Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Huge 99 cent sale from Karen Kelley

Hi Everyone!
Are you enjoying your summer? Karl and I are having so much fun in the wonderful state of Michigan RVing with the 7 year old grandson and touring the Upper Peninsula. Ate our first pastie (pronounced past-ie) which was a meat pie. Karl enjoyed it a bit more than I did, the Great Lakes are fabulously clear and the water is so blue, Mackinac Island where no motor vehicles are allowed was my favorite. Loved the carriage ride and seeing the Grand Hotel where Somewhere in Time was filmed. We would've stayed there but it cost about $1,000 a night. Ouch! Way out of my budget!

After we came down from the UP we put the RV in storage so we could stay at our son's home and they've taken us to a few restaurants here where we discovered the mac and cheese is over the top good, the chili does not taste like Texas chili, and the root beer is the best! Oh, and Mexican food is really different from Texas Mexican food. I love new experiences, though.

We're flying to San Francisco on Tuesday, then Hawaii where we'll all be staying in a two bedroom villa at Disney Aulani resort courtesy of our son and dil's Christmas present to us. We've never been to either place so we're looking forward to it.

I hope you're having as much fun this summer. If you need something to read, then I have two books that are in with a bunch of other fabulous books and they're only 99 cents each. A great way to fill your e-readers! Check them out here:  http://bit.ly/2t1rXtU

 Happy Reading
Karen Kelley


  1. Sounds wonderful, Karen. Aloha! Enjoy Hawaii.

    1. We're certainly going to try lol. Feeling drained right now. Told the kids they can go out on the town with friends tonight but the old people are staying in lol Leaving San Francisco early in the morning for Hawaii.

  2. What a summer, Karen. What a life! (But you know THE best Mexican food is in Texas.)

  3. Sounds wonderful! Enjoy every minute.


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