Thursday, October 5, 2017

Light in a Dark World

In light of the horrific shooting in Vegas, I've found myself withdrawing and weepy.  It's really difficult to understand so much darkness and horror.  Our country is divided on so many issues - and the vitriolic nastiness continues on social media.  I love on my family and my dogs.  And I write.

We all do what we can, we light bearers, to try to fight back the darkness.  Pushing against hate with more hate is never the answer.  And totally removing ourselves from the swirl and sway of these times might help us feel better temporarily, but does nothing to make things right again.

I'm not going to touch on politics here, in our writing space.  In the light of a tragedy like Vegas, we realize very quickly that we are all human, no matter what our political beliefs.

I try to focus on the good things in life.  My volunteer work rescuing dogs.  My husband and daughter.  The fact that I have a roof over my head and food to eat.  The new TV season has started, so all my favorite shows are out there again, ready to be watched.  And new books are published every month, so I always can find something interesting to read.

This summer, I've read a lot of books.  Romance, of course, and Young Adult, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller, and Literature.  I've even read some non-fiction, taking up my metaphysical studies once more.   I've been envious of another author's writing skill, laughed out loud at a spectacular plot twist, and shuddered at a particularly vivid description.  I've read a lot of NY Times bestsellers this summer and most of them lived up to the reason they made that list.

As for me, I write romance. Every day except the weekends.  It's not always easy, ya'll know that. Even after numerous books.  But I tell myself that there is someone out there, some reader, who will pick up my book and lose herself in the story. For that person, the darkness will temporarily be replaced with love and light and happy endings.  That, as an author, is all I can hope for.

For you - writers and readers all - I hope you find your own methods of beating back the darkness. Our world is changing, and we must continue to fight for what we know in our hearts is right and good and... light.  We must always be the light.


  1. You're right, Karen--we need to be part of the light.

  2. Yes, Karen, it's good at so dark a time to focus on what we're grateful for.


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