Friday, March 31, 2017

The Demise of RT's "Real" Magazine

Just as I sent in a check for my 20th annual subscription to Romantic Times magazine last year, I was notified that it would no longer be producing a printed magazine. I was really ticked.
I think this is the last issue of RT. 

It wasn't the money that bothered me. I gladly renewed my subscription every year to stay abreast of my industry. I liked physically flipping through the pages and the sections on different genres. I like that t came to me. I always sat down for lunch on the day it arrived and scanned the entire edition while I ate.

As a busy writer who actually makes a good living writing, I don't have time to surf the net. In the 20 years since I sold my first novel, I have never taken the time to surf through the many sites that review romance books. Never.

A couple of years before the publication ceased its print magazine, they could see that it was physically impossible to review the hundreds of indie books that came out each year. They then decided that they would review indie books on their website, where there were no space constraints. Of course, the author had to pay for this. I chose not to. One of the reasons guiding that decision was my own avoidance of those sites. To me, they are a time suck that takes me away from writing.

I know RT was only being pragmatic. Didn't all our RWA chapters abandon mailed-out newsletters years ago? Sadly, it's only a matter of time before my beloved newspapers go to all-electronic versions. I get that cyber space has infinite possibilities and I truly enjoy reading books on electronic devices and appreciate that they're a lot more inexpensive than print books. But, darn it, I love flipping through magazines. I still subscribe to about ten. I don't want the go hunting that stuff on the internet. Sometimes it's refreshing to know all you need is in one compact "physical" publication. Cyber space can be daunting. It can also lure one away from daily activities that are important. Activities like writing a book.--Cheryl Bolen, who is madly at work on the next book in her Brazen Brides series of Regency romances. It's titled Miss Hastings' Excellent London Adventure and will be a late May release.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Slowing Down to Write Second Draft by @lcrandallwriter

I’ve routinely written books in twelve to sixteen weeks. But the book I’m working on now is taking longer. I’ve finished the first draft, but I’m moving through it again slowly and deliberately, seeking something more this time around.

I’m eager to complete the book, tentatively titled Touch My Soul. But I can’t rush my writing, and I hope it pays off to be very measured and intentional with this story. The hero and heroine are people born with a mission. They’re Aeons. They’re humans with high-level psychic skills that other people could have if they’d develop them, but they haven’t. The Aeons are born with these heightened abilities, and know they are here on Earth to help the planet’s population evolve. But they face the problems of being different and managing their dual-edge abilities while the threat of darkness manifests in their city of Auralia. Payson has psychometry and is able to gather information from touch. Braden has a kind of mind control.
I’m a panster, so though I’ve loosely plotted the story, it continues to develop as I write it the second time around. Here’s an excerpt. It is part of a scene in which heroine Payson Silver must confront a growing darkness in the hero, her life-long friend, fellow Aeon, and lover, Braden Powers.

