Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Nom de Plume, Book 3 of the Bluegrass Homecoming Series

When the dream of happily-ever-after is shattered, sometimes another door opens.

Sometimes life doesn't turn out like we dream. Then we must take a leap of faith and take a second chance on capturing the dream.

This is what happens to the hero and heroine in Nom de Plume, the third book of my Bluegrass Homecoming series.

RELEASE DATE: July 31, 2017 — Grab your preorder now for 99 cents!

Devoted homemaker and mother C.B Lyons hadn’t known she was living a lie, right up until the moment when she caught her husband cheating. Betrayed and then divorced, with her dreams of a big, happy family smashed to pieces, C.B. takes her toddler son to Heritage Springs, Kentucky, to be near family. Typing manuscripts for a famous romance author seems like the perfect job until she discovers the hidden truth about the reserved, reclusive writer.

Madison Mallory is a best-selling romance author with a secret. “She” is a “he.” The original Madison is actually in a nursing home. Her son, Jamie Madison, is determined she’ll have the best care possible. Even if that means quitting his job and taking up his mother’s pen name to keep the romance—and the money needed for her care—flowing.

Writing about romance is one thing. Making it work in real life is harder for Jamie. C.B. has good reasons to distrust men, especially sexy ones with piercing blue eyes. When C.B.’s ex wants his family back, can the author and his assistant find a way to write their own happily-ever-after ending?


  1. Fabulous idea, Jan. And doesn't it fit in with "seasoned romance" because you have one hot silver fox on the cover!

  2. Jan, I totally love the premise! How inspired. Bought it and can't wait until it's "live."

  3. Thanks, y'all. Yes, the hero is 10 years older than the heroine. My readers like "seasoned romance" and so do I.


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