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A Kiss Is Just A Kiss--Or Is It? @JoanReeves #GemsInAttic

Is a kiss just a kiss?

That's what Herman Hupfeld wrote in his song, As Time Goes By, better known as the love song from the movie Casablanca.

In romance novels, a first kiss between the heroine and her chosen hero is something special--dare I say magical?--because of what it means emotionally as well as what it means physiologically.

Human Intimacy

In 1971, Desmond Morris published a ground-breaking book, Intimate Behavior: A Zoologist's Classic Study of Human Intimacy, in which he details the 12 steps of human intimacy. The Kiss is one such step.

Morris begins with Step 1: Eye To Body – visually sizing up a potential mate – and ends with Step 12: Genital To Genital Contact – which you probably don't need defined.

The Kiss

Step 7 in Morris's study of intimate behavior is Mouth To Mouth – Kissing.

In most romance novels, that first kiss is a seminal event in the growing relationship between heroine and hero.

By the first kiss, the couple in question are acting on their desire, and they're curious as to how that kiss will make them feel. Will it knock their socks off or put the damper on their growing desire?

Romance Novel First Kiss

Obviously, much depends on that first kiss. If it increases their desire, which it should, then they face the problem of backing away from each other if there are circumstances that keep them apart.

Of course, they may, for their own reasons, disavow the effects of the kiss. After all, a romance is all about overcoming obstacles to achieve a worthy goal – each other.

I tend to believe that a kiss, especially a first kiss, is pure magic. Hollywood pays a lot of attention to the first kiss in romantic movies. I pay a lot of attention to the first kiss in the romance novels I write.

First Kiss Excerpt from Cinderella Blue

Andie looped her arms around his neck and met him halfway in a kiss that singed her nerve endings. They kissed. And there was nothing tentative about their first kiss. Benton captured her mouth in a soul-stirring kiss that demanded more. Lips clung. Tongues touched and teased. Andie...

Whew! It gets steamier after that so I'll not post the rest since this is a PG audience. *g*

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Post Script

So, the next time you kiss your true love, really savor the experience!

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  1. A kiss is Step 7? I would have thought it was way before that. I'll have to go look up those steps!

    1. I was surprised the first time I read that. Of course, his list was written decades ago. In today's culture, having sex may be first on some people's list! *LOL* But I kind of stick to the slower pace of intimacy.

  2. I have to admit my first kisses with my real life hero were just "hey, there" ones, because we were friends and at least one of us was determined we would stay that way. In a way, I guess we did--we're still friends--but it became a whole lot more, and so did the kissing.


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