Thursday, July 20, 2017

Seasoned Characters, Second Chances, and Small Towns

Romantic love doesn’t happen just once when we are young. Humans have a great capacity to love many things and people. And sometimes life doesn’t go like we’ve planned in our youthful dreams. When that happens, we deserve a second chance. By that time the second chance comes along, we may be participating in what has started to be called “seasoned romance.”

Did you know there’s a closed group on Facebook with seven hundred readers and writers of “seasoned romance,” defined as “love stories with heroes and heroines in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond. Sex and love can get better with age.”

Maybe because I’m “of a certain age” and have had many second chances, I like to write seasoned romance. My Bluegrass Homecoming series are just stories.

Enter grandmother Grace Baron. In the prequel to the series, she meets small town lawyer Howard Scott, who has buried two wives. The novel Secrets is the story of Grace’s daughter Kelly. I wrote Secrets a few years ago when I got the idea to write about a woman approaching her fortieth birthday. I wanted to submit the manuscript to a traditional publisher, but was advised, at the time, this publisher did not like forty-year-old heroines. Since then seasoned romance has become more popular.

For today and tomorrow, Secrets is free at Amazon Kindle. Take advantage of this offer to read a “sweet” romance about seasoned characters, second chances, and small towns.


  1. Good to know there is a market for seasoned romance. I don't want to read about millenials romances and I sure couldn't write one.

    1. The older edge of millennials are now 35 and count as "seasoned". Hard to believe!

  2. I love seasoned romance...the books that feature it, the name and I've written it too! And yes, I firmly believe in second and third chances at love. After all, both my Nan and my Auntie had 3 happy marriages each. Knowing their stories helped shaped me as a romance author. :)

    1. I love that, Bonnie. I've heard of that (3 happy marriages) and even written it once, but it's nice to see someone else say it.


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