Friday, November 3, 2017

Dead Heat by @JoanReeves #GemsInAttic

Dead Heat, defined as a tie with no single winner of a race.

When I came up with the title for my new release, Dead Heat, I had an idea to make this romantic suspense have an ending where the bad guy gets away so he can be caught another day--possibly in Book 3 of this series.

Of course, I'd wrap up the romantic plot in a nice big bow because I think books should have epic endings, a scene that sticks in your mind long after you've finished the book.

On The Way To The End

A couple of funny things happened in the writing of this book. The first thing was that the characters simply would not fit into my plan. The bad guy really needed to be taken out-- especially after what he does at the climax of the book.

This realization occurred when Hurricane Harvey hit. I'd finished Dead Heat, but there I was stuck in the house for several days with the non-stop rain pounding the roof--and leaking down the chimney in the living room.

To keep from obsessing about the leaking chimney, the hurricane, and the constant tornado warnings, I pulled the story out and started tinkering with it.

That's the absolute worst thing you can do with a full manuscript.

Instead of shipping the manuscript off to the proofreader, I ended up writing more. The novella swelled to a full-length novel which of course meant that the more I wrote, the more I had to write to blend the old and the new together and make sure there were no inconsistencies.

I began to think Dead Heat would be the book that never ended, but, finally, it did. Now it's available for pre-order (99 cents for the first week then the price goes up to $3.99).

Blurb for Dead Heat

She lies for a living so how can he trust her?

Sabrina Snow knew she was going to get herself killed if she didn’t get help. Someone was after her, and he wasn't going to stop. She ran to the only man she trusted...the only man who had the skills to save her.

Too bad Navy SEAL John Galloway probably hated her. That didn't matter because she owed him the truth even though she'd wanted to keep the knowledge from him. But what if she were killed? John needed to know where to look. If he'd hated her before, what would he feel once he learned the depth of her deception?

Dead Heat continues the story of the Galloway brothers and Outlaw Ridge, Texas.

I hope you romantic suspense readers will find this book exciting. I had a heck of a time writing it.

Joan Reeves is a NY Times and USA Today bestselling author of sassy, sexy Contemporary Romance.

She lives her Happily Ever After with her Hero, her husband, in a book-cluttered home in Texas.

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  1. The writing of it sounds like quite an adventure unto itself! :-)

    1. Indeed it was, Liz. Took us about a month to get our house back in shape after the hurricane. I was so glad to upload that ms. so I could write a a couple of Christmas stories that are spinning around in my brain.

  2. Often those stories that take over are the best! This one sounds like a winner.

  3. When a writer gets that tied up in a book, the story is always great!

    1. Thanks, Donna. I hope so. It was certainly challenging to get to the end.

  4. I cant' image the focus it took to write under these circumstances, Joan. Kick ass, you!

  5. I wish there was an "edit this post" button for those of us who type faster than their keyboard.


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