Thursday, January 5, 2017

Kinder, Gentler @Karen Whiddon

I've gotten a few sweet texts and PM's from people saying really nice things.  Things like how I've helped them in some way and such.  How they appreciate me and are glad I'm in their lives.  Those messages made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Happy.  And I started thinking how maybe people made a New Year's resolution to be kind to others.  To say when you appreciate something, to find something good to say to someone else because you know it will bring them joy.

A kinder, gentler life.  I like that.  Especially in view of all the craziness and turmoil that looks to be coming in the year ahead.  I hope not, oh how I hope not.  I hope there is too much light to let in the darkness.

Having lived half a century plus a few, I no longer bother with New Years Resolutions.  Lose weight - yes, I'd like to, but I don't need a resolution.  I just need to do it.  Ditto for read more, exercise more, etc.  But I did an experiment for a week and tried to find one person to compliment a day.  A stranger's dress, another's hair.  Someone's hilarious comment on Twitter or Facebook.  The reactions made me realize how all too often, we're so busy we lose sight of the rest of humanity.  Such a small effort, but what awesome results.

I also try whenever possible to say Happy Birthday to all of my Facebook Friends.  I have a lot of "friends" whom I don't really know.  Readers, I guess.  Or friends of friends.  A few days ago, one of them sent me a note back saying how much she appreciated me saying Happy Birthday and made the comment "I love how you interact with your fans."  I have to say, this stunned me.  I never thought of it like that.  Still don't.  But again, an offhand comment made me realize how all the simple, small kindnesses can mean to others.

So if I were to make a resolution for 2017, it would be this.  Be more Kind.  More Gentle.  More appreciative.  Just a small flicker of light beating back the darkness.


  1. I'm for this, Karen! A great post.

  2. I second that. Being kind is almost a lost art form.

  3. Completely agree, Karen. I believe we can still find kindness in the world--even if we have to put it there ourselves! Thanks for a great blog, my kindest friend!

  4. I decided years ago (after a couple of lovely examples) that we can never go wrong being kind. It's an easy habit to acquire. Lovely post, Karen!

  5. So glad all of my Gem sisters are so nice.


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