Monday, December 31, 2018

Party With The Authors of Gems in the Attic

Happy New Year!

Let's party!

Just as the picture to the left says, "Party hearty. By party, I mean read."

If you plan to ring in the New Year at home--which is often the safest thing to do considering the idiots on the road who've never heard of designated driver--then grab a fun book.

Ring in the New Year with your sweetie by your side and read while you have the New Year countdown playing on the TV.

Read a romance. Hey! Here's a thought. Read a romance with your sweetie! That kind of inspiration may make ringing in the New Year more exciting and fun than you ever imagined. *LOL*

We've got some romance ebooks to help you get your par-tay on so sit back and browse through these selections.

Bachelor Party by Karen Kelley

What could possibly go wrong?

Who would’ve thought jumping out of a cake at a bachelor party would pay so well…and cost so much!

Cassidy Jones hasn’t got a clue how she ended up in bed with the dangerously attractive bachelor at last night’s party or how he’ll explain it to his fiancée when she storms into his bedroom. When Penelope Winthrop bares her claws at Cassidy, she refuses to let this snobby socialite treat her like trailer park trash. Drat, her Irish temper always chooses the most inappropriate moments to emerge.

Blake won’t be manipulated by his younger brother or Cassidy, no matter how alluring she is.Was she a pawn or a willing participant in his brother’s plot to stop the wedding? He’s not sure. When fate throws them together once again, Blake knows this is his chance to get her out of his mind once and for all.

Find Bachelor Party on Amazon.

A Note from Karen Kelley

"By the way, just in case you're wondering, I did not meet my husband at a bachelor party! But I had a fun time writing this book. Cassidy and Blake let me create all sorts of havoc in their lives."

Betting on Love by Jan Scarbrough

A romantic virgin and matchmaking aunt threaten the bachelor days of a Bluegrass chef.

Sarah Colby always believed she’d recognize her one true love from his very first kiss. It had been true for her parents, so why not her?

Sarah also understands gambling. The daughter of a horse trainer, she’d spent her early years living the vagabond life around horse tracks. But now she’s ready for the biggest gamble of her life when her friends and her matchmaking aunt encourage her to go after a sexy bachelor with an aversion to settling down.

Wealthy Bluegrass chef Lane Williams is finished taking care of other people. He’s spent his youth providing for his younger siblings. Now that they’re out on their own, it’s Lane’s turn to relish his new freedom. Clearly, the sexy young woman who knocked his world sideways with just one kiss spells trouble to those plans.

But as the two work together to pull off a Kentucky Derby party for charity, Lane finds himself susceptible to Sarah’s charms…and much, much more. How was he to know she was a virgin, especially when she was the one who seduced him? But sometimes a gamble pays off, especially when betting on love…

Find Betting on Love at Amazon

A Note from Jan Scarbrough

If you're looking for a big party, consider the Kentucky Derby Festival. Every year it's the biggest party in Louisville, held before the famous Kentucky Derby. Find out more here about the Kentucky Derby Festival.

Pushing the Limits by Nancy Fraser

When a case of mistaken identity puts Cade Tucker in the wrong place at the right time, he can't believe his luck. Drawn to the beautiful Julia McCormack, he flirts his way into her bed and they welcome the New Year together.

Though they agreed their time together was no-strings-attached, first-name only, Julia's having a hard time letting go of the best sex she ever had. Back to work after the holidays, Julia finds out her legal mentor has appointed a new attorney to work with her on her biggest case, and her co-counsel will be Cade Tucker.

Her plans to make partner are in serious jeopardy when she and Cade disagree on the best legal strategy for their case. What will happen when they can no longer fight their desire, and the company's strict non-fraternization policy threatens both of their jobs?

Find Pushing the Limits on Amazon.

A Note from Nancy Fraser

Best New Year’s Party ever was December 31, 1968. I wasn’t really invited to the party, but a friend called for a ride and I couldn’t say no. When I got there, the ride turned out to be her, her boyfriend, and his best friend.