Distance stretched between them, palpable. Loneliness bit at her heart. “You’re changing. I feel it, Braden. Something is different about you and it think it’s your inner balance.” Reflex told her to drop her gaze, look away from the impact of her words on Braden. But she resisted, knowing he needed to see the truth.
He knitted his brow and a telltale shadow flitted in his eyes. He stepped back. “Payson, what are you saying? Nothing has changed. Don’t judge me.”
The dissonance in his energy sharpened. “I’m sorry. That’s not what I’m doing.” She steadied her voice. “I’m not against you, I love you.” Her love wrapped in white light spilled out to him and she focused on that, trying to overwhelm the growing darkness in him while her heart split into pieces.
“If you love me, don’t accuse me. Are you suggesting what I think you are? Are you saying I’m going Dark Aspect?” He spit the question at her.
“No, not suggesting, Braden, saying. You’re not yourself. Something happened to shift your balance today. Can’t we please, please look at that? Could you contain the possibility and not take this as my condemnation?” She had to make him see. Not seeing would prevent him from accepting the light she was offering. This couldn’t be happening!
Braden turned away. She reached out and touched his shoulder. Instantly, images flashed of Braden leaning across a table and talking in earnest with Diane.
You’re not alone, Diane. I’m your friend.
Prove you care about me.
The image closed. “Oh my God, Braden. Diane used her power on you.”
He turned back to her. “Stop it. What is this? Another accusation, only this time against Diane? She’s my friend and she didn’t use her power against me.” His eyes flashed, sinking her hope.
“She’s mesmerized you, just a little bit. Just enough to mess with your balance between dark and light. She’s used your open heart to get inside you. She needs help, but right now I’m concerned about you.” She swiped away tears brimming. “Please, you have to see what’s happened.”
He rubbed his fingers against his temples. “So you feel my imbalance.” He sighed heavily. “Maybe you’re right.”
Payson held her breath. She couldn’t breathe, waiting for Braden to make a choice and not knowing if he was already gone.
“It’s the police work, not Diane. Diane wouldn’t hurt me. Yes, she’s having problems, but she wouldn’t drag me down into the muck.”
The vibe from Braden thrummed heavily in Payson’s brain. Her legs wobbled. “I see. Something with work troubled you today?”
“Just the same old, same old.” He faced her directly. “I’m so sick of the damage inflicted by criminals on the families of Auralia. It hit me hard today how much I hate it, but that hate felt powerful. It wasn’t wrong, Payson, it was fuel.” A tiny muscle in his cheek clenched.
“When did that hit you?” She concentrated harder on allowing light to flow out from her to Braden.
He ran his thumb over his chin. “Hmm…I don’t remember.”
Braden’s nostrils flared, a dead give-away of the anger inside him, and she wanted to puke. “So you had this moment of disgust and you believe it helped you follow the thread of clues to a break in the case. Is that right?” Maybe she was only stalling, hoping something, anything, she could say would bring him back from the edge of falling into darkness.
“Yes. See? It has nothing to do with Diane.” He spread his hands wide. He hadn’t moved farther away but he also hadn’t kissed her yet.
She nodded. “Okay.” He couldn’t see past what Diane had done. He’d been vulnerable and she’d mesmerized him. Why, Payson didn’t know, but it had to have been on purpose. Frustration and fear braided together, closing her throat. It wouldn’t do any good to argue with him. Still, she couldn’t leave him like this. “The police work is having a negative effect on you.”
He scratched his head. “Maybe. I don’t know. I feel powerful, not darker.”
The tears she’d been trying to ignore misted her eyes. “You have to see what’s happening and take action to stop the encroaching darkness. If you don’t see it, I can’t be around you.” Words stuck in her throat.
Confusion flamed in his eyes. He took another step away. “I…I can’t believe what you’re saying. It’s you, Payson. You’re the one changing. See that!”
“Just this morning you reminded me to stay balanced.” She pulled out the yin and yang pendant from beneath her shirt. “Remember this?”
He grabbed her shoulders and the darkness expanding in him pounded her like an ocean wave. “Of course I remember. Apparently, you haven’t realized your work as a bounty hunter is coloring your perception. Don’t do this.”
She had to be strong. But she ached for him to take her in his arms and hold her so tightly all the fear would drain away in his light.
But he didn’t. He couldn’t. “I’m not doing anything. You have to grasp what has happened to you.” She cupped his face in her hands. "You have to make a choice to move away from the distortion. It’s not me. It’s you.”
He jerked away. “You want me to give up my work? You know I can’t do that. It’s what I do. I can handle the threats inherent in the work. I’m an Aeon, too. I’m filled with light and love.”
“Are you?” she whispered.
“I’m the same as always.” His eyes slitted. “Don’t leave. We can talk through this.”
“I have to go. I don’t want to, but our mission is too important.” She couldn’t look at him. Couldn’t believe the unthinkable had happened to him, her Braden. “I’ll always be yours. But I have to go.”
It took every bit of strength she could muster to open the door and walk out.

Thanks for taking time to read a peek at my WIP. If you’d like to get updates on how the book is unfolding, as well get in on giveaways and head's up about sales, subscribe to my newsletter . Follow my blog at .

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Luck of the Draw by @BonnieEdwards

Recently I was invited quite by surprise to come up with a "good fortune changes lives" story. A romance, of course, because that's all I write. At the time I was on the road touring Arizona, getting some sunshine and warmer temperatures.

My first thought was "What fun!" My second was "How can I get a novella written in such a short time?" I'm not a fast writer and I don't plot a lot. But my third thought was "What series of mine is appropriate for a good luck story?"

