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Luck of the Draw Box Set Sample #2 @BonnieEdwards

I’m sharing first chapters from the books in the “good fortune changes lives” box set Luck of the Draw. This set contains 13 wonderful, eclectic stories revolving around taking chances and winning!
Luck of the Draw is an Amazon exclusive and contains all new stories and will be released May 11. For a very limited time this set is selling for only 99c.

Here we have a lovely first chapter from Stacy Eaton’s Sometimes You Win:

Sometimes You Win,
Book 1 of the Sometimes Series 
by Stacy Eaton

Chapter 1 – Haley
Today was going from bad to oh-my-god-just-let-me-go-back-to-bed-and-pretend-this-day-never-happened. So far, my alarm hadn’t gone off, and my car had a flat. I’d dropped my barely-working cellphone into a puddle of mucky water in the parking lot, and then I’d used the last bit of the cash in my wallet to pay for a cab to get to work. The moment the taxi drove away, I realized that the project I’d worked on till two in the morning for the day’s very-important presentation was still sitting in the passenger seat of my car at home.
          “Haley, you alright?” Brenda asked as she paused by the side of my cubicle.
          “No,” I groaned, “I’m not alright.” I took a moment to explain my morning travails. “Walter is going to fire me for sure.” I dropped my head into my hands.
          Brenda glanced around surreptitiously. “The presentation is at ten, right?”
          “Take my car and run home. I’ll cover for you while you’re gone.” She hustled to her office on the side of the main work area. Our offices were comprised of several small rooms along the perimeter surrounding extra-small cubicles stuffed into the center of the main room. Trying to get anything accomplished in the cramped space was barely possible, and god help the worker bee who might be claustrophobic.
          “Are you sure?” I asked as I followed on her heels.
          “Absolutely, because if you don’t, Walter will fire you.” She winced over her shoulder. “He has ten people coming in for this meeting. If we don’t get this marketing account, then we’re all going to be fired.” She tossed me her keys, and I thanked her profusely as I snuck out of her office and rushed out the agency’s door to grab the elevator.
          The building that housed our marketing company was old, and the elevator was as slow as molasses on a cold December morning. I was tempted to take the stairs, but with the way my day was going, I’d probably fall down every flight and break a leg, or worse, my neck.
          God knew I couldn’t afford that. I couldn’t afford anything. I lived paycheck to paycheck and, no matter what I did, I never had an extra buck at the end of the pay period.
          I heard the door to the security company next to us open and close behind me, but I kept tapping my toes and staring at the numbers above the elevator doors as if it would make the damned thing arrive faster. It was rush hour, and everyone was coming into their offices. With ten floors and one elevator, it took forever for it to go to the top and then back down again.
          I glanced back at the door to the stairs as I chewed on my lower lip—maybe I should chance it. The elevator was still on the fourth floor, and I knew that with the way my day was going, it would bypass my floor and go all the way up before it came back down.
          I checked over my shoulder, making sure Walter wasn’t standing at the glass door glaring at me. If I could just get out of the building and into the parking garage, I could get home and grab the presentation without him knowing.
          “Come on, come on,” I murmured impatiently as I tapped my toe.
          “Didn’t you just come into work?” a deep husky voice asked from slightly behind me and to the left.
          I turned and instantly my mouth went all Sahara Desert on me. This guy worked at the security company, and Brenda and I had spent many a lunch break talking about what a fine specimen of a man he was. Although Brenda thought his shoulders weren’t quite wide enough and his biceps didn’t bulge as much as she preferred, she did agree that he had a great backside and that his boy-next-door looks were quite appealing.
          Personally, I liked the fact that he didn’t look like the hulk. In fact, he wasn’t all that much taller than I was—well, maybe a bit more than I thought since I was wearing three-inch heels, but I didn’t have to crane my neck all the way back to look into his beautiful green eyes. Maybe he was five-ten, I decided, as I continued to stare at him.
          I licked my dry lips. “Um, yeah, I did.” How did he know that?
          “I was in the elevator with you on the way in.” Had I spoken that last part out loud? My cheeks warmed slightly.
          “I forgot something. I need to get it,” I glanced over my shoulder again. “Preferably before my boss sees me leave,” I murmured the last part to myself.
          The man looked back at the glass doors to my office. “I don’t see anyone, so you’re good.” His smile was the first—okay, second—good thing that had happened to me today. The first of course was having a friend like Brenda who let me borrow her car.
          The elevator binged, and I shuffled to get out of the way of anyone who might be exiting, stepping slightly behind the man who now stood beside me.
          When I glanced past him and saw Walter trying to get around someone, I dashed further behind the man, practically burrowing into his back as I fisted his jacket to create a little niche in which I could hide. A deep chuckle emanated from him. He shifted slightly, and I wondered if he was going to step out of the way and give me up. Instead, he turned so he was shielding me better.
          As Walter passed, he bellowed something into his cellphone, and my human shield pulled me by the arm onto the elevator and pushed me back into the corner just as Walter turned to look at the closing doors. I yanked my head down and prayed he hadn’t seen me.
          The man whispered in my ear as the doors began to close, “I think you’re safe now. I don’t think he saw you.”
          When I turned to view him, our noses brushed, and I jumped back, almost slamming my head against the wall. A quizzical look flitted over his features but vanished just as quickly.