“You’ll like him,” my friend insisted. “He’s a huge hockey fan, like you.”

Of course he was a Montreal Canadians fan, and I was strictly a Detroit Red Wings supporter. Despite our frequent disagreements over which team was superior, that third-wheel friend eventually became my husband!

Bonnie Edwards

Thigh high stockings, a gorgeous neighbor, and a sexy bet…

Young, divorced, and broke Kat Hardee’s leery of putting herself in the path of the next great guy. But she’s crushed on her neighbor, Taye since he moved in and would love nothing more than to catch his eye.

Rather than lose her chance with quiet, nerdy Taye, Kat accepts a challenge to get him naked. This weekend!

Taye Connors wants to make up for lost time with his sweet next-door neighbor.

But when innocent Kat turns into a vixen who sells sex toys wearing too-hot-to-handle thigh high stockings, he wonders what he’s in for.

Is Kat a sex kitten or his soulmate — or both?

Find Thigh High on Amazon. Use this Universal Link for other ebook sellers.

A Note from Bonnie Edwards

I wish you a very Happy New Year!

Nobody's Cinderella by Joan Reeves

She wished on a star. Uh oh! She should have been careful what she wished for!

Darcy Benton is the oldest cliche in the world—a woman in love with her boss. Other than that, she's no-nonsense, practical, mature, and sober. She's just the kind of woman Chase Whitaker wants as head of accounting for his company. She's definitely not the kind of woman he wants in his bed.

Enter Darcy's meddling, matchmaking best friend who has a plan to transform Darcy into a hottie designed to attract Chase's interest. All it takes? A couple of little lies. And that pesky wish on a star.

Will the company party be the end of their romance or only the beginning?

Review for this sexy romantic comedy: "I love Ms. Reeves' heroines. There is a little bit of them in all of us and that endears them to us even more. Just enough conflict, steam, misunderstandings, and humor."

Find Nobody's Cinderella on Amazon.

A Note from Joan Reeves

I love a good party--giving them and attending them. Many parties are memorable, but the one that always comes to mind is the New Year's Eve party my husband and I attended. We'd been married only a few weeks and were still in awe of the fact that we were married. From the beginning, we thought the phrase soul mates perfectly described us. At that first New Year's Eve party, we had eyes only for each other. We danced every slow dance and barely conversed with other guests. Every moment was a PDA for us!

All these years later, we still have that incredible feeling for each other. This New Year's Eve we'll toast each other and the incoming year with bubbly and kiss--feeling enormously grateful that we found each other.

My New Year's Wish for you is that you find the perfect life partner for yourself then cherish that connection and protect it. Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Perfect Cake for Holidays by @Connie_Vines

Everyone bakes for the holidays, but what if you're the kind of person who can't boil water much less bake something?

Never fear. There's help for novices too.

I'm sharing my secret receipt for a cake so easy and delicious that everyone will proclaim it a Showstopper just as they do on the Great British Baking Show.

(Have you seen that competition for the Best Baker in all of the United Kingdom? It's on Netflix so watch it. You'll be amazed and totally addicted to watching these amateur bakers produce amazing creations from flour, sugar, eggs, and butter.)

On with the baking. Here's my recipe for a cake you'll want to bake during the holidays. In fact, it's the perfect cake for New Year's Eve which is just around the corner.

