Friday, February 17, 2017

Maddie James and the Lucky 7 by @JoanReeves #GemsInAttic

Welcome to the Every-So-Often 3rd Friday Lucky 7 interview.

Each month--don't hold me to this--I'll interview an unwitting victim subject and boldly go where no interviewer has gone before.

Well...that's the plan.

Sounds interesting, doesn't it? I'm sure it will be given the authors I'll be interviewing.

This month, I'm talking to Maddie James who wrote as Kim Whalen and now writes as Maddie James.

She is a bestselling romance author and is published worldwide in at least 7 languages. Her books, available in ebook, paperback, and audio formats, span the romance genre from contemporary, to romantic suspense, to paranormal romance.

Landing on all major retailer top-selling lists, she’s been listed as a Top 100 Romance Author at Amazon, and a Rising Star in Western Romance at iBooks.

Maddie is the author of Seducing Sarah, A Hell Yeah! Kindle Worlds Book: The Montana Ranchers #8; Montana Heat, Book 2.

About Seducing Sarah

When Cole Stevens travels from Montana to Texas to close a business deal with his old friend, Heath McCoy, he never expects to close in on a relationship, too. But with one brief moment of contact in the airport with a pretty young woman carrying a guitar, his heart starts to unravel.

Sarah McClendon, fresh out of the gate after landing the runner-up spot on American Star, is touted as the up-and-coming country music star of the year. When she tangles with her manager at the Highlands Ranch annual barbecue, Cole steps up to the plate to protect her from the smarmy, poor excuse of a human being.

But it's just a weekend right? Cole will be back home on the ranch in Montana come Monday, and Sarah has a career to get off the ground. Can a love-at-first-sight weekend turn into the happily-ever-after neither of them are sure they even want?

Available as a Kindle World title, exclusively at Amazon Kindle.

LUCKY 7 with Maddie James

1. When you were 18, what did you want to do with your life?

Maddie: I wanted to be a music teacher. I did end up being a teacher but not music. I switched majors at least three times in college!

2. When you hit 40, what did you want most in life?

Maddie: Age 40 was a transition time in my life. I became a single mom with teenagers and mostly just wanted to get through from one pay check to another. Looking back though, those were great times with my kids and I wouldn't trade them for anything.

3. What is a character name you have always wanted to use but haven't?

Maddie: I had to think a minute about that one. I've used a lot of names over the years! Even those of my children. For men, I love short names. I don't believe I've ever used the name Luke -- but maybe I've just not met the right character yet.

4. What genre would you like to try but haven't?

Maddie: Mainstream women's fiction. There are a couple of stories rolling around in my head. I have a series and a few single titles I want to write first. By the time those are written, I hope to have at least one of the women's fiction stories firmed up enough to write.

5. Let's go to fantasy land. If time, distance, and other conditions of reality were no problem, where would you go for dinner tonight and with whom?

Maddie: I can't name the restaurant but it would be near the ocean. There would be seafood and steak and candlelight. And of course, there would be the man of my dreams....

6. Still in fantasy land, in the book shown above, who would you cast as the heroine and hero to star in the movie version of the book?

Maddie: In Seducing Sarah, Matthew McConaughey would be cast as cowboy Cole Stephens, and Nicole Kidman would make a perfect Sarah. I can just see them together!

7. Last question before we leave fantasy land. When the movie based on your book wins the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay, what will you wear to the Oscars?

Maddie: Something that doesn't clash with the red carpet! Seriously, you can never go wrong with black and pearls. I'd go for the classy traditional look.

Post Script

Be sure and pick up a copy of Seducing Sarah, A Hell Yeah! Kindle Worlds Book: The Montana Ranchers #8; Montana Heat, Book 2.


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  1. Loved the interview, and must admit if I were dragged to the red carpet thing, black and pearls would be what I'd want to wear, too.

  2. Like minds, Liz!

    Thanks so much Joan -- the interview was fun!

    1. Thank you, Maddie. Loved your answers.


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