My Tales of Perdition wouldn't work because it's a paranormal series about ghosts in a haunted former bordello. Far too sexy and more about the past stories of the hookers' spirits than a happy good luck story.

My Christmas Collection wouldn't work because I'm already working on Book 3 and I was, in fact, writing on the road. One Crazy Christmas would have to wait...

Then I lighted on my short series, The Brantons and knew I'd hit the jackpot. The Branton family has roots in the La La Land Trailer Park and most of them were raised by hardworking single moms. Perfect fodder for a good luck story, don't you think?

Coincidentally Body Work (The Brantons Book 1) is currently FREE and can be downloaded here.   - Free until the end of March!

And Whole Lot o' Love was born in a mad rush of plotting while on the road between Yuma and San Diego (a pretty stretch of countryside). The book is already in the hands of my editor and I'll be doing those edits ASAP and preparing for the release on May 11.

Luck of the Draw is now available for pre-order on Amazon only. If you don't use a Kindle, it's easy to download a Kindle app.

Feeling Lucky? Check out LUCK OF THE DRAW - 13 lucky stories EXCLUSIVE to this boxset available for a LIMITED time! 13 tales of unimaginable luck - 13 fascinating novellas of love, loss, and mystery. From lotteries to sweepstakes, poker to roulette and horse racing to wishes, these 13 stories will make you wish you’d been the winner! These 13 novellas are BRAND NEW and have never been published. By USA Today Bestselling, International, and Bestselling authors.

More information on my story: Whole Lot o' Love which is exclusive to this boxset...that's can't buy this one as a single until later this year.

Ashlee Branton’s stroke of luck is giving her and her son a new, settled life back home.

Except that returning to Blaine, Washington means facing her son’s father, Brick Harcourt, in a most unsettling way.

But Ashlee has two pasts now, one with Brick and one with an ex who wants to crash their reunion. Will she run again or stay and sacrifice money for love?

Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring Has Officially Arrived !!!

It's official ... as of 6 a.m. this morning, we have a new season.

I don't know about you, but I'm so tired of winter I could scream! Spring, preferably late spring, is my favorite time of year. I celebrate the last patches of melting snow the way some people celebrate their birthday, or Fourth of July. I look forward to being able to sit on my condo balcony, a lightweight blanket around my shoulders and a steamy cup of coffee cradled in my grasp.

Spring cleaning is on the horizon, not just for my home but for my electronic devices. I spring-clean my hard drive with the same tenacity I do my three linen closets. Gone are the scraps of notes, the book-related memes I've created for media blitzes, the collections of blurbs and excerpts I've saved to include in each individual book's media kit.

I keep separate thumb drives for each of my four publishers and everything related to a published book from the previous fall and winter gets saved in the appropriate place, clearing even more space for new projects, more scrapes and memes.

I also clear out my e-reader, stashing books I've read onto a final thumb drive. I find my e-reader loads better when it's cleared of clutter.

As does my creative mind.

My final spring-clean is an update of my work-in-progress chart...a wonderful spreadsheet where I keep track of not only my contracted work but also my plans for upcoming projects not yet realized.

Then, when the muse slows down as it sometimes does, I can pull up my spreadsheet and see where I've been, what I should be doing and, most importantly, where I still have to go. Just the act of reviewing the project diary jump starts any writer's block I may have.

My upcoming release is for The Wild Rose Press' new historical "stranded" line. Set in the 1960s (vintage is a favorite of mine) and titled Waking Up in Oz, it's a retelling of the classic movie. I look forward to sharing more as I get closer to a late summer release.

I don't have a cover yet, always...I've created a meme to use as a teaser.

I hope everyone is as excited for spring and summer as I am. Now if I can only ignore the warm sunlight coming through my office window and stay focused at my desk!

Until next month, stay happy, stay healthy, stay well read.


Friday, March 17, 2017

Jan Scarbrough & the Lucky 7 by @JoanReeves #GemsInAttic

Today is the 3rd Friday so it's time for another Lucky 7 Interview with one of the fabulous authors of Gems in the Attic.

Today, inquiring minds will learn all about author Jan Scarbrough, author of My Lord Raven and many other wonderful romance novels. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and let's talk to Jan!