Eggnog Pound Cake

  • 1 package of yellow cake mix
  • 1 (4-serving size) package instant vanilla pudding
  • 3/4 cup Eggnog from the dairy case
  • 3/4 cup vegetable oil
  • 4 eggs
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • Powdered sugar (optional)
  1. Prepare a Bundt pan or a 10-inch fluted tube pan by greasing it with butter or shortening then lightly dusting flour into it. Or use Baker's Joy spray.
  2. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  3. In a large bowl, combine cake mix, pudding mix, eggnog, and oil.
  4. Beat on low speed until moistened.
  5. Add eggs and nutmeg, and beat at medium-high speed 4 Minutes.
  6. Pour batter into the prepared pan.
  7. Bake 40 - 45 minutes until toothpick inserted near center comes out clean.
  8. Cool in pan for 10 minutes.
  9. Remove from pan onto cooling rack. Cool completely then sprinkle with powdered sugar.
  10. Store covered leftovers at room temperature.
While you're waiting for the cake to cool, why not check out my fun, edgy romance novella, Here Today, Zombie Tomorrow?

Alive, Steampunk novelist Meredith Misso worked hard at living the perfect SoCal celeb life.

Now that she is a Zombie, it’s all about the make-up, non-vegan lifestyle, and her soon-to-be ex, who somehow managed to Velcro himself back into her life.

"Quirky, Sassy, and Fun!" ~ Authors Den Review

You'll find this novella at: Amazon and iTunes or use the Universal Link to select the ebook seller you prefer.

Happy Reading and Happy Cake Baking and Eating!

Friday, December 28, 2018

Essential and Nonessential Reference Books for Authors

©By Cheryl Bolen

While looking up information in cyberspace is commonplace, there are still many of us who prefer to use traditional reference books. Here are some that—if within easy reach of the author’s desk—can be handy references for clear and better writing:

Synonym Finder
Mine is a 1,359-page paperback by J.I. Rodale that sells for $14.95. It’s much more comprehensive than a thesaurus. For example, if one looks up “stingy” on the computer word processor’s thesaurus, fourteen words of similar meaning are given. Three synonyms: selfish, uncharitable, and ungenerous; and 11 “related” words: avaricious, covetous, economical, frugal, grabby, prehensile, scotch, sparing, sparse, stinting, and thin. On the other hand, if one looks up stingy in the Synonym Finder one gets 54 choices, which include miserly, parsimonious, tight-fisted, penny-pinching, thrifty, frugal, any many more. It’s pretty obvious which does a better job there. 

Dictionary and speller
Because I write historicals and wish to avoid using anachronisms, a dictionary that gives the year when words came into being is a must. The greatest dictionary of them all is the OED, Oxford English Dictionary, which comes in 20 volumes at the cost of $995. It is also available to subscribers on line. I also keep a pocket-size speller on my desktop for easy spelling references.

Dictionary of Foreign Words and Phrases
The one I own is a paperback that cost less than $5, but is invaluable for looking up the spellings of seldom-used phrases, such as coup de grace, caveat emptor, or menage a trois (the spellings for which I just looked up in said book).

Word Finder
Though this 1,317-page book is also compiled by Rodale (J.J., rather than J.I.), it is vastly different from a synonym finder. This reference gives adverbs, adjectives and, in some cases, verbs that elucidate the word you’re looking up. For example, let’s say you’re looking up the word “elusive.” Some of the suggested 19 adverbs that could modify this word are deceptively, abominably, subtly, alarmingly, and treacherously. If the word being looked up is a noun, the Word Finder will list adjectives and verbs that can be used with that noun. For example, for “piety” there are 20 adjectives that can describe it, including intense, fervent, humble, tempered, and celestial. In addition, this book shows 20 verbs that can precede or follow piety. Some of the suggested verbs to precede piety are display, feign, instill. “Inspires” is one of the verbs that follows piety.

Now, for some of the fun references that are nonessential:

Dictionary of First Names
The Wordsworth paperback version I own only cost about $5. It s fairly comparable to compilations of baby names. I prefer the dictionaries that give the origin of a name, as well as when it came into use. I wouldn't give any credence to a historical writer who gave a character a name like Cheryl, which clearly did not come into use until the 20th century. These books are an excellent source for pairing a character to a fitting name.

