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Luck of the Draw - Sample Prologue! @BonnieEdwards

I’m sharing samples from the books in the “good fortune changes lives” box set Luck of the Draw. This set contains 13 wonderful, eclectic stories revolving around taking chances and winning!

Luck of the Draw is an Amazon exclusive that contains all new stories and will be released May 11. For a very limited time this set is selling for only 99c.

Luck of the Draw  can be pre-ordered here:

Today I offer up the Prologue to Michele Shriver’s Fade Into Love…set in the fascinating world of movie-making and Hollywood. Enjoy!

Fade into Love
by Michele Shriver


Wren Morrow’s fingers flew across the keyboard of her laptop computer. She’d never typed this fast before, never needed to. Never wanted to when she was only taking notes in class. But this was far more important than anything she’d learned in three and a half years of college.
“Are you almost ready?” Her roommate, Kristen, asked from the doorway of their dorm room. “I don’t want to be late for class.”
“Almost. Give me a second.” Wren didn’t look up from the screen. Kristen worried too much about being late. It wasn’t as if they had an exam. No, it was just another boring lecture on Medieval History. The whole semester so far was a never-ending string of boring lectures. Thank goodness she only had another year left after this one. Wren contemplated changing majors, but that would put her further behind, and she didn’t want to delay graduation. Besides, she had no idea what major she’d switch to. No matter what it was, it would probably be just as useless as History, anyway. Weren’t they all?
Everyone told her to go to college, get an education, earn a degree. Fine. That’s what she did, because it’s what was expected, but there were days when Wren wondered why. Would there be any good jobs available to her when she did graduate, or was she working toward a degree that would only end up being useless? It sure seemed like it sometimes.
She gave one last read-through to the information on the screen, making sure everything was the way she wanted it, then hit the ‘submit’ button. There. Done. Her fate was in someone else’s hands now. Wren never considered herself to be the lucky type. That last thing she recalled winning was a stuffed frog, who’d since lost an arm, at a street carnival back in seventh grade. Even that didn’t come easily. It took ten tries to pop a balloon with a dart, because her aim sucked. The frog was cute, though, up until he lost a limb.
No, Wren wasn’t the lucky sort, and she had no expectations of winning this sweepstakes prize. None at all. But she had nothing to lose by trying. “There. Done.” She slammed her MacBook shut before shoving it into her bag. “And we’ll still be on time.”
“Maybe,” Kristen said, “if we run. At least it’s not snowing. What were you doing that was so important, anyway?”
“Entering a contest.” Wren swung her backpack over her shoulder and pulled the door of their room shut behind them.
“What? Like the lottery?” Kristen asked as they walked. “You realize no one ever wins those things, right?”
Wren couldn’t contain her eye roll. Why did people always say that? “Of course they do. I know the odds aren’t great, but people do win,” she said. “Besides, this isn’t a lottery. It’s a sweepstakes. There’s a difference. A lottery ticket would’ve cost me money. This didn’t cost me anything to enter.”
“Fine. Sweepstakes,” Kristen said. “What kind of sweepstakes? What are you not going to win?”
Wren zipped up her coat as they got outside. It might not be snowing, but it was Iowa in late January, and that meant bitter cold. “You should have more faith. I might win,” she insisted.  “It’s a trip to Hollywood to visit the set of Jake Morrison’s new movie, and have a walk-on role.” There was also a two thousand dollar cash prize, and Rodeo Drive shopping spree, but Wren was less concerned about that. Sure, it would be nice to have some spending money while she was in California, but she was far more interested in seeing the movie set, and hopefully meeting her favorite celebrity.
“Oh, jeez. I should’ve known,” Kristen said. “You’re so infatuated with him.”
“No, I’m not,” Wren said. Yes, Jake’s pictures might be hanging all over their dorm room, but Wren didn’t consider herself star struck. It wasn’t as if she spent her days fantasizing about marrying Jake. She knew he was married, and had a daughter, too. What was wrong with admiring his work, though? Especially since they shared the same hometown. After all, there weren’t too many people from Waterloo, Iowa, who made it big in Hollywood. “I’ve never been to Los Angeles, and this would give me the chance to visit, and meet my favorite actor, too.”
“Sure, whatever.” Wren could tell from Kristen’s tone that her roommate was skeptical, and she didn’t blame her. The odds of winning were definitely not in Wren’s favor. There was no harm in entering, though. “What’s the movie, anyway?” Kristen asked.
“It’s called The Exchange. It’s a Psychological thriller that starts shooting in July,” Wren explained. “Reece White is directing, so it has to be good.” He directed Wren’s favorite movie, Border Cowboys, that Jake also starred in, four years before. It won Best Picture and Outstanding Director, and earned Jake a nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor, even though he hadn’t won. “Maybe this time, Jake will finally get his Oscar.”
“Hmm. Maybe.” They reached the lecture hall and went in, taking their usual seats toward the back of the room. “That’d be cool if he did,” Kristen said. “It’d be neat if you won the sweepstakes, too, but I’m not holding my breath.”
“Me neither.” Wren took her MacBook out of her bag. “But I can at least cross my fingers and hope for the best. Wouldn’t it be fun to visit Hollywood this summer?” she asked. “I did mention it was a trip for two, right? With a shopping trip?”
“No, you didn’t,” Kristen said, “but in that case, I’ll cross my fingers for you, too. I’d love to see Rodeo Drive.”
“I thought so.” Wren chuckled. It was something to hope for, anyway, while she was stuck in another boring lecture.

Michele Shriver is a National and International best-selling author of women’s fiction and contemporary romance. Her books feature flawed-but-likeable characters in real-life settings. She’s not afraid to break the rules, but never stops believing in happily ever after. Michele counts among her favorite things a good glass of wine, a hockey game, and a sweet and sexy book boyfriend, not necessarily in that order.


  1. Thanks for another excerpt, Bonnie. The box set sounds like a sure winner.

  2. I hope so Joan! These are a great bunch of talented writers and I'm pleased to have been invited. :)

  3. This sounds great, can't wait for my copy to download!

  4. Best of luck on your great boxed set.


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