I meditate in bed, I read in bed, I write in bed. It's kind of a sanctuary for me.

"I'm a highly sensitive person--it's a real personality type--so I am frequently bombarded with input. Sounds are loud, odors are intolerable, heightened activity around me can overwhelm me. With all this input I can become highly and uncomfortably stimulated.

"Being a highly sensitive person isn't all bad. It's a way of life that is rich with awareness. But when I feel my nerves firing like a live wire, I turn to calm and soothing places in nature, seek peace inside myself, and relish in my guilty pleasure, bed."

Liz Flaherty

Liz is the author of The Girls of Tonsil Lake, women's fiction/contemporary romance.

Friends at five...still friends at fifty-one.

Four women whose differences only deepen the friendship forged in a needy childhood... They were four little girls living in ramshackle trailers beside a lake in rural Indiana. They shared everything from dreams to measles to boyfriends to more dreams. As they grew up, everything in their lives changed--except their friendship.

"I've noticed that my guilty pleasures always involve food. Hmm... Anyway, my choice of the day is Chuck and Dave's Mexican Style Salsa. While this is best eaten with an entire bag of your choice of chips, it's also outstanding on eggs, chicken breast, and wherever else you can find a suitable surface to shovel it onto. (Don't bother with a spoon--you need much more of it than that.)

"It's best to eat it when no one else is around--you can hide the empty chips bag easier that way--but sharing's all right, too. It's kind of like reading. It's best on gray, rainy days when you and your blanket are all by yourselves, but if you have to read in the virtual madhouse that life often is, that works, too."

Bonnie Edwards

Bonnie is the author of Finding Mercy: Return to Welcome, Book 1, a Contemporary Romance.

Mercy Talbot, a golden-girl with a bright future, left Welcome. Now, she's failed in everything--career, love, family--and she's dead broke. She returns to Welcome, wanting only a fresh start.

Clay Foster used to be Welcome's bad boy, but marriage and a daughter transformed him into a devoted father. Widowed now and a struggling single father, he fights his attraction to Mercy. He can't afford to let her into his life because he thinks she'll eventually leave town again.

When Mercy has a reversal of fortune, will she leave the man and child who need her? Will Clay believe in their future and accept that Mercy has found there's no place like home?

"A guilty pleasure I enjoy with my husband is watching great movies and television. Some people think it a waste of time, but I learn a lot about storytelling, pacing, and plotting...or at least that's what I tell myself."

Jan Scarbrough

Jan is the author of Brody: The Montana McKennas (Montana Ranchers, Book 2), a contemporary western romance.

Home…it’s where you go when your past, present, and future collide.

Can Brody Caldera, the champion bull rider, turn his life around and make up for his past mistakes?

Single mom Stephanie Chambers hopes to keep her daughter away from man who deserted them years ago. But the spunky ten-year-old is enamored by the famous cowboy, and Stef’s best intentions are side-tracked from day one.

Jan said: "My weekly riding lesson at Premier Stables is a guilty pleasure. It keeps me young and fit. It clears my head. I get a weekly “horse fix” without the enormous expense of owning a horse."

Joan Reeves

Joan is the author of Jane (I'm Still Single) Jones, a Contemporary Romantic Comedy available in print, audio, and ebook.

What could be worse for former high school beauty Jane Louise Jones than attending her 10-year high school reunion alone? Not much, unless it's the unexpected arrival of Morgan Sherwood, once her secret love who shows up complete with a stretch limo, an entourage, and a plan to focus his high-powered brain and his considerable masculine charm on seducing Jane!

Throw in the blue-haired, matchmaking Ladies of the Bridge Club, lots of southern charm, a ten-year old betrayal, and plenty of romantic humor for a heartwarming, story that will leave you with a smile.

"My guilty pleasure usually involves things I shouldn't eat. I guess that's because I've watched my weight all my life! Diabetes runs in my dad's family so I'm always conscious about not gaining weight. I never want to develop diabetes. So, guilty pleasure? Nacho Cheese Doritos. Yum. I salivate just thinking about the spicy snack. Oh, and an ice-cold Dr. Pepper to wash them down. I never buy these at the supermarket because I can't trust myself to have an occasional serving. To me, a serving is half the bag!"

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Joan Reeves is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Contemporary Romance. All of her books have the same underlying theme: It's never too late to live happily ever after. She lives her HEA with her hero, her husband, in the Lone Star State.

Visit Joan online: Blog * Amazon * BookBub * Facebook * Twitter. Want a free ebook of one of Joan's popular romance novels? Just click here to sign up for Joan's mailing list.


  1. How fun to learn what brings writers pleasure, and stimulates the muse at the same time. The muse must be indulged.

    1. I'm ready to bitch slap my Muse. She's just not cooperating today.

  2. Ok, I confess here that sometimes the tv shows we watch are just for chuckles. There are some truly brilliant comedies on air these days. Even then, I'm learning a bit about pacing, which in comedy could be called timing.

    1. I agree with you, Bonnie. You can learn a lot of writing by watching really good TV shows--especially about maintaining a series, building characters, comedy, etc.


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