Thursday, February 22, 2018

Secret Affairs Release @lcrandallwriter

Secrets, book one in my Fierce Hearts series, is included in the Secret Affairs bundle, released February 19. Secrets have a way of coming out, and that concept is featured in my story and the other stories in the bundle.

Pssst…the cat’s out of the bag! These five couples have successfully kept their deepest confidences locked in the dark, until love comes knocking to expose their secret desires.

Secrets Gone South: Will Garrett grew up on the wrong side of the tracks and never expected debutante Arabelle Avery to end up in his arms during an emotional moment. Now she’s returned to Merritt, his son on her hip. Will he ever be good enough to raise his son and win Arabelle’s heart?

Secrets: Casey Mitchell has always kept his identity as a were-lynx secret. But he’s drawn to Michelle Slade, and when he begins to help investigate the circumstances surrounding a mysterious disappearance, the situation spins out of control. Their survival depends on trusting each other with secrets better left unspoken. Will these two lonely souls triumph and find true love…or lose everything?

No Secrets in Spandex: Allegations of drug use surround sexy bike racer Jacob Hunter, who has come home to Colorado to train for the biggest competition of his life. Reporter Ariel Hays is ready to do anything to get that story—except reveal her own secrets. Can they keep the fireworks exploding between them from torching their lives?

The Professor’s Secret: English professor Claudia Manchester secretly writes spicy romances under a pen name to keep her side job under wraps until she’s secured tenure. But when she meets historical romance writer Bradley Davis while dressed as her sexier alter ego at a conference, it’s clear she can’t build love on lies.

Protecting Her Secrets: Bodyguard Eddie Dever needs to clear his younger brother’s name, but that’s an uphill climb with Special Agent Hannah Malone laser focused on putting a crime boss behind bars, even at his brother’s expense. Things get sticky when the two go undercover as Mr. and Mrs. and the pretense starts to feel all too real. And both Eddie and Hannah have one more surprise up their sleeves that can blow the lid off of more than a crime boss’s enterprise. Can they find a way to trust before they take the job too far?

Here's an excerpt from Secrets, a paranormal were-lynx story.

Find Secret Affairs on Amazon, Simon and Schuster, and other retailers.

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