About Jan Scarbrough

Jan is the author of the popular Bluegrass Reunion series,. She writes heartwarming contemporary romances about family and second chances, and if the plot allows—horses.

Living in the horse country of Kentucky makes it easy for Jan to add small town Southern charm to her books, and the excitement of a horse race or a competitive horse show.

A member of Novelist, Inc., Jan has published with Kensington, Five Star, ImaJinn Books, Resplendence Publishing and Turquoise Morning Press.

Find Jan Online

Website * Amazon Author Page * Twitter * Goodreads.

Sign up for Jan’s Newsletter.

About My Lord Raven

To protect what little family she has left, Lady Catrin Fitzalan switches places with her cousin when King Edward orders the pious girl to wed his royal champion, a vicious knight called the King’s Raven. Rumors abound that this savage is responsible for the deaths of Lady Catrin’s father and brother. How can she allow her sweet cousin to wed a murderer?

Bran ap Madog, bastard son of a Welsh prince, has devoted his life to serving the English king. His badge is the raven, a creature that feeds off rotting spoils, just as Bran feeds off the spoils of war. Now he wants a reward for his service: a wealthy wife, and the land and power she can bring him.

But there’s another side to the rapacious black birds Bran has chosen for his badge. Social and family-oriented, ravens mate for life. Which gives them something Bran never had—a family, a sense of belonging, and a rightful place in the world. Bran has fought for everything he’s ever had. But his last battle, with his new wife, may cost him the one thing he isn’t prepared to lose: his heart.

You'll find My Lord Raven at Kobo * Amazon * and iBooks.

Lucky 7 with Jan Scarbrough

1. When you were 18, what did you want to do with your life?

Jan: Seriously, I probably wanted to get married. I was a freshman in college and had just met my [future] children’s father.

2. When you hit 40, what did you want most in life?

Jan: To be married to someone who loved me for me. It took me until I was 50 to find that person.

3. What is a character name you have always wanted to use but haven’t?

Jan: Brenna – it’s my daughter’s name

4. What genre would you like to try but haven’t?

Jan: A thriller

5. Let's go to fantasy land. If time, distance, and other conditions of reality were no problem, where would you go for dinner tonight and with whom?

Jan: Scotland with Sam Heughan [Scottish actor best known for his role as Jamie Fraser in the Starz hit series Outlander.]

6. Still in fantasy land, in the book shown above, who would you cast as the heroine and hero to star in the movie version of the book?

Jan: Caitriona Balfe [Irish actress and model best known for her role as Claire Fraser in the Starz series Outlander.]

7. Last question before we leave fantasy land. When the movie based on your book wins the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay, what will you wear to the Oscars?

Jan: Blue jeans, cowboy boots, black turtleneck and leather jacket

Thanks, Jan, for talking to us today and good luck with your romance, My Lord Raven.

Joan Reeves is a NY Times and USA Today bestselling author of sassy, sexy Contemporary Romance. Readers, sign up for WordPlay her mailing list/free NL with giveaway alerts and new book news and receive a free ebook. Writers, sign up for Writing Hacks with tips to help authors with their writing business and also receive a free ebook.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

On your mark, get set... @LizFlaherty

Usually, when I hear ideas about how to get productive, my eyes kind of glaze over. I've been writing
since I was nine years old (on my aunt's Royal typewriter in those days; I don't know how it survived) and I've tried every trick of the trade there is. Some work and some don't. Some work for a while before fading to the wayside. Sometimes I'll read what a very successful author does and I'll think, Yes! That's what I need to do! Only I'm not Nora or Kristan or Maddie or Joan or... Nope, as Popeye said, "I yam what I yam, and that's all what I yam."

Which is all very pompous and righteous and all that other good stuff, but it doesn't get words on the screen. So, just occasionally, mind you, I pay attention.

Lately, the last week or so, I've been "sprinting." RITA winner Alicia Rasley started a Facebook group called "Sprintwriters." There are two daily sprints, at 11:00 AM and 8:30 PM (I never make that one.) Better than that, though, any member can call a sprint whenever she likes as long as she gives a little warning so people can jump on the trolley with her. When you're done, you report back on what you're working on and how you've done.

