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Lucky 7 With Karen Kelley by @JoanReeves

Please give a round of applause to USA Today Bestselling author Karen Kelley, the Lucky 7 interview for this month.

About Karen Kelley

Apparently, Karen has always had a secret desire to live the life of a Gypsy. She and her husband quit their jobs, sold their house, de-cluttered their lives, and moved into their 5th wheel RV.

Now they're traveling the United States. She works full time on her writing and spends her downtime walking on the beach or hiking in the mountains. Her motto has always been: Who says you can't have it all?

You can find Karen online at: Her website * Facebook * Twitter.

Forbidden Magic: Forbidden Series Book One by Karen Kelley

Forbidden Magic is the first book in USA Today Bestselling author Karen Kelley's Forbidden series, a world of witches and vampires, dark secrets, a kick-ass heroine and an irresistible hero.

The thirst for revenge has no time limit and Dominique has waited over one hundred years for hers.

Dominique was created from the love of her vampire mother and her witch father and a vision that foretold a demon uprising. She doesn't believe in legends but she'll use the Shadow Moon to exact her revenge on Theron, the vampire leader who destroyed her parents and forced her into hiding. But when she returns to New Orleans and the sultry French Quarter, she's forced to face the seductive lure of a past love that could ruin her well-laid plans.

Blaine vows to protect Dominique from his vengeful brother. He failed her once, never again, but memories of the love they once shared threaten to cloud his judgment. He wonders if he's put her in even more danger.

With the dawning of the Shadow Moon, Dominique's powers grow stronger. Secrets long buried are unearthed, and the dark forces surrounding Dominique and Blaine threaten to destroy them both.

Karen Kelley and the Lucky 7

1. When you were 18, what did you want to do with your life?
At that age, I felt as if I was already doing exactly what I wanted. I was married to Karl, and we had a little girl. A lot of people would say we married way too young, but we also grew up way too fast. Life isn't always easy. You learn from it, and try not to take everything too seriously.

2. When you hit 40, what did you want most in life?
We had two children, and we were both active with their school activities. By then, I had gotten my nursing license and was working as an LVN, then went on to get my EMT-Intermediate. I worked in a hospital, and then for an ambulance service. I thought my life was complete.

Then I discovered romance books. New doors were opened. I could travel to places and do things I'd only dreamed about. One day I told myself I could even write a book. Six years later, along with one fantastic critique group, I snail-mailed (it was 1999) Bachelor Party to Hilary Sares at Kensington. Three days later she called and made an offer. This was probably my fifth or sixth book. All the others had been rejected. I think Karl was more excited than I was. Well, at least as excited.

3. What genre would you like to try but haven't?
I actually have a Young Adult book that needs more polishing. I would love to try my hand at that. It's funny, after we sold the house and retired from the medical field (Karl was a licensed paramedic for 33 years), our friends asked where our first stop was going to be. That was easy, Disney World. Sometimes I think we're living our lives in reverse.

4. What's your writing day like now that you're living the RV lifestyle?
I usually try to answer all my emails. Well, most of them. My email box is overflowing! I drink my coffee as I plow through them. We'll go walking. Then I quickly clean my office--which means we make the bed. I'll prop pillows all around me, put in my ear buds, and get lost in the music. I usually write for a couple of hours. Take a break, then write some more after lunch. I aim for 4,000 words every day but I'm closer to 2,000-3,000. I have to add, now that I've gone Indie, Karl does all my covers, formatting etc. We've always worked as a team and, a lot of the time we were partners when we worked for the ambulance service, so why change a good thing?

5. What's the biggest drawback and the biggest plus about writing while traveling?
We usually move every couple of weeks during late spring and up until December/January. On our travel days we're busy taking down, driving, then setting up again. That usually doesn't take all day. We travel between 4-6 hours. On those days I usually focus more on the business side of writing. I guess the drawback would be losing writing time.

But the plus is so rewarding. Karl and I had traveled some, but never like this. Wow! Our United States are beautiful! And the people we meet have all been so nice. Right now, I'm writing this sitting at the desk in the living room (I only write books in the bedroom because it's quieter there) but I can see all these beautiful trees and there are birds everywhere. Oklahoma is a beautiful state. Friday we'll be in Missouri.

6. Let's visit Fantasy Land where anything is possible. Since you're constantly traveling from one scenic campground to the next, who would you pick to travel with you?
I thought about this long and hard. Maybe a history buff who could point out things we miss or maybe a marketing guru. Karl and I could always use help in that area. A tour guide might be fun since we sort of slid into the side of a mountain last year in Tennessee when our GPS took us up a horrible road. We had to stay in Chattanooga six weeks waiting on repairs. No, I think we'll just stumble along on our own making mistakes. Most of the time they're not as bad as the mountain incident, and we discover a beautiful waterfall, or a strange looking bird, or, like the other night, a river otter.

7. Last question before we leave Fantasy Land. Who would you cast as the heroine and hero to star in the movie version of the book?
The second book in my Forbidden series will be later this month so I'll focus on the first book, Forbidden Magic, which can be read for free in Kindle Unlimited. My heroine is half witch/half vampire. I think Jennifer Lawrence would make a great Dominique because she's tough and definitely Ian Somerhalder for my vampire hero, Blaine.

Thanks, Karen, for showing us what a writer's life on the road is all about.

Readers, add Forbidden Magic: Forbidden Series Book One by Karen Kelley to your Romance Library. You'll find it at Amazon.

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  1. I've told my DH about Karen's RV lifestyle before...his question was "What's her husband do while she's writing?" (because there's no yardwork etc)

    Now I know and my DH definitely needs a new skill set. The man who can do covers is a keeper!

    1. LOL. I asked my hubby to take over promotions, and he took a consulting gig instead.

    2. Lol Karl is a keeper. I sort of edged him in that direction and it worked.

  2. A great interview, and I must admit there's a large part of me suffering from RV envy!

    1. To me, it just sounds so freeing. I'm kind of envious.

    2. It absolutely is! We've run into a few glitches that were definitely a learning experience but it keeps us on our toes. I still wouldn't trade it for staying in one place all the time.

  3. I also think the way Karen and Karl are living is great. Takes a lot of guts. How often do you get to see your kids? That would be hard for me to move away from them. Joan, great idea for an interview!

    1. Thanks, Cheryl. Some days I'd love to just leave everything behind and head out for new horizons.


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