Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Writing Series Books: Then and Now by @BonnieEdwards

About ten years ago I had one of those flashes of brilliance that result in a book falling fully blown into my head. Those are rare enough…but what I had was rarer still. That single idea turned into a two book idea with a setting that lent itself to more books. I thought I had a series.

My editor at the time juggled two or three other paranormal series in the imprint and didn’t agree. She made that very clear when I sent in a book subtitled with the series name. The subtitle was scratched out when the pages were returned to me for final proofreading. I didn’t need any more sign than that. 

Sigh…I guess they didn’t have room to promote another paranormal series. I never could figure that out. If the imprint was doing well with paranormal stories then why not promote my connected books? But that’s the publishing world. Authors (at least those of my limited stature) are rarely informed of the reasons behind decisions.

Well, times change, rights are reverted, and I can now promote that flash of brilliance as a series and I couldn’t be happier. Thank goodness readers are patient! Now that I’ve published (just weeks ago) my fifth installment of my Tales of Perdition House I thought I’d show you the first two covers.

Just because I can! (yes, there’s a child inside who’s blowing a raspberry at all the NOs I used to get)

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These books started it all...

Faye Grantham inherits her family's secret shame, Perdition House (a former brothel) only to learn that the spirits of the women who once lived and worked there are still in residence.

Through dreams, Faye learns their stories of love and loss, and learns some important lessons about herself along the way.

I did mention the mansion was a brothel, right? If walls could talk...


  1. Yep! The lives so interesting. Hoe did they get there? How will they get out? How does the life change them? So many stories...


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