It has been fun. And productive. My writing speed has slowed exponentially with my age--which I understand but still regret--but I've been able to do a full day's word count in a half-hour sprint more than once. I'm still writing outside the sprint, and I admit the lack of control in sprinting gets a little scary. Yesterday, at the panting end of my half-hour, I said in a post, "Who ARE these people?" and I wasn't kidding at all. When I write that fast, the characters tend to take off on their own. This can be good; it can also mean I have to fix things I never intended to have happen in the first place.

Messing around with Nora Roberts' famous quote, though, it beats the heck out of a blank page.

If you'd like to join the sprinters, just ask me either here or on Facebook and I'll invite you. There are no rules nor even that much conversation. Accountability is by choice. But it's a good time. Hope to see you there.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Fur Babies by Karen Kelley

Good Morning!

I'm at my daughter's house babysitting the fur babies while they were out of town, dental work today, then Karl and I will leave for home tomorrow. Babysitting the fur babies make it harder to go back to our empty home. Missing our Miss Sukie a lot. She wasn't just our 'pet', she was a part of the family. We both know now is not the right time for another fur baby.

I'm in the middle of writing the second book in my Forbidden series: Forbidden Legacy. Finally, right. You can read the first book in the series free if you're in Kindle Unlimited.

I went wide making Southern Comfort, the first book in my Southern series so you can get it at Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Apple and a few other places. So far, the downloads have been phenomenal. Thanks to everyone who has already downloaded it.
I hope everyone enjoys it.

That's all I have for this time.
Best Wishes,

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or buy now


Free Download

Amazon       Nook

  Kobo           Apple

Monday, March 13, 2017

Would you collaborate writing a series? I did! @MaddieJames

There are a lot of positives about collaborating with another author when writing a series. You have a built-in partner to bounce ideas off, and you also have someone else to share in the marketing endeavors. Twice the exposure, twice the fun! And of course, each author brings readers to the table and shares with the other.

There are also some pitfalls. Disagreements on how the series brand should be used, is one. Heat levels--are we writing sweet or sexy?--is another. Keeping up with each other's characters and what they are doing now--and even more difficult--keeping up with your co-author's secondary characters you didn't know about because you haven't read her current book yet. Yikes!

Fortunately, after writing two different series together, Jan Scarbrough and I have worked out the kinks. I know that Jan writes sweeter books than I do (generally), and I try to accommodate and not make mine over the top in the sex department. Yet, occasionally Jan will write a little more sexy too, which is awesome. So we agree on the heat level difference and we simply let our readers know this is what they will get. 

I think it's also important to know that Jan and I have known each other for over 20 years, so we are very familiar with each other's writing styles and the types of stories we like to read and write. I think this helps tremendously. It's a lot of work creating a new world that the two of us will write in, and then maintaining all of the information in that world to keep current. Jan and I once did this with two other authors, as well, so the four of us really did have to keep each other informed, creating town maps, character sketches, and a general world bible to keep everything straight. 

Collaboration is not for everyone but I've found it to be successful for me, and I think Jan would agree. Right now, we are also collaborating on marketing a current boxed set that is on sale for about another week. This is a great deal! We don't offer this sale frequently, so grab it while you can. It's available now through March 21, 2017. 

**ON SALE FOR 8 MORE DAYS!** 99cents
Welcome to McKenna Ranch! Meet Brody, Callie, Mercer and Parker—the four siblings in the clan of James McKenna, a Montana rancher, and their mom/step mom, Liz.
Beginning with a short prequel novella that tells the story of James McKenna and Liz Caldera, and how they came to blend their families, these stories put you on the McKenna Ranch near Yellowstone National Park. This series continues with Jan Scarbrough’s Brody, followed by Maddie James’ Callie, with additional stories that bring all the siblings home to the ranch. These sweet to sexy stories give you a glimpse into Montana rodeo and ranch life, and of course, provide lots of contemporary cowboy love and romance.
Included in this set:*
The Montana McKennas: Prequel, Book 1, by Jan Scarbrough and Maddie James
Brody, Book 2, by Jan Scarbrough
Callie, Book 3, by Maddie James
Parker, Book 4, by Maddie James
Mercer, Book 5, by Jan Scarbrough
Liz, Book 7, by Jan Scarbrough
**This set does not include Corporate Cowboy, a Montana Heat erotic romance.**
And while I have your attention. I'm part of a huge #instafreebie giveaway starting today. Here are the details! 