Similes Dictionary
A cop out, I know. But sometimes a good, fresh simile or metaphor just won’t come without a little help. I invested in a 1998 edition, but the similes compiled here are much too modern for my historicals. Example: gone like a flushed toilet. (In case you re wondering, that was attributed to Max Apple.) There are some simile dictionaries that are more traditional, though mine does have some of the masters, ie., anger smoldered within her like an unwholesome fire, from Charles Dickens. Metaphors dictionaries are also available. Even if you don't wish to lift another author's well-honed line—which I certainly will no do—reading one may inspire you to vary it to suit your WIP. For example, my Similes Dictionary has cling like a wart. For a historical I might modify it by saying cling like the pox.

Writers Phrase Book
Like the last one, I won’t steal a line but can use this reference to modify one to suit my work. This paperback (mine cost $9 many years ago) is divided into sections for the following: physical characteristics (hair, face, other for males and females), body movements (fingers, hands, arms, head motions, sitting, standing, turns, shrugs, leaning, motion), facial expressions (jaws, brows, mouth, smiles), humor, eyes (expression, color, movement), voices (types, speech, responses), emotions (happiness, confidence, determination, defiance, surprise, annoyance, irritation, confusion, fear, anxiety, tension, caution, insecurity, uneasiness, anger, rage, humiliation, embarrassment, despair, anguish, defeat, tears, unhappiness, disappointment), sex (desire, attraction, touching, embracing, kisses, lovemaking) and colors. To be honest, the examples in this book aren't all that great. Example: Something in his manner soothed her.

Pocket-sized Atlas
I keep one of these on my desk to quickly look up spellings of countries or cities and to verify that I've got the right place.

I'll leave you with a quote from William Safire: “I am happy to champion, defend, patronize, espouse, stand up for, recommend, sing the praises of, tout and hype...the new edition of The Synonym Finder.”—Cheryl Bolen is the author of 39 books, mostly Jane Austen era historical romances. Preorder her Last Duke Standing, the final book in her Lords of Eton trilogy.

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New Kindle? Free Ebooks HERE! #GemsInAttic

Welcome to our FREE ebook Giveaway.

If you received a Kindle of any kind for Christmas, you'll love it. You can carry around access to hundreds of books and always have something to read that you've chosen.

Guess what? We have some free ebooks for you from some of our bestselling authors.

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Banquets Begin With Appetizers

Just as a fancy dinner begins with hors d'oeuvres, so does a book banquet.

Pick up a free copy of Love, Forever, a sampler book composed of the first chapters of several books written by some of the Authors of Gems in the Attic.

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Jan Scarbrough gives you Bluegrass Homecoming, Book 1.

Would marrying Howard be the trap Grace fears?

Grace Baron had always been the good wife, in spite of a marriage based on a careless indiscretion, and sustained not by love, but by old-fashioned morality. She’d raised her daughter, bit her tongue, and silently lived with her guilt.

Now that she’s a widow, she can’t help being glad for her sudden freedom. She’d never live her life like that again. Without a sense of control. Without deliberately making a choice about her future. And that future would never involve getting married again.

Small town lawyer Howard Scott has buried two wives. His steadfast belief that it’s never too late to find true love keeps him open to whatever joy life has to offer.

He doesn’t want another socialite wife. This time he wants a hometown girl. Someone stable, maybe a little naïve, but feisty enough to keep him on his toes. Someone like Grace Baron.

Howard’s gentle, old-fashioned courting makes Grace feel alive again. Would marrying Howard be the trap Grace fears, or would it finally give her a kind of freedom she’d never imagined?

Visit Jan Scarbrough Online: BookBub Author Page * Amazon Author Page * Twitter

Favorite Holiday Recipes

If you're like me, you'll be cooking and having family and friends over until after New Year's Day.

Here's a free cookbook with recipes contributed by the Authors of Love, Christmas 2: Holiday Movies.

It's nice to try new recipes, and these author favorites are easy to make and delicious. Serve something new and different to your guests, courtesy of the Love, Christmas 2 Authors.

