Thursday, February 9, 2017


It's a popular theme among romance writers, the reunion story, aka lovers reunited after a long time apart.  But we write fiction.  Can it work in real life?

A close girlfriend was blindsided recently by a call from her former fiancee two years after he announced he was moving out.  They have had zero contact since the day the movers took his stuff away. Tearfully, he admitted he's made the biggest mistake of his life and wants to try again.  She is reeling in confusion but insists she still loves him.  Can she trust that he won't have another 'manopause moment' and leave her again?  Is she willing to take that chance?

Oh, I feel a book idea germinating.  And while I've yet to write a reunion story I craft my characters to grow and change, just like real people in real life situations.  Couples break up for a variety or reasons so I guess it makes sense that they also get back together for various reasons.

I have another friend with an even more unusual story.  Married for eighteen years and apart for nearly twenty years, she and her ex remained friendly and in touch, despite his countless girlfriends and two more failed marriages.  She was also busy with numerous boyfriends and two common-law relationships.  Now in their 60's they are back together.  It's probably a lot more complicated than one party suddenly recognizing the error of their ways, (remember Meryl Streep and Alex Baldwin in It's Complicated?) but they seem happy and I'm happy for them.  Their grandchildren are thrilled.

I believe love, in every guise, in every circumstance, is more mysterious and complicated than we mere mortals will ever truly understand.  Which is why romance is so popular, outselling all other genre fiction.

What do you think?  Should my friend give her former fiancee a chance?  Can love lost foster a second act as love re-found, deeper and stronger than ever before?  Let's hear your thoughts on the topic.

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  1. I love nothing more than second-chance stories, whether they're real life or in books. I know they don't all succeed, but a good many of them do. Relationships are HARD, and if it takes a couple of tries to make it work, I think that gives us all some hope.

  2. I love second chance stories too. Some people--the ones I write about *g*--need that second chance to live the life they really want.

    In real life, it also depends on the people. The ones I know who took advantage of a second chance and succeeded were usually senior citizens. Maybe maturity is the true factor in success.

  3. I believe maturity goes a long way. What we want in our early years in a relationship is likely to be very different in the golden years.


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