Friday, December 8, 2017

Sometimes secondary characters deserve a book of their own by Jan Scarbrough

When I wrote the first book in the Montana McKennas series, I needed a character to welcome Brody home. Hank was born. He was a wrangler on the ranch. He had no last name. Turns out, he played the guitar and sang. That’s about the extent of what I knew about him.

Fast forward two more books to Liz. Hank was secretly in love with his employer, the widow Liz McKenna. Who knew? But poor Hank didn’t stand a chance when Chaz arrived from Hollywood.

Sometimes characters deserve their own story. Hank shouldn’t be left without a happily-ever-after ending. So, he gets his own book in 2018!

Before then, Hank needs a last name and a backstory. You will read the beginnings of his backstory in Home for the Holidays: a Christmas short story.

Missing the Montana McKennas?

Find out what happens on the ranch after Chaz and Liz’s marriage. Can Hank overcome a broken heart? Can Ashleigh survive the results of her bad judgement and make a home with her father’s new in-laws?

“They were all one big family, after all. Blended by kinship and friendship. And love.”


  1. So when you first wrote Hank you didn't intend for him to have his own story one day?

  2. So fun. I love when secondary characters need their own story. Look forward to reading it.


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