Novelists, Inc. (Ninc) GIVEAWAY!
Some of the multi-pubbed authors from Novelists Inc. (aka Ninc) have gathered together to offer you (via InstaFreebie) these novels for free.

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Friday, March 10, 2017

Book Signings Let you Meet New Readers by Jan Scarbrough

Back in the day, Maddie James and I participated in book signings at Walmart, because it had exclusive rights to sell the books we wrote for Precious Gems. Talk about amusing! Moms pushing shopping carts full of groceries and children stared at us. Men avoided eye contact. We were so proud to have paperbacks with our names on them we didn’t mind sitting behind a table peddling our books.

It’s fun to meet readers in person, not just online. The Walmart shoppers were not our readers. Sitting there could have been a waste of time, but a book signing is what you make of it. That’s why it’s good to take part of an event with other authors.

Unless you’re a New York Times Best Seller with a massive following, it’s unlikely that you’ll sell many books at a signing. That’s not the idea. The point is to meet people. Introduce yourself. Maybe they will buy your book. Maybe not. The hope is they will remember your name. If you’re lucky, they will read and like your books, and you’ll make a new fan.

This spring I’m participating in several events where I can meet readers. Come see me if you’re in the area.

City, State
Mar 18, 2017
11:00 AM
La Grange, KY
Book signing with Maddie James
April 18, 2017
4:00 - 8:00 PM
168 Taylorsville Rd
Taylorsville, KY
Author Fair
Apr 29, 2017
10:00 AM
LaGrange, KY
La Grange Community Center YMCA
Jun 9, 2017
8:00 AM
Erlanger, KY
Holiday Inn Erlanger, Kentucky
Jul 8, 2017
10:00 AM
Lexington, KY
Hilton Inn at The Mall at Lexington Green
Lexington Legendary Book Bash

Friday, March 3, 2017

Kiss Me, Thrill Me Giveaway @JoanReeves #GemsInAttic

Happy Friday and Happy Giveaway!

Leave a comment on this post March 2 thru March 9, with your email, and you'll be entered in a random drawing for an ebook copy of Kiss Me, Thrill Me.

Winner notified by email by March 10.

I'm celebrating the release of Kiss Me, Thrill Me, a collection of 7 contemporary romance novels by New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors, including moi, as Miss Piggy was wont to say. This 7 full-length novel collection is only 99cents so if you don't win a copy, it won't break the bank to buy one!

Click here to watch the Video Book Trailer on YouTube!

Fan Favorite Themes

Whether you’re looking for the humor of romantic comedy, the adventure of fantasy romance, the thrilling locales of international romance, the poignance of a second chance at love, or the ever-popular forced marriage romance and medical romance, Kiss Me, Thrill Me has it.

Some of these novels are heartwarming and some are heart-throbbing. Some are set in exotic locales like France and the Greek Isles, and some are homegrown in the United States. Some will make you laugh and some will make you blink back tears.

All of these emotion-drenched love stories will touch the hopeful romantic in you and make you believe in the magic of love.


Joan Reeves,NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, Cinderella Blue.
In this funny, sexy cop romance, Andrea–call me Andie–and Benton are two commitment-phobic cops with nothing in common—except the desire sizzling between them.

Mimi Barbour, NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, The Surrogate’s Secret.
An international love story to delight the romantic. Miguel forces his dead brother’s surrogate to marry him so he can take her and her twin babies to Chile to save his beloved, sickly mother whose only cure is to see her grandchildren.

Dani Haviland, USA Today Bestselling Author, Aye, I Am a Fairy.
This time-travel romance is an adventure with assaults, arson, a 230-year old video on a solar-powered smartphone, and two very different women awaiting the sharp British lord with a great secret. What will lovely Leah, the sassy heroine, do when she learns the truth?

Alicia Street, USA Today Bestselling Author, Touch Me and Tango.
A lost love returns for one more dance–and a second chance at love. They fell for each other long ago, but reality intruded and broke them apart. When they meet again, the same passion flares between them. Can love prevail this time?

