Monday, January 9, 2017

Emerald City - My New Friday Night Date @MaddieJames

No better time than when it's cold outside to snuggle up with a book or watch a movie -- or perhaps cuddle with your favorite snuggle buddy! But this past Friday evening I didn't read, or watch a movie, or...ahem...snuggle. I watched a new television show instead.

Now you might say, "Maddie, what's so interesting about that? We all watch TV."

Yeah, but I don't. Not much anyway. I watch the news. I watch the Food Network. I get into Hallmark Christmas movies during the season. But honestly, there is not much on TV that holds my interest -- until now.

I watched the debut of Emerald City Friday night. I keep thinking about it. I've re-watched the beginning of it on, and will probably watch the whole darned thing again later tonight. I'm anticipating where the writers are going next and how soon can next Friday night get here? I haven't done this in a long, long time with a television show.

Could be because I've always loved Oz and all things Dorothy and the Wizard. I grew up in the era of the original movie, and remember I couldn't stay awake long enough to watch the entire movie for several years. It only came on once a year and man, was it a long year until the next time. When I was finally old enough and could stay awake long enough to see those flying monkeys, I almost wished I hadn't.

I don't like, never will like, those flying monkeys.

But those monkeys have nothing over the levels of darkness we've already experienced, and are only hinted at yet to come, in Emerald City.

Okay, so why am I impressed? The writing, for sure. Original story line? Eh, debatable. Original writing? OMG yes. You get the nuances of the original Baum story carefully crafted into a new and different plot. Hugely different plot. The original elements sneak up on you, run past you, and tease you once you realized they've presented themselves. The show is darker. It's adult. It's alluring. It's probably going to even be gory. But the characters and characterization are rich. There is depth already and we've only scratched the surface of their character.

And there are witches.
Need I say more. I like witches.

I've been plotting out my own witch series over the past few months. It's not a series that I can actually do much writing on right now because of other deadlines, but I jot down ideas, craft a few scenes, and am building this witch world little by little. Yes, I like witches.

The witches of Emerald City, although there are only two left (at this time), are not only potentially wicked, but I believe, will keep us guessing.

Yes, I am hooked into a TV show. I don't think that has happened since... Well, I honestly can't say.

By the way, I found an interesting article on The Wizard of Oz discussing copyright and public domain and learned a few things. If you are interested in that subject, here is the link.

Did you watch Emerald City? What are your thoughts? We've been having an informal discussion on Facebook about the show and I'd love to start one here too!

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  1. I didn't watch. I just...don't. But I love hearing about a show that's that well written, because there's a reason I just...don't. :-) Maybe someday I can get back to it. I love your titles!

  2. I'm a huge OZ fan too. We have the first show recorded and I suppose we thought we'd watch when we had nothing else to see, but now, we'll watch tonight for sure! Thanks for the recommendation.

    I'm a fan of well-written tv and movies. I love character development in shows and plot twists and people winning! That's one of the reasons I'm really REALLY done with Game of Thrones: no one achieves their goals. So I'm out of there.

  3. Bonnie, let me know what you think. I watched it again last night. :) I have to admit, however, I am the last human being who has never watched or read Game of Thrones....

    1., not the last...I still haven't. :-)

  4. I'm going to have to watch for it! I love witches! In fact, in a few months I'm finally going to write the next two books in my forbidden series. In the first one, Forbidden Magic, my heroine is half witch, half vampire. I cannot wait to write the other two. I love your covers! Definitely write the series. There can never be too many witches.

    1. Oooh, Karen. I love the sound of your witch/vampire. Wow!

  5. I too watched the premiere with admiration for the writers who took a flying leap from the story and created something really out-there!

    1. I know...we are so ingrained with the original. This was dark but almost refreshing!


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