Nancy Fraser gives you The Vessel

A career soldier, Major Liam McGregor has been following strict military orders for over a decade. Considered one of the best by his superiors, it’s not surprising he’s the operative chosen for an assignment that, if successful, could save mankind.

Years earlier, chemical warfare left the women of earth sterile and the population is dwindling fast. The only hope for survival lies in the government scientists’ ability to successfully breed alien females with healthy human males. So far, their attempts have been mediocre at best.

Alora, second daughter of the House of Delawon, is their last hope. A government protectee since her family’s transport crash landed on earth years earlier, she is the last surviving fempod from Tethys, one of Saturn’s habitable moons.

Together Liam and Alora must travel from the government’s safe house in what used to be the state of Colorado to Traverse City, the new capitol of the United Republic. Their route takes them through both safe and hostile territory.

What poses more of a threat? The lawless marauders who’ll stop at nothing to vanquish their prey? Or, the forbidden desires tempting the soldier and the alien princess?

Visit Nancy Fraser Online: Website  *  Blog  *  Facebook  *  Twitter.

Cheryl Bolen gives you The Bride Wore Blue

For 6 long years Thomas Moreland has dreamed of the beautiful young noblewoman who rescued him from death. While amassing his fortune in India, not a day passed he did not recall Felicity's fair loveliness, did not recall the silken tones of her sweet voice, did not desire to possess her.

Now a widow, Felicity Harrison does not recognize the handsome nabob as the young man left for dead by highwayman years earlier. Though she wants nothing more than to snub the arrogant man who promises to rescue her family from financial ruin in exchange for presenting his sister to Society, she cannot snub him.

She forces herself to bear his company. But the longer she is with him, the more she has to force herself to remain true to her dead husband's memory. Why is it the humbly born Thomas Moreland possesses more nobility that any man of her class? And why is it she finds it harder and harder to mourn a dead man when Thomas's virility awakens her deepest desires?

Visit Cheryl Bolen Online: Website * Blog * Facebook

Bonnie Edwards gives you Love in a Pawn Shop

A pit bull, a pawn shop and a pain-in-the-butt kid brother. . .

Dix is good with two out of three. She’s had it with dusty shelves, desperate people and her teenage brother. With Riley about to graduate, Dix is ready to buy her one-way ticket to Paris.

Then sexy cop Dane Caldwell walks into her store on the hunt for stolen goods, and threatens her brother and her business.

The worst threat is to Dix’s heart…if she loses that, she loses her dream.

Dane soon realizes he’s found love in a pawn shop. Even the pit bull thinks he’s okay. Now all he has to do is convince Dix that love is more than just another complication.

Find Bonnie Edwards Online: Website * BookBub Author Page * Facebook * Twitter

Joan Reeves gives you LuvU4Ever

A Moment in Time is all it takes for Love to be revealed.


That's what was engraved on the gold heart David gave Noelle when he proposed. David and Noelle have been married 10 years.

He promised to love her forever? So what happened?

I told you to never call me at home.

Can 9 little words destroy a forever love?

This Christmas, Noelle faces the biggest decision of her life. Will she choose payback? Will she choose love? Or will she just walk away?

"The author deftly guides the reader through all the emotions which finally build to a highly sexual solution for Noelle...let the games begin...and let David get a taste of what he's going to lose."

"What a wonderful short story. Perfect for a quick get-away from reality!"

"This is one of the most erotic and romantic stories I've ever read."

Find Joan Reeves Online: Website * Blog * Facebook * Twitter * YouTube * Sign up for Joan's Mailing List/Newsletter.

Happy Reading With Your Kindle Device

For more books by these authors, check out their websites and blog.

Sign up for their newsletters. Most of them offer free ebooks on a regular basis, especially to their newsletter subscribers.

Merry Christmas and Happy Reading from all of us at Gems in the Attic.