Patrice Wilton, NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, For the Love of Candy.
Fun, flirty, a little sexy, and a lot of humor–that’s chick lit romantic comedy at its best. Harrison Wolfe doesn't want his twenty-year-old daughter to marry Candy's son. Candy hasn't met her yet, but knows they are too young. How can the parents keep them apart without their own attraction getting in the way?

Mona Risk, NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, Right Name, Wrong Man.
What's a girl to do when she whispers another man's name while in her fiancé's arms? In this international medical romance, forbidden dreams about the sexy French surgeon, Dr. Yves Malroux, assail Mary-Beth at every turn. Torn between two lovers and not ready to pledge love and commitment to her fiancé, she flies to France to confront her past and the lover she left behind.

BONUS: Her Greek Tycoon by Mona Risk, NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author.
For another international romance, attraction sizzles between American attorney Ashley and Greek tycoon Stefano when they meet incognito on Mykonos Island. Later, when they meet in court, they’re ready to tear each other apart to protect their grandparents’ opposite interests. Will the heavens align for the grandchildren of thwarted lovers?

By The Way...

Remember to leave a comment with your email to be entered in the drawing for a free copy of Kiss Me, Thrill Me. (Only 99cents if you want to go ahead and buy one!)

I think you will love this collection. If you particularly like one of the books in it, please leave a short review for the author. She'll adore you for it!

Post Script

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017


New Jersey Romance Writers hold a writing challenge in February—our answer to November’s NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).  NJRW “only” requires 30,000 words to win.  Since February is such a short month, that comes out to a little over 1000 words a day.

 A thousand words a day doesn’t seem that difficult, does it?  That’s generally four pages of double-spaced prose.

I have yet to get to the end of the month with the required number of words under my belt, either in the challenge we fondly call JeRoWriMo, or in the better-known NaNoWriMo in November.

Oh, I start out just fine, all full of resolve and great ideas.  We’re told to clean the house, prepare and freeze meals, and alert the family that we’ll be unavailable during writing time for the month.  We’re supposed to plot out our story ahead of time so we can jump right in and get words on the page at the stroke of midnight on February 1.
At this point, last year’s challenge is something of a blur.  I remember sitting on a beach in Florida during our annual trip there, balancing a legal pad on my lap while the wind tried to rip it out of my hands.   Children ran screaming along the sand, and the activities of my fellow-vacationers were so much more interesting than whatever I intended to put on the page.  Once upon a time I could write in longhand.  These days, spoiled by a computer, I can’t seem to think in longhand anymore, and once I return to the keyboard, I can’t read my writing.

This year I was challenged by a never-ending cold that felt more like the flu, accompanied by an extremely annoying cough and pounding sinuses, and an uncontrollable desire to sleep until my health returned.  I pecked out part of a story while slurping chicken soup during those rare moments when I left my bed to stumble into the office down the hall.

Once my health returned to normal I made a pilgrimage to California to spend a week with my daughter, dutifully dragging along the laptop I’d purchased for just this reason.  Because in between activities I was going to sit in the hotel room and write.  After I took advantage of their indoor pool, their complimentary evening happy hour, their cooked-to-order free breakfast, and a very nice menu of on-demand TV.  Oddly enough, these activities, along with the actual visit, used up most of time I should have been devoting to writing.

The biggest obstacle is my writing process.  The idea behind these writing challenges is to spew out the story in whatever form it takes, then go back to fix it up after the challenge ends.  This is the principle my friend April Kihlstom teaches in her Book in a Week workshops.  The idea, to paraphrase Nora Roberts, is that you can’t fix a blank page, so just get something down there and worry about it later.

I just can’t do it that way!  No matter how many times I’ve tried, I can’t seem to move on until I’ve gone over everything I’ve already written and tweaked it until it’s just the way I like it.  It’s not a plotter vs. pantser issue—it’s an editor vs. spew-er issue.

You would think by now I’d realize my brain just isn’t wired that way, and I’d stop signing up for these challenges.  But I always have hope that it will be different this time.

Then again, I also believe that I can resist ice cream and chocolate, and that one day my house will be uncluttered.  But writers do spend a lot of time in fantasy land, don’t we?

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