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Luck of the Draw Sample by Sharon Coady - @BonnieEdwards

I’m sharing samples from the books in the “good fortune changes lives” box set Luck of the Draw. This set contains 13 wonderful, eclectic stories revolving around taking chances and winning!
Luck of the Draw is an Amazon exclusive that contains all new stories and will be released May 11.

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Today's sample chapter is from the lovely Sharon Coady and her story Placing Her Bet...

Chapter 1 

Carissa’s heart raced and her hands trembled. It was race day at the Keeneland, Kentucky track. She moved forward another few steps with the crowd of people waiting to place their bets. In her hand, she clenched five, twenty-dollar bills. She should be using the money to buy something sensible, like putting food on her table, so what the hell had her standing in line to play the ponies? Oh yeah, the dream I had last night about Grandpa. The same one I’ve had every night for at least a week. He kept showing her the name of a horse circled on the old newspaper racing section, just like the papers they would look at on Saturdays when she was a little girl. 
She moved forward a few more steps, peering around the couple in front of her. She realized she was almost to the window and panic engulfed her. The urge to turn around and walk away almost froze her in her spot until grandfather’s face came to mind again. His warm smile and twinkling blue eyes she’d missed, since he passed away so many years ago, appeared vividly in her mind. Suddenly, she was at the window. She glanced up at the older woman who was waiting for her to speak. 
“Um, I’d like to place a bet on number seven.” She heard her voice quiver. Come on, Carissa, a little more confidence here. 
“Speak up, I can barely hear you.” The woman leaned forward. Her gray hair curled wildly all over her head. Beady eyes and a crooked nose gave her a witch-like face that added to Carissa’s rising anxiety. “Which horse and race are you placing the bet on, and how much are you betting? Are you placing the bet to win, place, or show?” The angry-looking woman waited for all of a second before hurriedly grumbling, “Let’s go, I don’t have all day.” Her left hand circled round and round as the nails of her right hand ticked on the wooden counter.
“I’m sorry. I’ve never done this before.” She felt heat cover her face. What made her think she could even do this? The noise from all the chatter around her caused her heart to palpitate, and her breathing hitched.
The beady eyes narrowed even more as the grouch leaned forward, hands splayed on the counter. “Are you kidding me? Why didn’t you do some checking online before you marched your ass up to my window not knowing what you wanted to do?”
Carissa felt her eyes tear up as she started to back away from this horrid woman’s attack. Had no one ever tried to place a bet without knowing what they were doing? She took another step back, wanting to put as much distance as she could between her and this witch, when she suddenly thudded into something solid and hard, almost losing her balance. She felt a strong arm snake around her waist. Her breath caught in her throat as she closed her eyes, trying to calm herself.
“Whoa there, sugar. Where are you going so quickly?” The deep baritone rumbled through her as his warm breath flowed past her ear.
“I’m so sorry. I was going to place a bet but…but...” She croaked.
He chuckled a sound so deep, it vibrated against her back, sending shivers racing to her toes. “Do you have a particular horse you want to bet on?”
She wiggled, trying to release herself from the hold he had on her. She nodded her head slightly, her voice caught in her throat.
He loosened his hold on her and stepped by her side as he leaned toward the window. “Hello, Ethel. Were you giving my friend here a hard time?” He nodded at Carissa.
“I was just reminding her we’re busy today. People should have their minds made up by the time they get to the window, Mr. Alexander.” Ethel’s brows scrunched as her face turned a bright red.
“Which horse do you like today, and what race is he in?” He turned and gazed down at her.
She felt her breath catch; he was the most beautiful man she’d ever seen in her life. He had to be at least six foot three with eyes the color of whiskey. She glanced down to his chest and arms and could see why it felt like she had backed into a wall. Damn, the man was solid with arms bigger than her thighs. She swallowed hard. “Race number seven and the horse is Top Ace, it says here he is number seven in the race.” She pointed down to her neatly folded paper with the horse’s name circled in pink.
He nodded and the smile on his face showed dimples that made her heart skip a beat. “Good choice. How much are you betting?” He cocked his head.
“I have a hundred dollars.” She lifted her hand to show him the crumpled bills still clenched in her fist.
“Good. Do you want to make it for the win?” 
“I don’t know what that means but okay.” She felt a smile forming on her lips as she handed him her money. 
“All right. Ethel, my friend is placing a hundred dollar bet to win on number seven in race seven.” He pushed the bills through the window and waited for Ethel to pass her the ticket. “I’ll place the same bet.” He peeled a hundred dollars from a roll of bills he pulled out of his pocket. He took his ticket and nodded for her to follow him as he stepped away from the window.
“We haven’t met properly. I’m Joseph Alexander. Who might you be?” He raised his brow as he lowered his head, his eyes roving her face.
“I’m Carissa Johnson.” She glanced up at him through her lashes. “Thank you for saving me back there. Ethel is scary.” 
“She can be sometimes, but in all honesty, she’s a sweetheart. She’d give you the shirt off her back, if you were in need.” He chuckled again. “Are you here with someone?” 
She wasn’t and found herself glad she was alone. She glanced up. “No, I came by myself.”
“Well then, why don’t you sit with me? I can get us a drink and something to eat.” His eyes twinkled.
“I don’t want to put you out. You’ve already done enough for me.” She smoothed the front of her pink camisole and pulled her bottom lip between her teeth, hoping he’d insist.
“You’d be doing me a favor.” His eyes went to her mouth just before he glanced up and locked eyes with her again. “I would like to get to know you better.”
The sensible side of her screamed no. But there were so many people around. Surely, she’d be safe. She took a deep breath and went for it. “Okay.”
His smile lit up his entire face. “We’d better go if we’re going to watch the entire race. I don’t know about you, but I’d like to watch our horse come in first. We’ll use the elevator over there to go up to my suite.” He motioned to an elevator she hadn’t noticed before. Who was she kidding? She hadn’t noticed anything except him since he stepped in her line of sight.
Carissa tried to look everywhere at once, taking in the sights and all the people milling around while they waited for the elevator. 
“Where are we going?” she asked as they made their way to the elevator on the back wall.
“Upstairs to my suite. We’ll be able to see the entire track from there, and trust me, it’s much more comfortable than being in the stands. I have drinks and food waiting.”
“But we just met.” How could he have things ready?
“I like to be comfortable when I watch the horses run. I’m always ready in case I have friends that show up to watch with me.” He beamed at her as they stepped onto the elevator. 
As the doors slid closed, Carissa wondered what she was getting herself into. She studied his profile as he checked the screen of his phone. His features were strong with a chiseled jaw covered with just a bit of a shadow. His hair dark, short on the sides, but the top longer and mussed just enough to be sexy. He smelled so good, clean and spicy with a hint of musk underneath.

About the Author

National Best Selling Author Sharon Coady has been a reader her entire life. She started writing as a teen and after years of encouragement from her mother finally published her first book, a contemporary romance. She has since published a YA paranormal, a romantic suspense, two sweet Christmas romances, a Spicy Christmas romance and a new country music romance.
When not writing or working as nurse you can find Sharon enjoying her husband and grandchildren.

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