Friday, February 9, 2018

I started a new book by Jan Scarbrough #gemsinattic

Most writers like to write “the end” when they finish a novel. Oh, the writing isn’t finished then, but typing “the end” helps us feel better. This is just the first pass, the first draft. There’s rewriting and editing to come. But the hard, creative work is basically done.

When you start a book, the computer pages are blank. If you are a “plotter,” you may have a good idea where you’re going, maybe a complete outline. If you are a “pantser,” you may have no clue. Your new Word document is simply a call to adventure.

I’m not a plotter. In the old days, I used to hate writing synopsis. But I’m not a straight “write by the seat of your pants” type either. I usually spend months coming up with ideas, considering some and discarding others. I have a few tools to help me with ideas. I also brainstorm with my editor or writing friends. But generally, it comes down to my choosing, my vision of the book.

Yesterday, I started a new book. Five pages. Over one thousand words. It was a good start—a place to begin. This time I’ve decided to keep track of my writing progress. Readers often ask how long it takes me to write a book, but I never have a good answer. Maybe with a writing diary, I can give a good answer.

You might want to take advantage of a sale I have going on for Valentine’s Day. My ebook Secrets is on sale for 99 cents.

Kelly’s kept her secret all these years. But sometimes the only way to build a future is to face the past.


  1. I love the idea of a writing diary, because I never have those answers, either. Good luck with the new one. The only words I like better than "The End" are "Chapter One." I think it's a writer thing, don't you?

  2. Hurray for you, Jan. Good luck with the new book.


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