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Celebrate Boxing Day With Authors of Gems in the Attic

I don't know if the Boxing Day event was started by the British--our author Cheryl Bolen could probably tell us--but I do love the idea of it.

Especially for authors because most of us have box sets of books--the perfect thing for Boxing Day.

How To Give a Kindle Ebook as a Gift

(1) To give a free ebook, just copy the book's buy link you'll find embedded in the title of the box set and send it to your friend. (To get it for yourself, just click the link and follow through.)

(2) To buy an ebook as a gift, all you need to do is click the embedded link for any of the box sets in this post. That takes you to the box set's page. Click GIVE AS A GIFT and fill in the form as needed.

(3) If you do not know your recipient's Amazon registered email address,  click to buy, and a gift email will be sent to you. Then you forward it to your recipient at any email or print it out and give it in person. They can then go to Amazon and claim their gift.

Remember, get some of these for yourself too. After all, you survived the great Christmas shopping, giving, cooking marathon. Take a break and read!

Happy Boxing Day!

Jan Scarbrough

TheMontana Ranchers Series: The Montana McKennas Books, a 6-Book series by Maddie James and Jan Scarbrough, $9.99

Meet Brody, Callie, Mercer and Parker—the four siblings in the clan of James McKenna, a Montana rancher, and their mom/step mom, Liz.

Growing up on the ranch was a great life, until Callie and Parker’s mother passed away, leaving James a widower.

It wasn’t long, however, before he remarried, bringing Liz into their lives, along with her son, Brody. Soon, James and Liz added a new McKenna to the family, when daughter Mercer was born.

Love, Christmas 1: Songs of the Heart, 20 Holiday Novellas, $2.99 or KU Free Read.

Holiday stories to put a song in your heart! Each of the 20 all-new, holiday-themed novellas - inspired by a traditional Christmas carol - written by NY Times, USA Today, and national best-selling authors will lift your spirits and bring on the magic of the Christmas season.

Cheryl Bolen

Brazen Brides, a 3-Book Box Set, $9.99

Visit Cheryl Online: Website * Regency Ramblings
* Facebook.

Book 1: Counterfeit Countess - romance and suspense.

Book 2: His Golden Ring - Christmas Regency romance.

Book 3: Oh What a Wedding Night - Regency Bride on the Run.

Love, Christmas 2: Movies You Love, 27 Holiday Novellas, $.99 or KU Free Read.

Sprinkle a little Christmas magic into your life with 26 holiday romances.

Each title was inspired by a favorite holiday movie then spun into a fantastic love story by a NY Times/USA Today bestselling author and delivered in a wonderful collection full of holiday cheer.

Nancy Fraser

Forever Mine, a collection of 4 tasty treats that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth for romance! $4.99 at Amazon.

Book 1: For You by Emma Kaye
Book 2: For Keeps by Veronica Lynch
Book 3: Only Yours by Nancy Fraser
Book 4: Not2Nite by Barbara Burke
Buy Link for Set:

Forever Mine is a collection of 4 tasty treats that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth for romance!

In Only Yours by Nancy Fraser, will Rebecca’s almost-fiance understand when she falls hard for Wyatt? Or, will both families think Wyatt has poached his younger brother’s girl?

A Christmas She'll Remember, $.99 or KU Free Read

SEVEN Memorable Christmas Romances from SEVEN NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors!

Reminiscences of special gifts and favorite songs, old friends and heart-warming occasions keep most women happy over the Christmas holidays. But what really lights their hearts are the memories of a special romance like these compelling stories by NYT & USA Today bestselling authors.

Make Boxing Day a part of your celebration every year. It's fun!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Peace On Earth from the Authors of Gems in the Attic

Today is one of celebration.

I and my family--like millions of others around the world--are celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Others--especially little children--celebrate Santa.

Most of us do both. We go to church, and we give gifts.

Gifts to friends. Gifts to those we love.

In this season of giving, we also give gifts to those who work on our behalf or provide a regular service to us and to charitable organizations.

