Monday, February 19, 2018

End of Winter Doldrums

I'm the first to admit it ... I'm not a winter person. Yet, I live in Atlantic Canada just above the most northern Maine border. So, winter it is. Long, sometimes hard, and definitely cold and wet.

I began this winter, as I always do, with a laundry list of writing tasks and a plan to hibernate as much as possible to accomplish my list. I even gave my all-wheel-drive vehicle to my youngest son to cart his young family around in relative safety.

All I had to do was write.

December came and went and there was barely a scratch made to the list. After all, the holidays took center stage. Except for Christmas Day when we were buried beneath a blizzard that lasted for two days and ruined the holiday for which I'd shortchanged my writing.

January blew in on a horrible storm. More blizzard like conditions for three full days. No sense starting one of those projects since the power would no doubt go out. It didn't and I was now another week behind.

By the beginning of February I was starting to get stir crazy and even reclaimed my car for the weekend. It snowed and I had to dig my car out from under a mountain before I could return it to my son for school and after-school activities on Monday.

Finally, I'd made to some nicer weather (an anomaly for New Brunswick in February) and my interest in writing was renewed. I picked up where I'd left off in November and the words flowed like the rain outside my office window. Until my roof began to leak.

Now here I am, just past the halfway mark in February, my roof fixed, the papers on my desk dried out, and the keys on my computer smoking from the speed of my flying fingers. My end of winter doldrums seemed to have passed. For the moment.

Another few weeks and spring will arrive. The sun will shine, the birds will chirp, and I'll finish the darned ... oh ... look ... a squirrel!

When I can concentrate, here's what I'm working on ....

Waking Up in Oz
Oswald, KS ~ Late Summer, 1975

Corporate Attorney Dorothy Gail Farmer has been sent by her boss to neighboring Oswald, KS to take a deposition from a client. Within moments of her arrival, Dorothy and most of the small town fall victim to the ravages of a strong tornado.

When Dorothy wakes up in the makeshift hospital set up at the local community center, it's like she's landed in the fictitious land of Oz. Surrounded by people who are make their living playing up the Oz legend, everyone she meets reminds her of the movie she loved as a child. First, there's the ruggedly handsome deputy sheriff, Chris Lyons who's anything but cowardly. She's befriended by a trauma psychologist named Tim Mann and a professor of meteorology named Steve Crowe. And, if all that's not confusing enough, she's falling for Wynn Morgan, a storm chaser nicknamed Wizard because of his uncanny ability to predict storms.

Will Dorothy help her client save the wildlife rescue from the clutches of the evil local land baroness, Evelyn Witcher so she can return to Kansas City? Or, will being stranded in this strange place be just what Dorothy needs?

Waking Up in Oz has been contracted by The Wild Rose Press for their new "Stranded" historical romance line and is scheduled for release this coming fall.

Until next month ... stay happy, stay healthy, stay warm and well read.



  1. I love, love, love the sound of this book!!!! What a fantastic idea! Keep us updated on the release.

    1. It's been fun writing this. I just seems like I can't stop line editing.

  2. I love the sound of the book and really enjoyed the post. I enjoy winter, but tire of it quickly. Like right now. This very minute.

    1. Agreed. I'm so ready for winter to end. Of course then we'll be inundated with flash floods. However, those don't require a shovel.

  3. What a great fresh premise! Write on, please so we can read it. And yes, enough winter already. We have had 8 power outages, 2 this past weekend. Brrrr...

    1. It's been unseasonably warm here for the past few days. I'm hoping it keeps up. Of course, we get a lot of flooding b/c we've had so much snow. It's a crappy trade off, but at least it will keep me writing. I hope.

  4. Nancy, I'd buy this book right now! Love the premise, the title, and the cover. Can hardly wait for you to finish it. Btw, The Wizard of Oz is my all-time favorite kids' movie.

    1. I'm an Oz groupie as well. The cover is only a mock up at the moment, who knows how it will turn out in the end. Looking forward to writing "the end" very soon.


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