Monday, February 12, 2018

Matchmaker, Matchmaker? by Sophie Jacobs

'Tis the Season of Love. Is it not?

Whether Valentine's Day is important to you or not, I think we all love a great love story with the obligatory happily-ever-after. I mean, we all love romance here, right? I've had dry spells where I've watched the other girls get Valentine's gifts they craved, and years where I've been the receiver. But nevertheless, one thing I've always had were my stories!

As we celebrate this season of love--and especially the upcoming February 14 holiday--treat yourself to a story or two to either set the mood, or satisfy that hopeful romantic sigh. And what better stories than those that feature a matchmaker?

Suzie Hart never set out to be a matchmaker. All she wanted was to open up her bed and breakfast, Sweet Hart Inn, and be the best-darned chef she could be. But along the line somewhere, her cooking up of delectable dishes became a recipe for matchmaking.

She started with her sister, Shelley, and her old high-school boyfriend, Matt Branson in Take My Heart. That one was rather happenstance but the next one was very deliberate.

Mary Lou Picketts was next, when Suzie saw her pining after country music star Nash Rhodes--and Suzie knew that Nash was coming to town. Operation Match My Heart (still on sale for 99 cents!) made her two for two.

Following that success, Suzie figured she was on to something but had her hands full with librarian Katie Long and her Harbor Falls police officer boyfriend, Chris Marks. In Tame My Heart, (preorder now!) Suzie gives up a secret to keeping her love life spicy, and hopes that secret works for Katie and Chris, as well.

Interesting in knowing how all of this comes out? I would start with Suzie's story, All of My Heart. (always 99 cents!) Suzie is a fun and prominent character in all of the Sweet Hart Inn books. It would be great to get to know her there, and then move into the matchmaking stories. But guess what? They don't stop with Tame My Heart! Stay tuned for The Dating Game, Miss Matched Hearts, The Husband List, After My Heart, No Sweeter Match, and Teach My Heart. Whew!  Yes, Suzie will be busy!

Have a very Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. I hope you get what your heart desires.

Maddie James writes to silence the people in her head. Unfortunately, they all have stories and they all want them told at once! From contemporary cowboys to romantic suspense, Maddie strives to get their stories right. RT Book Reviews says, James “deftly combines romance and suspense,” and Affaire de Couer claims, “James has a special talent for traditional romance.” Published in print, ebook, audiobook, and in at least seven languages, Maddie has been listed as a Top 100 Romance Author on Amazon and as an iBooks Rising Star in Western Romance. As Sophie Jacobs, she writes contemporary romance and women’s fiction. Connect with them both by signing up for their newsletter list at


  1. They look so good! Happy Valentine's, Maddie.

  2. You've been busy. Love the artwork, and always love your writing.


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