Somehow, the generosity of the season makes us kinder, gentler, more giving toward everyone. Have you noticed how good it makes you feel to just give?

Whatever you celebrate and however you celebrate this day, one thing we all have in common is a mutual desire for Peace on Earth.

Our Authors

Normally, we hide behind the scenes and write our posts. Today, we wanted to smile at you and wish you a very Merry Christmas.

Christmas Message from Nancy Fraser

Nancy is the author of Time and Again.

“From my desk to your home... Merry Christmas. May the peace and joy of the season be with you and your loved ones.”

Christmas Message from Jan Scarbrough

Jan is the author of Home for the Holidays: The Montana McKennas, Book 7.

"Merry Christmas!"

Christmas Message from Bonnie Edwards

Bonnie is the author of Finding Mercy, and she's giving that away today so click the title and grab your free copy.

"May all your best dreams come true on this Christmas Day."

Christmas Message from Cheryl Bolen

Cheryl is the author of Last Duke Standing, The Lords of Eton,
Book 3.

"Merry Christmas to all."

Christmas Message from Karen Kelley

Karen is the author of Flock You!

"I wish everyone a very merry Christmas surrounded by family and love. I hope you make lots of memories!"

Christmas Message from Joan Reeves

Joan is the author of Brianna's Season for Miracles.

"From my home to yours, I wish you a very Merry Christmas full of friendship and love, and an awesome New Year!"

Come back and visit us tomorrow when we'll be doing a special Boxing Day post. Yes, we're adopting the British Boxing Day Holiday. It's going to be a lot of fun so do stop by.

Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. Peace on Earth. Good will toward all.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Christmas Eve Traditions by Authors of Gems in the Attic

Merry Christmas Eve!

All little children are watching for Santa! In our home, we start the day with Merry Christmas Eve, and we say it from morning to evening when friends drop by.

We're glad you dropped by so have a cup of cocoa and a Christmas cookie or two. After all, there are no calories in Christmas cookies, right?

Let's talk about Christmas Eve Traditions. We'll share ours and hope you will share your own traditions in Comments.

At the end of this post will be instructions on how to give a Kindle ebook as a gift. (The process works just about the same at all ebook sellers.) 

Bonnie Edwards

For most of my life, we've gone for a drive on Christmas Eve to see the light displays. This started with my parents when I was a child, then with my boyfriend, (now husband). Naturally, we took our children out, too.

For Your Consideration

Yes, it's One Crazy Christmas for this couple. They live in different countries, and between them, they have 5 daughters. But love doesn’t give a fig about that!

Karyn Whyte is a busy single mom of two, the owner of Whyte's Christmas--a woman who would like to meet a convenient man--one who lives nearby, has no baggage and makes no demands. Oh, and he must like curvy women.

Cade Devine's a devoted single dad to three little girls. Sure, he's got his hands full, but that doesn't mean he wants to be alone. One Crazy Christmas, Book 3 of my Christmas Collection, is a "stand alone" single parents' romance with humour, heart, and the warmth of the Season.

One Crazy Christmas is an Amazon Exclusive so read for free on Kindle Unlimited or buy it for $2.99 and keep forever.

Cheryl Bolen

Since our sons have grown up, we’ve been fortunate that they are able to come and spend the night with us on Christmas Eve. We play games and drink Irish coffee (decaf).

As they sleep in the next morning, I stuff stockings and make Scotch eggs and bake cinnamon rolls, our traditional Christmas breakfast.

For Your Consideration

After the sudden death of his brother, Alex Haversham becomes the Duke of Fordham and now must break the sad news to his late brother’s fiancée, Georgiana Fenton, who suspects him of murdering his brother.

As he and she work together to find the killer, Georgiana fights her growing attraction to the new duke.

Preorders for print and eBook are now up everywhere for Last Duke Standing, Book 3 in Lords Eton, which releases Jan. 15, 2019.

