Thursday, April 13, 2017

The One That Started It All For Me.  @kathleenlawless

I still own the original copy of the book that made me sit back and say "Wow!".  I want to do that some day; write a book that totally transports the reader.  The book was Captive Bride by Johanna Lindsey, published in 1977.  I'm sure most writers have a similar story.

It was years later, with the help of RWA amd my attendance at workshops by such notable authors as Jayne Ann Krentz, that I learned why the book had such a "Wow" factor for me.

At its core were Universal Themese and Fantasies that resonated with me.  A sheik.  A kidnapping.  A bride.  From there I learned to recognize other fantasies I've incorporated into my own writing.  I use the 'Marriage of Convenience' in CALLIE'S HONOR, GRACE'S FOLLY, and DELIVER ME.
Isolation (and can't keep their hands off each other) plays a key role in TABOO, UNMASKED, and ACT OF SURRENDER.  Cowboys are prevalent in many of my books, even the modern day cowboy in his leather chaps who is riding a Harley instead of a horse in NO HOLDING BACK.

Paranormals are fun to read, but I leave the creation of Vanpires, Dragons and Shapeshifters to authors who do it better than I ever could.

'Wounded Hero on the Run' was my theme for DELIVER ME, topped off with a 'Marriage of Convenience' and a good dose of suspense.  I like the 'Bodyguard Fantasy', particularly turned upside down with her guarding him,  'Secret Babies' have long been popular.  As is the 'Reunion
with The Old Flame From The Past', which I used in WICKED NIGHT GAMES.

And so it goes.  At one point I read a lot of time travel, which helped kindle a time-travel begging to be told.  I'm envisioning a proud Scottish Warrior arriving suddenly in modern day times, an idea further fueled by a recent trip to Scotland.

What are some of your favorite fantasies to explore between the pages?

Which books have your "wow" factor?


  1. My Wow! book was Midnight Rainbow by the fabulous Linda Howard. That one woke me to the fact that the old standard Mills & Boon heroines had been blown away. I was hooked!

  2. Isn't it fun to look back and see what blew your mind and why?

  3. The marriage of convenience story was once my trademark. I love them, Kathleen.

  4. And it's fun to find a new way to present it, Cheryl.

  5. I think Shanna was my wow book, the one that pushed me over the edge, although Janet Daily was the one who made me think, "wow, Americans can write romance..." Great post!

  6. Shanna is right up there for a WOW for me also. I could not put that book down.

  7. When my daughter was a baby, I discovered romance novels. They were all my wow books. We'd go to the library every week, and I'd check out armloads of paperbacks. First books ever with happily ever after endings every time. That was my introduction to romance novels.

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