Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Love at First Sight

     Do you believe in love at first sight? I was 15 when I saw Karl for the first time, he was 17. I knew at that moment he would be the boy I would marry some day. Yes, I realize how young we were. We dated, he asked me to marry him nearly a year later.
     We were told it wouldn't work. That was 47 years ago and our love is stronger for all the challenges we faced. Would I recommend getting married that young? No. If I had to do it all over again would I? Yes.
     Our 23 year old granddaughter flew to California to attend a marine dance with a friend who was stationed there. While she was at the dance, she met a young man named Sam. For the next few days they spent ever available minute together. When she flew back to Texas a few days later, she was in love. They called every chance they got. She flew out to spend a few days with him and met his family. When she came home, she wore an engagement ring.
     Everyone told her that they were moving too fast. Take your time, get to know each other.
     The day after Christmas, Sam flew in from California to meet our daughter and son in law. I'm pretty sure they wanted them to take things slower. Sam and Megan had their minds, and their hearts, made up. In a small ceremony with our daughter and son in law present, the justice of the peace married them.
     We had a little more time to get to know Sam, and I have to admit, I see why she fell in love with him.  He reminds me a lot of Karl. We already know why he fell in love with her. She's smart, beautiful and extremely talented.
     I don't guess it matters how old you are when you fall in love. Love sometimes doesn't care if you're 15, 23, or even 80. When cupid draws back his bow and lets his arrow go you'll be powerless to stop it. I wish for Megan and Sam a long and happy marriage. There will be rough patches to come but if they lean on each other, their marriage will only grow stronger.
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     I'd love to hear about how you fell in love with your sweetie in the comments below.


Best Wishes,

Karen Kelley   


  1. Although I haven't seen love at first sight often, I dearly love hearing (and reading) about it.

    1. I love reading about how people meet their spouses and that special moment when they just knew they were the one.

  2. I loved this story the first time I heard it. I'm so glad you blogged about it. Hope they live happily ever after.

  3. I can still recall the first time I saw my DH. He walked into my typing class and tugged at his long (LONG) hair nervously. He never did tame those curls. Now, years later, he's glad of them!


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