Pre-order now Last Duke Standing now from Amazon.

Jan Scarbrough

Our Christmas traditions have changed over the years as our children have grown and grandchildren have arrived.

However, my most endearing tradition is to decorate the tree with ornaments collected over these years. Each one has a special meaning or was purchased on a trip or to celebrate the arrival of another grandchild.

For Your Consideration

The software Jay Preston created may have made him a millionaire, but it hasn’t made him happy. Seeking a simpler life, he takes a temporary job in a place that made him happy in his youth--grooming American Saddlebred horses near Louisville, Kentucky. Then a beautiful woman from his past walks back into his life.

Can a marriage of convenience prove that a California millionaire can be the perfect Kentucky groom? Find out in Kentucky Groom, Book 5: Bluegrass Reunion Series.

Joan Reeves

Christmas Eve seems to be focused on the fun aspects of this holiday--Santa, the elves, reindeer, cookies, and a whole bunch of other things. Kids are excited and anxious for the big day when they run to the Christmas tree and see what Santa brought.

That's all a lot of fun, but the religious aspect of Christmas Eve became more important as I grew up. As a family, my favorite Christmas Eve Tradition is attending Candlelight services at church on Christmas Eve. There's something about it that soothes my soul and makes me feel at peace.

For Your Consideration

Brianna's Season for Miracles is a Christmas romance about a woman who takes stock of her life one Christmas and doesn't like what she sees. Brianna wants a do-over, but it's going to take a miracle to get what she wants. You'll find Brianna's Season for Miracles only at Amazon where it's a Kindle Unlimited free read, or buy for $2.99.

Karen Kelley

We have several traditions leading up to Christmas Eve. One day is set aside for movies.

We put on our comfy clothes, and we all gather around the television. There's always popcorn and other snacks. Lots of laughter and fun.

We all have a list of our favorite movies. Most of all, it's just being with family.

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Flock You is a mature-rated romantic comedy. So if spicy is your treat, you'll love the story of a girl who catches her BFF and her "forever guy" together--on her brand new couch.

Of course, she tossed them both out, but now her rent is due, and she needs a roommate fast. Enter her brother's techy college roommate--some kind of software wizard--who needs a place to stay. And he has a puppy. You'll find Flock You at Amazon for your holiday entertainment.

Kathleen Lawless

My three adult children gather at my house on Christmas Eve, and we spend a hilarious evening playing Cards Against Humanity.

This game fuels crazy long-ago memories, and we end up laughing till we cry. Once we have laughed so much we can’t concentrate on the game any more, we stuff each other’s stockings, trying not to peek. The gifts never all fit, but we try.

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I'm giving you something to look forward to in the New Year: Redeeming Jenna, my latest book written under my alter-ego pen name, Kaely Steel. I can't give you a buy link as it won’t be available until the first week of January, but check other posts by me on the GEMS blog because I'll publish a buy link as soon as I have it.

From Redeeming Jenna: "I run from one man who wants me dead, into the arms of five others. They call themselves G Force Five. Safe in their midst, I am cherished, loved, redeemed. But discord among their ruling body complicates everything, threatening their existence and my future.

Nancy Fraser

My family's Christmas Eve tradition includes bringing my two sons and their families (5 grandchildren) together for a light meal of appetizers and my son's homemade squash soup.

Then we watch A Christmas Story while enjoying cookies and hot chocolate.

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Set in the Roaring Twenties, is Erin's Gift.

Can Erin, a good girl, avoid jail after being caught in a speakeasy with her friends? And, will working as a nanny for her best friend's lawyer brother turn into more than just a job?

You'll find Erin's Gift at Amazon Kindle for only 99 cents.
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Happy Holidays

Thank you for visiting us on Christmas Eve.

We appreciate your sharing your day or evening with us.

Whatever your traditions, and however you celebrate Christmas Eve, we, the Authors of Gems in the Attic, wish you peace, happiness, and love.

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