Friday, July 28, 2017

Monday Morning Blahs? by Cheryl Bolen

The worst Monday mornings of my life were the six years I taught middle schoolers language arts. I was so unhappy knowing I had to face those pre-pubescent students for the next five days that I cried all the way to work. Every. Single. Monday. The years when I worked as a journalist were much better, and my Mondays were really busy planning and writing the weekly edition. But, still, Mondays were a huge letdown from the weekend.
            After selling to a New York publisher, I quit my day job to write full time (not because my writing income was all that great, btw). And a funny thing happened. Mondays actually became my favorite day of the week! My husband was back to work, the house was quite, and I was hot to get back to my story. I love writing. I love that I have the good fortune to be able to earn money doing what I best love to do. I  know, I wrote for more than two decades for newspapers, but that wasn't the same. Now I was crafting my own stories. I was my own boss.
            I could work in pajamas or yoga pants. I could go to the grocery store if I needed to. I was able to throw clothes in the washing machine while I was working.
            I still think it's the perfect job. Even though my husband has retired.
            Unfortunately, his retirement has thrown my schedule in a hopper. In fact, I no longer have a schedule. In the two-and-a-half years since he's retired we have been to Europe five times. We've been to California three times, New York once, Las Vegas at least five times, and we take short trips nearly every month to gamble in Louisiana. In addition to this, 11 months ago, we bought half interest (with our son) in a beach house on Galveston Island. Needless to say, we're seldom home. I was writing two novels and one novella a year. Not anymore. While I've written several novellas, I have only completed one full-length novel in those two-and-a-half years. (And I finished one novel started earlier.)
            When we are home, I try to write on a schedule. I edit on airplanes and on long car trips. But  the only time I am able to write fresh pages is when we're on a sea day on a cruise. Then I make myself write new pages. Then I reward myself with a trip to the ship's casino at night.
            There's another way my husband's retirement has affected my schedule. There are no more Mondays. Every day is Saturday.

            And sometimes I miss those Mondays.--Cheryl Bolen's newest release is a Regency romance titled Miss Hastings' ExcellentLondon Adventure


  1. Oh, I love Mondays, too! My husband isn't a traveler, or our "schedule" would end up like yours because I LOVE to travel. We definitely had to learn some new rules when we both retired. I enjoyed your post and am glad you had time to write it!

    1. Oh, poor Liz. I do love to travel. And,yes, those "retirement" schedules are crazy!

  2. As someone with a day job who hates mondays, it sounds good to me, Cheryl. Doesn't everyone else's grass always look greener?

    1. My hope for you, Kathleen, is that the day will come when you can write full time. It's THE best job. But I know we've got to have pesky things like medical insurance and retirement accounts.

  3. Me too, Cheryl. I loved Monday's before life turned upside down--and Larry retired. *LOL*. We still haven't figured out a sane schedule, but I'm working on it. He wants to take another cruise so I may do that if I can get away and do nothing but write every day! But he probably wouldn't be happy about that.

  4. Joan, we never took a cruise until John retired; now we've done four! Typically, I'll set a timer for those sea days writing sessions. John can entertain himself for one or two hours. I just try to write one or two hours. Sigh. There sure is a lot of "togetherness" during retirement! I do try to be disciplined when we're home (and he has a lot to do as my "assistant"), but we're seldom home. Hope you get to take that cruise.


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