Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The offending passage...by Bonnie Edwards

Yesterday I posted about my new release Invitation to Christmas being banned from sale for iBooks and Kobo and 3 smaller subscription services.

Today, I give you what I think is the first offending passage that their automated content bot found:

Christmas Day - They met for the first time earlier...

Until the wedding announcement they’d been flirting like crazy, but now? “You realize that when they marry, we’ll be—”

“Related?” He cut her off. “Yeah, stepbrother and sister.” He stopped and clasped her by both shoulders. They stood in the shadows between streetlamps so she couldn’t read his expression in the low light. “Before that happens, I want to kiss you. Just to see what we could have had.”

She tilted her face up to his. “I’m curious, too. And confused. Maybe we shouldn’t.”

He leaned back. “Okay.” He nodded as if to reinforce the decision. She hated the idea of not knowing though.

“Oh, to hell with it. We’re not related yet.” And she rose up, tucked her body close to his and kissed him. Shock turned warm as their lips melded in the chill. His arms enfolded her and he tilted his head into the kiss.

Oh. No.

A sexual thrill chased a zippy butterfly of lust down to her low belly. This was not supposed to happen. She leaned in closer for one long moment of honest desire, but then her good sense returned and she pulled back.

“You were not supposed to taste that good,” he muttered. His eyes went sex hot and she forced herself to step away again to catch her breath.

“You were supposed to feel like a brother or a buddy.” Not like a man who wanted her.

The good news is that readers can purchase Invitation to Christmas for Kindle, NOOK and now from the subscription service Inktera. 

For 99c you too can strike a blow against censorship. https://books2read.com/Invitation-to-Christmas

Seriously, though, do you find the above passage offensive? Because I'm having a heck of a hard time with that idea!


  1. Back in the 1920s, my great uncle died (in jail), leaving a widow with one daughter, Blanche. Aunt Hattie remarried in a year or so, a widower whose name I've forgotten with a son named Dick. The couple had two or three children of their own. And then they died--I don't remember the circumstances.

    Dick and Blanche married each other, raised their siblings and five children of their own, and lived happily ever after--theirs was one of the most loving families I've ever known. I always thought I'd love to write their story, but maybe it wouldn't be a good idea. I'm sure it's even more offensive than yours!

    I'm still shocked by it.

    1. I'm hearing more and more stories from real life that no one finds offensive. If nothing else, this experience has opened my eyes to even MORE facets of love. And isn't that the best reason to write romance?

  2. I don't find the scene offensive, but then I also know that by law (and the view of psychologists), sex between step siblings is NOT considered incest. It does become a bit weird if the step-siblings once shared living arrangements following the marriage of their parents. However, if they were consenting adults on their own and not under the parents' roof, even the weird factor would be gone.

  3. My hope is to generate enough sales over at AMZ and BN that iBooks will agree to have a real human go over the book. But that will take some time and the holiday season isn't long enough! LOL

  4. Hi Bonnie, nice excerpt. And no, it isn't offensive. I see what you mean about robots making decisions that humans should oversee. Good luck with the sales, you deserve it.
    Sylvie Grayson

    1. Thanks so much Sylvie! I appreciate all the support I've received and continue to see.

  5. Good luck, Bonnie. Maybe someone needs to give the offender publishers the legal definition of incest.

  6. This was a direct result of that brouhaha that occurred a couple of years back with WH SMith delisting all the Kobo titles that had incest and the like in their erotica books. But mine's a romance, not erotica, so they did, in the end take another look at it. The book's listed on iBooks and Kobo this morning.


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