          “Thank you,” I replied softly and stared at the back of the man’s sport coat in front of me.
          Like most elevators, it was quiet inside. I never understood the hush that came over most people when they entered one, but like everyone else, I found that I refrained from talking or looking at anyone inside the small area.
          The elevator stopped four additional times on its way up before it emptied, except for the man beside me, and then finally began to descend. Most people would have spread out since it was empty, but he remained where he stood, just right of the center, and leaned back against the wall, his arms crossed over his chest in a relaxed but guarded manner.
          I checked him out from the corner of my eye. I couldn’t wait to I tell Brenda that not only did I share the elevator with him, but that he hid me from Walter. I struggled to suppress a bout of giggles and clamped my bottom lip between my teeth.
          “So the thing you forgot, is it at home?” he asked casually.
          “Kinda,” came my idiotic response.
          “Kinda? I think that was either a yes or no question.” His laugh was low and husky, and my toes tingled. “Either it’s at your house or it’s not.”
“It’s in my car, at my apartment, but it’s not in my apartment, so it’s ‘kinda’ home.”
He turned to study me then, and I quickly averted my eyes. “If your car is at home, how did you get to work?”
I sighed, “My car had a flat, and my spare wasn’t in any shape to use. I had to take a taxi, hence the reason the file is in my car and not here.”
“Sounds like a rough morning.”
“The story of my life,” I muttered.
When the elevator finally arrived at the bottom floor, he held his arm out to allow me to go first, and I practically took off running for the underground garage. It was the only perk this job had; we all had a parking spot assigned to us under the building.
I shoved open the fire door that led to the garage area and scanned the area before I made a beeline for Brenda’s car. While the garage was nice, I always felt uncomfortable there. Visions of horror movies flashed through my mind when I had to be here alone.
As I rounded a car into the row where Brenda’s car was normally parked, I noticed a delivery truck parked right behind her little sedan. I strode to the driver’s side, prepared to ask the driver to move, but there was no one there.
I walked around the truck, but didn’t see anyone. “Damn it! Are you kidding me!” I growled. “Where are you, you prick!” I stomped my foot.
Deep laughter rumbled behind me. When I spun, I found the man from the elevator watching me again.
“What?” I said a little rudely.
“I’m assuming the car you need is parked on the other side of the truck, and you can’t pull out.”
“Yes! Why couldn’t this schmuck have parked in the unloading area! Where the hell is he?” I looked over both my shoulders but didn’t see anyone. I threw my hands in the air, “Oh my god, this day can’t get any worse.”
          “Can I give you a ride?” he asked, and my attention returned to him. I didn’t know anything about this guy except that he worked at the security company. He could have been a sicko, but he didn’t look like one.
Geez, I reminded myself, even Ted Bundy and Jeffery Dahmer were somewhat attractive, and they were serial killers.
          “I can’t ask you to do that,” I answered as I continued to examine him carefully.
Funny, I could take in every inch of his body and swoon over it, but I was leery of getting into his car in broad daylight to save my job.
          “You’re not asking, I’m offering.”
          “But I have to retrieve it and return immediately. If you took me, I’d have no way to get back. Besides, I’m sure you have better things to do.”
          “You took a taxi to work, could you take one again?” he inquired.
My gaze skittered away from him. “I wish I could. I spent the last bit of money I had taking one this morning.”
          “Then it’s settled,” he didn’t even hesitate. “Come on. I’ll take you to your place and bring you back.”
          I almost took a step forward then paused.
          “Is there a problem?” he asked as he pulled open the door to his BMW.
          “I don’t even know your name,” I replied lamely.
          “Devon, and you are?”
          “Haley Rosewood.”
          “Ms. Rosewood, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you. Now jump in, so I can help you get your things and still make my meeting.”
          I scanned the parking garage again, but the driver was nowhere to be seen. I didn’t have a choice. I glanced back at him and fretted a moment. Had he just said it was a pleasure to finally meet me? I must have misheard him.
Damn, if I wanted to save my job, I was going to have to take a chance on him. I hustled over to his car and sank into his plush leather seats. I realized that I actually sighed out loud when I heard his soft deep laugh again as he closed the door.
          He situated himself into the driver’s seat and asked, “Where to, Ms. Rosewood?”
          I wanted to say, anywhere that I could avoid the bullshit of my life, but instead I pointed him in the direction of my one-step-from-poverty housing, shame heating my face with embarrassment.

About the Author

Stacy Eaton is a USA Today Best Selling author and began her writing career in October of 2010. Stacy took an early retirement from law enforcement after over fifteen years of service in 2016, with her last three years in investigations and crime scene investigation.

Stacy resides in southeastern Pennsylvania with her husband, who works in law enforcement, and her teen daughter who is working toward her second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and competitive cheerleading.  She also has a son who is currently serving in the United States Navy and a grandson.

Stacy is very involved in Domestic Violence Awareness and served on the Board of Directors for her local Domestic Violence Center for three years.
As of February 2017, Stacy has published 24 books, and has 14 more being published in this year. She writes in the following genres: Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense and Women’s Fiction.


  1. I'm hoping and pulling for Haley's luck to change soon! What a bad day she's had so far...but Devon may just be her lucky charm!


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