Friday, August 11, 2017

Are you a worrier? by Jan Scarbrough

I saw this saying on Facebook and reposted it:

Stop being afraid of what good go wrong and start being excited about what could go right.

Then I started thinking about how much my life is consumed by worrying: children, grandchildren, the day job, retirement, money, health, my writing career or lack thereof.

I know that negativity is not good for you. I know that keeping a positive attitude is best. However, in today’s life, keeping a positive outlook is pretty hard. Just take a look at your cable news or listen to Coast to Coast AM on the radio at night.

But wait a minute! Hasn’t life always been like that? When researching – or revisiting – 1968 for my book A Groovy Christmas, I realized life was chaos that year. Of course, I was a high school senior with life unfolding before me. My concerns were boys, the prom and graduation. Perspective. It’s about perspective, isn’t it?

My parents survived THE DEPRESSION and World War II. They didn’t have it easy. My grandfather had six children, lost his job, and couldn’t feed them during The Depression. Life wasn’t easy.

So, when I start to worry, it helps to have a historical perspective on things. Do you find that it helps you too?


  1. I kind of thought when I became a mom, it became my job to worry so I might as well get good at it. And I have. I'm a Christian, and sometimes I do just turn things over to God, but not until I've done my level best to worry them to death! You're right, though--the historical perspective helps.

  2. I've heard this saying all my life:. God helps those who help themselves. I'm not sure of the veracity of that statement but I was taught by my parents to be self-reliant. So I try to be calm and solve my problems with the brain and strength Good gave me... and then if the problem I'm worried about still exists, I pray for God's assistance...and fortitude. And then my worry lessens and I sleep a lot better.

  3. It's difficult to stay positive these days. I have to make an effort and I'm usually a pretty upbeat person. To avoid the "morbs" as my dear friend EC Sheedy calls those middle of the night dark thoughts that worriers love so much, I read historical romances. That's right...the problems in the Georgian or Regency period help me ignore the terrible things in the news. Works for me.

  4. Bonnie is right when she says it's difficult to stay positive in today's world. There's so much negativity that assaults us at every turn. I used to joke that I didn't watch the news because too much reality was depressing. Now, I fear that's the truth.

    But I always tell myself that optimism is a choice. It's also hard work because you really do have to cultivate the habit of countering negative thoughts with positive until it becomes a habit. And that's not easy!! But it is rewarding.


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