Friday, July 14, 2017

Write what you know they say

Novel writers are told to “write what you know.” I suppose that’s why I write books set in Kentucky and enjoyed my vacation last summer to Montana where I visited the setting of my Montana McKenna series.

Yet, I don’t need to always stick with what I know. I’ve also gone back in time to write a book set in 1283 England and 1890 Louisville.

In the same respect, a few of my heroines are characters with occupations or lifestyles that I have known: single mom, teacher, stay at home mom, and grandmother.

But most of my heroines have lives I’d love to know. Take a look.

  • Pet psychic
  • Owner of a thoroughbred horse farm
  • Movie star
  • Country music singer
  • Daughter of a millionaire
  • Thoroughbred exercise rider
  • Bookstore owner
  • Veterinarian (my money went to Auburn so my daughter could become one)
  • A rancher’s wife and dude ranch owner
  • A rancher’s daughter
  • Clerk in a fly-fishing store
  • Saddlebred horse trainer
  • A medieval lady 

What about you? Would you like to suspend disbelief and become one of these heroines? What other fantasies would you like to explore?


  1. My heroines usually have professions I'd like to try. Oddly enough, the one I'm writing now is a writer...and I'm having some trouble with her!

  2. I'll take bookstore owner and daughter of a millionaire from your list. Of course, bookstores are notoriously risky so I'd probably have to be a millionaire's daughter to stay afloat.


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