Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Social Media and Me by @BonnieEdwards

Back when I started writing romance it was bandied about that romance writers were early adopters of new technology. We liked personal computers before the general public did.  We embraced email and bulletin boards years before other casual users. We were always looking for ways to connect with each other mostly, not readers. I recall very early on that publishing houses were appalled to learn that we’d banded together on the internet and shared information. (Egad! The sky was falling.)

Why then do so many of us fail at social media? And when I say “us” I mean “me” specifically.  But maybe others in our merry band of bloggers will admit to a minor hesitation to embrace SM. (See? Acronyms are the new thing – some of them I admit I cannot decipher.)

The other day, I agreed to read and critique a manuscript by a relatively new author. In exchange, she’s coaching me with some new SM sites. Well, new to me, anyway. The rest of the world seems to be all about Instagram and Snapchat and all sorts of apps and applets to help with both. Sigh…

I was a relatively early adopter of Twitter but I lagged behind with Facebook. And yesterday I finally signed onto Instagram. Excited to share another new thing, I tried posting from my PC. No go. Then I went to HootSuite (been using it for years intermittently) and tried from there. Still no go. My SM coach gave me some advice.

Turns out you can’t post to Instagram from a PC. It’s strictly a mobile thing, so phones or other handheld devices are the weapons of choice. I eventually had to email my picture to myself and post from my iPad. Whew! All that just to post what I’d already put up on Twitter and Facebook.

Which brings me to writers keeping in touch these days. I’m involved in several boxed sets with various authors which means trading files, checking in and otherwise staying in touch for deadlines, release dates, and promotion etc.  It is extremely rare that we email each other. We keep in touch through Facebook groups and private messages. And Dropbox.

Just about the only things I get in my email inbox now are ads and a couple of Yahoo loops I barely read. Sometimes family sends along a joke or two.

Dare I say that email is dead? If it’s not, it’s gasping its last.

Back to my photo on Instagram. I’ve just joined a group of some 200 authors who are tired of all the negativity we’re bombarded with. We want to encourage positivity.  Every Monday, we’ll be posting inspirational quotes, pictures, memes or whatever on all sorts of SM sites. 

I think it appropriate to share this week’s theme: Finding Joy in Simple Things. This is my first Instagram post and my first shot at sharing some positivity. The group is called #upbeatauthors and you can find us just about everywhere!

And yes, I walk every day in the woods. I need to just to keep my SM stuff straight in my head. 


  1. You're way ahead of me! Good for you!

    1. I drag my heels all the time but every once in a while I rouse myself. Today I tackle some of those apps and applets I mentioned.

  2. Great post. I, too, feel I'm lagging behind.


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