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My Year with Elizabeth Hoyt by @BonnieEdwards #Gemsinattic

In January 2017 I clicked a link for book on Amazon. This was a new-to-me author and the book was the first in the Maiden Lane series by Elizabeth Hoyt. Here, I will thank blogger and reviewer Sissy Mae Hicks for sharing that link.
Elizabeth Hoyt
Elizabeth Hoyt's author page on Amazon

I was hooked! And now, a full year later, I've read each story in the series, plus her two other series, The Princes Trilogy and The Legend of the Four Soldiers FOUR times through. And, indeed, I've started the fifth go-round and learned something new today.

The first time through I was simply dazzled by the richness of the stories. The characters are unique, multi-layered and come with quirks, beliefs, and angst peculiar to them. Hoyt has a fondness for Beauty and the Beast but Beauty usually has her own secrets. I was fascinated!

The second time through, I studied story. Again, these are multi-layered, with action, drama, mystery and suspense. Hoyt has a unique style, filtering in small bits that resonate further along...or even several books later. (Yes, this - I realized this morning a character briefly mentioned wearing brilliant yellow and saying outrageous things is, in fact, a hero books and books later.)

Here I will stop and say that I have been writing for over 30 years. I've studied storytelling, pacing, character, setting, description. I've taught creative writing and workshops. And I am still boggled by what Elizabeth Hoyt has accomplished in all of her series.

On my third read through I studied how she sets up her series. Hoyt cleverly places scenes with enough about a character to lead into their story. There's a wonderfulness in ending a book as a reader, desperate to see what happens next in the world another writer has created.

On my fourth read through I studied her transitions and discovered she has a few favorites that I'm attempting in my own work. Then, I totally lost the need to study and simply read every book again for pure enjoyment.

In fact, Hoyt's books make me try harder with my own. I've honed my focus on characters, on setting, and on pacing, thanks to her work.

I don't know Elizabeth Hoyt. I've only recently started following her on Twitter and FB. I'm devastated that the Maiden Lane series has come to a close. (What about Nell? Huh? Steadfast, deserving Nell with the interesting past in the theater? Where's her hero? - yes, that's a whine)

As I write, I know Ms. Hoyt has announced a new trilogy will be coming. I can only implore her to write quickly. But, you know, it doesn't really matter because I'll likely spend 2018 re-reading Maiden Lane, The Princes, and the Four Soldiers again anyway.

I'm writing this on Dec 31, 2017, and it will be posted mid-January. I hope I'm not too late to wish everyone a creative, exciting and wonderful New Year.

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  1. I love finding a new author and falling in love with their writing!

    1. The longer we write the harder it is to be swept away! And I was, am...

  2. Happy New Year, and thanks for the heads up on Elizabeth Hoyt!

    1. Liz...she has kept me from overdosing on the news. Which means I can focus better on my own writing. So, win, win!

  3. I've read some of her other books, but not the ones you cited. Now I'll have to add those to my list. So many books, so little time. *sigh*


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