Thursday, August 3, 2017

Trials and Tribulations of a Working Writer

Recently, I decided to get fit.  I posted about this last month.  I made it exactly half way of the fitness challenge that I signed up for.  I was motivated.  I was enthused.  Excited.  Ready to build muscle and lean out.

And then I broke my ankle.

Among my family, I'm well known for being uncoordinated.  I was racing down the stairs in our two story house, my mind occupied with one thing, and I stepped off the stairs three or four steps too high.  End result, ER, X-rays, Foot and Ankle doctor, and walking boot and crutches.  I also purchased one of those knee scooter things which is very helpful.

So the exercise has been put on hold.  No weight on the foot for 8 weeks.  At least it was a clean break.  No surgery required.

Lucky for me, I work from home.  My next book is coming along well and I'm enjoying writing it.  I just completed line edits on one scheduled for January 2018 and also completed proof-reader questions on one scheduled for December 2017.  I'd decided not to go to the Romance Writers of America's National Conference in Orlando and I'm glad.  Can you imagine hobbling around there on crutches.

I've learned several things.  Crutches are hard, ya'll.  Really hard.  And painful.  And the world doesn't end if things don't get done the way I do them (or at all.)  I'm also fortunate because my husband was able to pick up the slack (he's retired.)  Prior to this, he'd had surgery and for two months (or three,) I had to do all his chores.  So now we've traded.

It's summer here in Texas, which means HOT.  We have a lake place, but going there is out while I'm on crutches.  This is actually ok with me, as I'd rather go in cooler weather anyway.

I'll just keep writing and trying to stay positive.  This isn't as easy at you'd think.  But I'm taking it day by day.  Just like when I'm working on a book, I think "Ok, I'm 1/4 done."  That's because I'm on my second week of eight.

That's all you can do, right?


  1. Yes...that's all you can do! Hang in there and keep writing...and when you can get back to your exercise routine. Cheer!

  2. Oh, man...hope the last 3/4 go quickly and painlessly!

  3. Oh, dear. A broken ankle sure puts a crimp in plans. So sorry to hear. Hope you rehab soon.


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